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« on: June 13, 2009, 03:06:42 am »
Due to the school year ending, we are getting our annual influx of new forum users and activity and because of the programming contest, especially since it made news, we are currently hitting registration records for a June month since Omnimaga exists online. Normally, Omnimaga sees a huge increase in activity this month until summer vacations. However, this increase in activity and new members seems to also increase the amount of borderline forum posts.

While we welcome every forum members, new to TI programming, new to internet forums as a whole, intermediate or experienced, I want to remind you that Omnimaga is also meant to be a place free of any hostility, provocative comments and troublemakers. Omnimaga is the only english-speaking TI calculator community of its kind. We are also generally more lax toward funny posts, double-posting and new members not searching for very long before asking questions. We do not condone grammar-nazi or google-nazi behaviour here. Not everyone speaks the same home language and everyone starts somewhere. However, we want forum members, new or not, to use common sense too. When you start learning a new programming language, you might eventually need to ask help if you are confused about something in the help or tutorials you can find on the forums or other websites, but someone who learn also need to do a certain effort on his part, too, else other forums members will be less interested in helping the member again if their help doesn't help. Also, we generally do recommend to ask questions directly on the forums. We will not eat you. If the question is alerady awnsered elsewhere we will simply link to the appropriate topic. PMing forum members for questions is generally not recommended, as it might take a long while before you get an awnser, if you get one at all. Asking the question in public will generally yield a faster response.

Again, everyone is welcome to sign up on the forums if they want to learn calculator programming or to showcase their projects. But do not forget there are also guidelines to follow, which you can read while registering or in the navigation bar, to ensure the community runs smoothly. Else, we can eat.


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Re: Reminder
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2009, 07:58:04 pm »
Yeah, no troublemakers allowed!