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Title: Robot War: New Timed Attacks
Post by: solitaire710 on June 25, 2005, 05:44:00 pm
Robot War, by Brady R. Mayes aka Digitan, is nearing the final stages with a new concept of timed attacks being experimented on.....

Robot War, which is now almost completely optimized and debugged, is programmed in Ti-82 ASM (CRASH, final version in ACE) and is about a 7 hour RPG in addition to being a 2 player strategy game that's simple enough for beginners yet challenging enough for advanced players.
Your goal in Robot War is to defeat the evil and his world domination plans by creating a team of 4 battle robots. But to do that you'll have to master:

    * Getting around [Interaction and Exploration is key]
    * Battling robots [a unique battle system with many different apsects and a mission to destroy the five robot bases and save the cities which their located in from disaster is quiet challenging]
    * And character creation [YOU create your team of 4 robots and YOU determine their strengths, weaknesses, and their specialties; Imagination and experiance is key to building a team of powerfull and unbeatable robots]

'After reading feedback from the v3.0 demo, I decided to retool the battle system to make it more interactive. So I'm experimenting with timed attacks. Basically they let you choose how effective your melee attacks are moments before they land.
Just like in the demo, your robot pops in the air briefly before it casts an attack. If you can press the arrow key the moment it hits the ground, your attack will be upgraded. Your margin for error is randomized, but you can do this every time after tons of practice. Each arrow key has a different effect...

user posted image

Anyway, the old system was getting a little boring in my option, but I think this will set things in whole new direction. Here's an animation of the DOWN bonus being used. (The movie is too fast, but you can see how you "hammer" the ground if you are successful). More updates later...

user posted image

'I'm hoping if we can get the word out, more people will be able to help with the porting....So far there is a linked (full), standard and lite edition. The standard version should be about 1.5kB smaller than this linked one.....

Also Digitan said-
The new Warlord class has been removed. That leaves room for a top-secret attack, but I haven't decided what it will be. I already have one that does infinite damage, so I need more ideas. The "Spy" will get a new attack called "Beckoning" that can summon tanks to defend it.
The Destroyer class will have timed attacks. Tapping 2ND at the right moment activates "Destructive Energy" and adds your current Energy to the attack's damage. Tapping ALPHA activates "Destructive Fusion" and gives the attack an energy property (burning ability, etc). It's hard to master, but very satisfying to watch. You can also combine the two (extremely difficult to time this right).

Finally, with the 2nd ending out, I'm doing away with expert mode all together but not the ranking system. When players beat the game, they can stay in story mode to try and earn the Gold armor; the most powerful and expensive upgrade.

You can read more about Robot War at Digitans homepage below and the UTI forum also below-
Title: Robot War: New Timed Attacks
Post by: DJ Omnimaga on June 26, 2005, 08:23:00 am
I always found the battles in this game to be really awesome, I hope digitan will be able to squish it without removing too many options to make it for the 83+/SE :)smile.gif
Title: Robot War: New Timed Attacks
Post by: DJ Omnimaga on July 02, 2005, 02:25:00 pm
I updated the pic URLs with the ones to earthforge :)smile.gif

unfortunately DarkAuron server is down so I can do that with DarkAuron project news :(sad.gif