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RPG projects news and new files in the archives
« on: October 01, 2005, 03:44:00 am »
Several days ago Digitan on UnitedTI posted new updates about Robowar RPG for the TI-82 along with a screenshot.

"Changes have been made to the page. These adjustments are intended to make the game more intuitive and more fair to newcomers who won't have high-level teams to link-battle with. The project will be active as I continute to add the three final battle revisions and eliminate the program's five most dangerous bugs. But to keep things from being delayed any further, these will be the final rule changes to the game. All other development will remain in testing to ensure the program is rock solid.

user posted image

Finally, since there hasn't been a new screenshot [on the webpage] in a while, here is the first-ever animation of the Robot Builder. As mentioned in the story page, character creation beyond the opening level is based entirely on allocation, literally opening up trillions of possibilities.
To sum it up, these are going to be the last changes to the game.  From this point forward, everything will be debugging only.


In the meantime David Randall recently posted several updates for Ultima V: Warrior of Destiny for the TI-68k calculators also with some screenshots.

user posted imageuser posted image

"Talking with NPCs is now dynamic. For testing purposes, I have been hard coding a NPC number to talk with. Now, it is fully dynamic. I search the list of NPCs based on XY coordinates to locate the NPC. If the NPC is found, talking begins (if the NPC feels like talking %)rolleyes2.gif ). [...]

Now you can look in a specified direction to get a description of what you see. If a sign is present, the sign will be displayed in the Runic alphabet. [...] Ultima V has the following related commands:

[Look] Identify any object or terrain feature or read signs one step away.

[Search] Search an object or location. Searching may detect traps on chests, concealed doors, dungeon floor traps, or reveal hidden items.

[Get] Take possession of gold, food, and other items.


I also added new files to the archives. This includes Nightblade, an ASM RPG for the TI-83+, Starwars Empire and Kindgom, two text-based but very well layed out and very complete RPG for the Casio CFX, The No Lib Guide to BASIC Sprites and Maps, a useful guide for TI-BASIC programmers and Ressource, another useful TI programming tool. Make sure you check them out and I apologise to the authors who sent me files for taking so long to approve them and add them on the website.
In case you are wondering where I went, I left Omni back in 2015 to form CodeWalrus due to various reasons explained back then, but I stopped calc dev in 2016 and am now mostly active on the CW Discord server at

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