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Turn your Nspire into a real clock!

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On previous TI calculators, you could set up and use a clock: TI-84, TI-89 HW2, TI-92+ HW2, TI-Voyage 200 and TI-89 Titanium.

When testing the oldest Nspire handheld prototype, the TI-Phoenix 1 (P1-EVT1), we got some proof that the TI-Nspire had the required circuit for a clock, as the created files got some dates:

But TI has never used it for that up to now, and those dates were quickly masked with the P1-EVT2 prototype :(

In a previous news, Tangrs released the Clock program, which let you set up the clock and display it.

But you were loosing your clock at each reboot.

Levak from TI-Planet is about to release nClock, which was allready in development when we learned about Clock from Tangrs.

nClock lets you turn your TI-Nspire into a real clock. You can set the clock and display it.

But nClock features more than that. As you can see, it's hard to keep the Nspire in the above position. So nClock also has a 180°-rotated display mode! ;D

Moreover, nClock uses Ndless startup and hook features to save your clock setting. Meaning that your clock setting does survive a reboot! ;D ;D

But there's still more! nClock also uses Ndless hook feature to constantly display and refresh a small clock on your Nspire title bar. ;D ;D ;D

Bigger pictures available in the TI-Planet news:

nClock will be available for download as soon as the next Ndless build is available - as it needs some patches to be applied to Ndless and doesn't work with the current version.

Edit: nClock is now available from the TI-Planet news (note that you need the latest Ndless 3.1 build)

awesome as usual ;)

I am testing it and it works pretty well ;-)

I'm using this now instead of wearing my bulky watch ! :D

Jim Bauwens:
Extremely nice and useful!

Weird. I fell asleep in my Web Design class and had a dream about having a clock on the title bar of my nspire. Then I come home and see this. Dreams do come true! O_O


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