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[Contest] Official Pixel Art Rules
« on: February 03, 2007, 04:34:00 pm »
Official Omnimaga Pixel Art Rules

1) All sprites must be made for calculators.  You must either send us a program or a PicVar that shows your sprite on a calculator.  The family of calculator will be specified in the description of the individual contests.

2) These contests will be either still or animated.  We will clearly state in the description whether this is a still contest or an animated contest.

3) All work must be original!  Any ripoffs from the internet or other artists is prohibited.  Anyone who is found to be cheating will be banned from all future contests.

4) The winner of the contest will be allowed 1 week to decide what the next theme will be. After 1 week, the Admins will decide the new theme.

5) All submissions must be sent in a PM to me (tenniskid493) by 11:59 PM CST (GMT -6) of the last day to be considered in the contest.  Please include "Pixel Art Contest Submission" in the subject.