Author Topic: [poll] Who do you think has the best chance of winning the 2011 Axe contest?  (Read 3328 times)

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This is a setup poll so that everyone can get a general idea of the standings of all the contestants before any actual voting occurs.  I have all recorded entries listed, please PM me if I missed your entry.  I urge you to read THIS FIRST and look at all of the entries before voting.  You can vote for 3 different entries, and you can change your votes at any time, up until July 15th.  You may vote for yourself once, but keep in mind it won't show you how many people ACTUALLY think you're doing in the top 3.


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I don't think this topic is a good idea. People will see the results, and if their project was not voted for much, they will be discouraged and possibly give up.
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that is a good point.  Though, I still think it's a decent idea in other senses, so that people can at least see if they're doing well and if not whether or not they should improve.  any ideas on how to change it?


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This topic is locked by me until further notice.