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Title: HASHLIB - A Cryptography Library for the TI-84+ CE
Post by: ACagliano on October 22, 2021, 09:50:28 pm
yes, I post this on all three main forums

HASHLIB is a Libload-compatible library, I designed for use with the CE C toolchain [toolchain by MateoC (and others)]. It provides a fully-functional API for communicating securely with a remote host using NIST-standard encryption.

HASHLIB provides the following:

Special thanks to beckadamtheinventor for help with SHA-256, jacobly for help debugging the SPRNG and writing the modular exponentiation function for RSA, and to Zeroko for walking me through generating entropy on a calculator.

Feel free to download and test against commonly used cryptography libraries and report back on compatibility or lack thereof.