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This is an idea I've tried to start up twice before but failed to really do so. Hopefully, if I can get the backing of an entire active community, the third time will in fact be the charm.

As we all know, there are innumerable websites in the TI programming community and while generally any noteworthy news ends up on all of the sites, there are often times information discrepancies that make hunting down all the facts somewhat difficult (either due to language differences or simply people preferring to post on one site over another).

I think what the community in general needs is a quarterly magazine. Basically, four times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) this magazine would come out online (a free digital download) for people to read. This magazine would document all the interesting finds of the previous quarter (Spring 2010 would talk about everything that happened in Winter 2009) and maybe even earlier. It'd cover various things such as:

- Interesting events (such as NDless or the new TI-84+ OS)
- Newly released or in development programs that might be a big hit (DCS7 and E:SoR)
- Tips and tricks or newly found bugs
- Hidden gems (Games/programs worth getting that didn't really get as hyped as they needed to be)
- WGOTQ (Worst Game Of The Quarter)
- Interviews with people in the community (Brandon W, Iambian, or Tifreak8x)
- Q&A that answers questions that keep getting asked over and over again everywhere
... or anything else that needs to be known.

Think about it. It'd be a great way to gather everything in one spot and it'd be a great way to encourage people to be active because let's face it, who *doesn't* want to be in a magazine? :D


That sounds pretty neat.  The only problem I have is the WGOTQ.  You could hurt someone's feelings if they got this, so I'd leave it out.  Everything else sounds pretty cool. ;D

Hmm interesting idea. I'm all for it, but it would be a challenge to get a large enough number of people to help out with it on their free time.

I like this idea, of course I don't know about the WGOTQ...people could get discouraged by it.


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