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DJ Omnimaga:
Since Revsoft is down, here's a mirror link of one of the latest WabbitEmu 2 build to have tool-assisted speedrunning support:
It might also be available there:

WARNING! It is not an official release! It is not guaranteed to be stable. In fact, TAS'ing only appears to work properly in 83+SE/84+ mode. In 83+ mode it won't go below 25% speed.

Also I am not sure if skins were working under Windows XP.

This build of Wabbitemu allows you to not only emulate a calculator in hi speed, but you can now also slow it down! In 84+ mode, speed can be set between 5 and 1600%. Gif capture sets screenshots back at 100% speed, good for tool-assisted speedruns. There's no frame by frame advance yet, nor quick save states (with auto filename saving), but it's still better than nothing and slow down is one essential feature of TAS'ing

To access speed settings, right-click the calc screen, go to Calculator->Speed->Set Speed... then move the slider completly to the left so it runs at 5% speed, then click OK.

Very cool, latest wabbitemu version, Spencer.
The speed option is very cool.

It would be cool to have Cheat search and easy memory editor in the future. ;D It is simply cheap fun in RPGs.

The wabbitemu size is huge now. (13 MB for a program) It must be of the skins. And I think the latest versions are less responsive with some action, this might be of me using different versions at some times or it is not yet stable.

DJ Omnimaga:
this one was updated by Buckeye Dude IIRC (the one I put on Mediafire). I'm not sure about the other one.

And I agree with memory search. It would be nice to be able to do that while playing a game (altough I think Buckeye said something about updating the debugger/memory viewer in real time being CPU intensive, since it would update like 100 times a second

Most console emulators have this features. The ease to implement this stuff depends on the design of wabbitemu's code. It is very unlikely they planned a cheat search.
In Spencer's build, the wabbitemu has a placeholder for watching RAM memory and break the emulator on write or read in some defined address.

For TI-BASIC, you would have to know TI-BASIC to mess around with the variables. During the game it would be a hard task to edit TI-OS variables. :(
I have seen people with no programming knowledge doing impressive hacking with memory/files editing. And I think cheat search is amazingly too easy to be true.

DJ Omnimaga:
yeah i think for TAS'ing involving reading the memory addresses (for luck manipulation), it would be more suitable for ASM and Axe stuff. Since those prog are pretty much ASM, it would be much easier to monitor RAM updates.


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