Author Topic: How to keep your author reputation nice and still get downloads  (Read 2737 times)

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* Darl181 is doing it :D

EDIT: maybe that sounded wrong...
* Darl181 is rating programs :D
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You should also check if all programs/external variables are included when you upload a program to ticalc. There are some (usually basic) programs that don't have all programs included, so you get an ERR:UNDEFINED.
Oooh yeah I saw this happen a lot with BASIC programmers. I have to report the issue to the author everytime.

Also, rate good files too, not just bad ones. Some people will rate files 1/10 just for fun even if the file is good, for example BASIC haters. Also some people who can't get a game to work will rate it down 1/10 instead of reading the readme.
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