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hey guys,

As you may know OnePlus One (high end phone low price snapdragon 801 64GB storage 3GB RAM $350 full specs), it is a cool phone. if you are interested google it (i don't want to make a to big ad of this)
The phone can (for now) only be bought with an invite.

I am going to share one invite to one of you via a random picker on the internet.

you can join by posting why you want/need to buy this phone.

if there is no interest in it i will give it to someone on the OnePlus forum tomorrow.


1. post why you want/need this phone
2. be able to pay the phone within 24 hours after you claimed it on (because it is only valid for 24h)
3. you must be member for more than 4months and have more than 40 posts
4. post before 4PM Amsterdam time 25 JUL, then i am announcing who will get it.
5. if you get it you get it if you don't you don't.

if it is not clear ask for it

hope you guys like it i give one away, if there are more interested people, it would be nice that if the person who gets the invite, shares the two invites he/she gets with the phone on this forum.

happy posting!

EDIT: the ending will be 4PM now.

DJ Omnimaga:
I was quite interested actually, but then I saw the $350 price tag, although at least it's nowhere as bad as many other phones, considering the very high amount of RAM it has. If someone ever releases a phone with similar specs for under $100 please tell me. If I'm gonna have to pay above $100 including shipping for a replacement I would rather keep what I have along with my PSVita.

It might also be very hard to get enough posts before 10 AM Amsterdam time tomorrow because most Omnimagaians are in vacation with no internet access and many are currently sleeping or about to sleep within the next few hours, so by the time they wake up tomorrow morning it will already be too late. >.<

DJ, a phone that cheap is not gonna happen. They cost about $200 to make, they also have to cover the company's bills and make some profit. :P I think it's a very fair price actually but they invite system is a major screwup imo.

DJ Omnimaga:
True, but considering the hardware specs of some platforms, it still seems a bit inflated to me. Just that the OnePlusOne and Nexuses seems to be the least inflated of all phones overall from what I saw. But I mean, you can get a desktop PC with the same specs for about the same price nowadays. I could say my PSVita also has very good specs for its price, but it has a very low amount of RAM compared to the OnePlusOne so it wouldn't be fair to compare. Maybe they could just lower the RAM to 1 GB or something if that's what's driving the cost so high. After all, you don't have to play Crysis 3 on a phone. :P

Actually, the RAM is not the issue. Also you can get a lot better than these phones for this price, but the components are way more expensive due to miniaturizing. :P


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