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Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Piworld PC Updates
« on: January 27, 2015, 08:38:58 am »
How's this for a necropost?  ;)
My interest in calculators faded away, and the game dev projects I tackled in my youth such as this were far beyond my capabilities.
It's been a long time since I've been around here, but Handmade Hero has inspired me to pick this project back up.
Right now this is all in pencil and paper planning stages, but consider this project alive again.

I'll probably make a new topic in a week or two if PC projects are still appropriate to post around here and assuming the board is still alive, but I couldn't resist posting here like a phoenix rising from the ashes  :P

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Meiro
« on: August 13, 2011, 12:07:33 pm »
Juju's bug has been confirmed and fixed, the release files will not be updated so if you have this issue your best option will be to either wait for the next release or open up src/Player_creation/Player_creation.cpp and remove the line "    delete[] m_filename;" (should be line 73) and then run make and make install again.

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Meiro
« on: August 11, 2011, 12:42:47 pm »
thanks for the report, I am not sure why that is but I will look into it and see if I can fix it. does it error right after you hit done or does it take you back to the save selection screen first? also if you can I would appreciate it if you could run it in gdb and do a backtrace from that to see if you can get some more information on why it crashed. (run "gdb meiro" and then type "run" after it crashes type "backtrace" and pastie the results, then you can type "quit" to leave gdb)

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Meiro
« on: August 10, 2011, 09:12:46 pm »
as of today, meiro will now be in closed alpha :)
as promised I have a prealpha release for both windows and linux.
this build features the following:
1. working implementation of a finite state machine
2. encrypted data and map file reading
3. multiple states, including a map state
4. a player object
5. collision detection
6. music
7. fonts (due to the nature of SDL_ttf this is a little buggy on windows)
8. builds under automake for easy install on linux
9. save selection and creation

Controls are user defined. This package includes a program called meirokeyset.
The meirokeyset program allows you to set the controls to meiro. It uses
the arrow up and arrow down keys to select a control. press enter to enter the
setting mode. When in setting mode press the key you want the control to be
equal to and it will change it and return to the normal selection mode.

note that this program shares controls with meiro. If you change the up, down,
or start controls and reload meirokeyset it will use the new definitions.
If for some reason you are not able to use the default controls you can set
them manually in the file keyset.key, all the key values are listed in

The default controls are as follows:
A = z (select an option)
B = x (go back)
Start = enter (start the game, open menu in-game)
Home = esc (closes game)
Left = left (move left)
Right = right (move right)
Up = up (move up)
Down = down (move down)
Fullscreen = F11 (note that this can not be changed with meirokeyset)


News / Re: Omnimaga introduces calc wiki search BBCodes and others
« on: June 13, 2011, 04:37:12 am »
very awesome :D

I added one of these to mionet and was thinking it would maybe be useful here as well. for example I have a video that had to be audio swapped on youtube, while on niconico you can view it as it was originally intended, this tag would provide a nice alternative for people who have a nico account and/or want to share something from there.
bbcode: [niconico]{IDENTIFIER}[/niconico]
html: <script type="text/javascript"

Gaming Discussion / Re: Magic: The Gathering
« on: May 27, 2011, 07:00:51 pm »
I have played Magic but never really gotten seriously into it. I do have a massive yugioh collection though and have even gotten back into playing a bit more recently

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Meiro
« on: May 27, 2011, 06:03:06 pm »
A little bit more about the game itself:
its hard to say too much without going into spoiler zone, but I will give as best of summary as I can.
The genre of meiro is what I would describe as psychological adventure. It will be a top-down adventure game with 2D graphics. The gameplay will focus on the player exploring a world full of symbolism and mystery, solving puzzles along the way. the general plot will be very abstract and it will be up to each player to come up with their own interpretation of what it really means :)
About the videos: the old engine (which the screenie from this post used) had too many issues with it to be able to develop a full game so I needed to scrap it and start over, all the content in the test videos are from the work on the new engine so there is not support for anything more than menus, titles, cut-scenes, etc.

also there haven't been updates for a few weeks and probably won't be for a few more weeks because I am busy with the school year getting near the end but I will definitely be keeping you guys up-to-date here.
Thanks for the reply btw, I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have the full game done before it got a reply :P
12 June 2011 Update:
test 5: file loading

In this video I demonstrate meiro's ability to load save file names from a data file. Had to audioswap it, as youtube disabled the music.
here is the unaudioswapped version on nicovid:
15 June 2011 Update:
test 6: highlighted selection

test 7: delete

test 8: copy

test 9: move

test 10: player creation

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: TIBiC/GO
« on: May 15, 2011, 10:07:19 pm »
feel free to use/modify this if you need a spritesheet of that font. It doesn't have every single char and somethings might be better in different locations on it, but it might be of use.

hm I will look into it :O
that is not what I was looking for

edit: found this

I am interested in compiling my C++ games for windows for obvious reasons, but do not have a computer that runs windows. I do have a backup of an image of xp for use with a virtual machine but I would rather not use windows at all if it can be avoided. I know that it is possible to compile a windows executable (such as mingw with wine?) but I don't know the details for setting a system up to do it. I know what needs to be changed in the code itself for it to work on windows, I just need to know how to compile a windows executable from a linux pc. Can anyone here help me?  :-X

Computer Projects and Ideas / Re: Piworld PC Updates
« on: May 09, 2011, 01:30:40 am »
========================Piworld Progress Update #10========================
Total Progress: [+++.......] (>35%)
Screenshot/Demo: n/a
Things being worked on:
Been a while since an update, but no piworld is not dead. Progress has increased slightly since last time,
but nothing too major. Currently it is on hold for a different smaller project, called meiro which is another
pc game I am working on. (no plans for a calc version as of now)
I do have the piworld storyline back and in regards to that aspect of piworld,
 it is still actively being developed when I am not working on meiro/busy/lazy.
hopefully there will be many more updates to come for this project over the summer (as well as the calc version!)

Computer Programming / Re: Linux Help
« on: April 28, 2011, 07:11:18 pm »
6. You can do IRC with XChat.
don't forget about irssi or chatzilla! :)

Computer Projects and Ideas / Meiro
« on: April 23, 2011, 06:24:45 pm »
I have been pretty inactive here lately, but I am still around and still working on things.
one project that I have been working on the most is meiro, which is being developed my the members of mionet, I am doing the programming for it.
The full development topic on it is currently open for anyone to see at mionet, but will be hidden when the game is ready for alpha testing. I am going to probably post youtube videos for every test and update unless it has spoilers in it, and I will put them on this topic for you guys to see. I will also post here when the game is finished so you can all check it out :)
test 1: loading a state

test 2: changing states

test 3: music and fade effects

test 4: cutscene

07 May 2011 UPDATE: added exception handling, if files fail to load it will now leave a nice error message in the console if it was launched from command line. I will not make a video of this as it is more of a technical feature and not a content feature.
10 May 2011 UPDATE:
here is a demo for windows which I compiled to test out the cross-compiler environment I set up today! the content is the same as shown in the last test video.
chances are to run it you will need two more dlls, which I have uploaded here:
about the demo:
first song is Hiding Away by InvaderKED and the second is Kevin (Don't Give Up) from George & Jonathan - The Best Music
images were all made in Gimp. the content consists of a title screen, which will play a short cutscene if you idle on it. there is also an unfinished player selection screen. If you press enter at that screen the game will close.
known bugs: pressing back (q) on the player selection screen causes the game to crash.

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