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Other Calculators / Re: Colibri on Android !
« on: September 18, 2014, 10:12:58 am »
Thank you for the support. :)

Also the music does not stop when you press the home button on the main menu

Mmh normally it should.. Actually whenever the app isn't in the foreground, the game switch on Pause and the music stops. If the visibility comes back, the music starts again and you can choose to continue your game.
Oh actually yes, this happens only when you're playing, if you are in the main menu or in the level selection screen and you press the Home button, maybe the music doesn't stop you're right. Try again when you're playing, I think it will work.

I like how the music is not fitting at all xD

Haha yes, the music is a troll at the origin ! The girl in my project group liked how cute and nice the game was and we talked about the music and I said I would make a sweet music. But with another member of my group we laughed about making a hard core music instead to surprise her - and moreover, our tutor was kind of a metalhead so, he was likely to appreciate the joke.. :P And so I created this music by myself (guitar and drums), which I'm quite satisfied of ! :)
The name of the song is "Tendresse". :P

On the same idea, the blood when you get killed by a cat (or crushed by a cow against a menhir) is also in rupture with the kawai aspect of the game. :P Try to complete the levels to be able to play with cats and cows ! ;)

Other Calculators / Colibri on Android !
« on: September 16, 2014, 06:58:13 pm »
Hi people!

Three years ago I created a game called Colibri (which means Hummingbird) for TI z80.
It was in the context of the TI-Concours 2011, the first edition, which allowed me to win the - brand new at that time - TI-Nspire CX CAS . ;)

Colibri is an original thinking game in which you embody a hummingbird in a field full of menhirs in Brittany where you must eat all the flowers. You can only fly straight and change direction when you are in front of an obstacle (menhir or fence). Beware! There are also magical flowers which transform into menhirs when they get picked up!
Check the capture below. The game is still available on (click the picture).

Well this year, during a school project, I took the opportunity to develop an Android version of the game with enhanced features! This is the same concept with flowers, magical flowers and menhirs but new elements were added to enhance the gameplay. Along the 36 levels of the Campaign, discover the role of cows, dynamites, cats or rainbows!  :D

There is a Campaign mode with "handmade" levels with a growing difficulty, a random mode where you can play unlimited random generated maps of different difficulty, and there is a multiplayer mode to challenge friends.
Read the description on the Play Store for more details! :)

So here is the link !

The app is totally free and ad-free (incredible!).

Now here are some screenshots !  :hyper:

Dear Android users, I invite you to test the game on your devices and do not hesitate to let some feedback.

Thanks ! ;)

Web Programming and Design / Re: I made a thing
« on: February 19, 2014, 02:10:44 pm »
5 motherf***ers !!!! ;)

TI-Nspire / Re: Flappy Bird
« on: February 05, 2014, 08:53:58 am »
Hey ! It looks like my TI 89 game I made some years ago !
Take a look at it : Piou Piou contre les cactus ;) (Piou Piou against the cactus)

Very nice ! Beautiful graphics ! But well, I didn't go futher than 8.. ^^

In my version, there are lifes that you loose when you hit a cactus. You begin with 4 lifes, then you can win some of them when you reach milestones. (3 lives max)

Humour and Jokes / Re: 9001 signs you're addicted to calcs and Omni
« on: January 18, 2014, 06:58:09 pm »
6248 : You party with your TI. (or with a cheap Casio when it's too dirty, to avoid risks)

Other / Re: Draw circuits
« on: November 25, 2013, 12:12:49 pm »
Yes very cool ! So much possibilities !

Humour and Jokes / Re: 9001 signs you're addicted to calcs and Omni
« on: October 14, 2013, 07:40:44 pm »
5667 : you have a bad memory of a friend dropping your TI 89 on the floor, because he won your game and wanted to show you the screen, but the calculator slipped from the case... (even if the calculator had nothing ! Phew..)
=> I guess it's the reason why they changed the direction of the sliding case in following models : on TI 89, you must slide the case by the top whereas on Titanium and TI 84+ [...] you must slide it by the bottom.

5668 : you re-use calc projects for school projects.

TI-BASIC / Re: Need Help Creating Truth Table Program for Nspire
« on: October 14, 2013, 07:20:18 pm »
Ok let me know, good luck ! :)

TI-BASIC / Re: Need Help Creating Truth Table Program for Nspire
« on: October 12, 2013, 07:02:19 pm »
Ok I see. Yeah it's a good idea, but then you have to find a way to evaluate the expressions..

Me, (I have not clearly explained) I'm using the boolean evaluation of the calculator on 0 and 1. Like this :
a+/(b*/c) => a or 1-(b and 1-c)
and then I affect every value to a,b,c and calculate it.

Your solution may be cool also, and maybe more efficient.
Maybe we could do so :
and replace :
"a*b" => a*b
"a+b" => ceiling((a+b)/2)
"/a" => (1-a)

but then, when you'll have to evaluate a complex equation, you'll have to place some extra parenthesis at the right position.
The best way to handle this is to do it recursively. Moreover, the TI-Basic "part(" function, may help you a lot to determine both argument of a binary operator :
example : evaluate(a+b*c)
part(a+b*c,0) ==> "+" the operator with the priority
part(a+b*c,1) ==>a first part
part(a+b*c+c,2) ==>b*c second part

so you know you have to do : ceiling((evaluate(a)+evaluate(b*c))/2)
- evaluate(a) will return a
- evaluate(b*c) will return evaluate(b)*evaluate(c)
     evaluate(b) will return b
     evaluate(c) will return c

Well, as you like ! ^^ Good luck anyway !

TI-BASIC / Re: Need Help Creating Truth Table Program for Nspire
« on: October 12, 2013, 05:54:37 pm »
So here are the interesting extracts in Basic :

INPUT : a string in the following format :
example : eq:="a+/(b*/c)"
/!\ use only letters between "a" and "f".

* Formating into a boolean expression : (with "and", "or", "1-" for not)

inString(eq,"*")→tr:While tr≠0:left(eq,tr-1)&" and "&right(eq,dim(eq)-tr)→eq:inString(eq,"*",tr)→tr:EndWhile::inString(eq,"+")→tr:While tr≠0:left(eq,tr-1)&" or "&right(eq,dim(eq)-tr)→eq:inString(eq,"+",tr)→tr:EndWhile::inString(eq,"//")→tr:While tr≠0:left(eq,tr-1)&mid(eq,tr+2)→eq:inString(eq,"//",tr)→tr:EndWhile::inString(eq,"/")→tr:While tr≠0:left(eq,tr-1)&"1-"&right(eq,dim(eq)-tr)→eq:inString(eq,"/",tr)→tr:EndWhile

* Building the list of the involved variables :

{}→v:{}→vv:For aba,1,8:If inString(eql,char(aba+96))≠0 Then:augment(v,{char(aba+96)})→v:augment(vv,{aba+96})→vv:EndIf:EndFor

* Building the natural truth table :

Disp " ★ Table de vérité (naturel)":newMat(2^(dim(v))+1,dim(v)+1)→tb:"S="→tb[1,dim(v)+1]:For aba,1,dim(v):v[aba]→tb[1,aba]:EndFor::For aba,0,2^(dim(v))-1:setMode(7,3):mid(string(aba),3)→n:setMode(7,1):While dim(n)≠dim(v):"0"&n→n:EndWhile:For cpt,1,dim(v):expr(mid(n,cpt,1))→#(v[cpt]):#(v[cpt])→tb[aba+2,cpt]:EndFor:expr(eq)→tb[aba+2,dim(v)+1]:EndFor::Disp tb

* Building the gray truth table : (reflected binary coding)

Disp " ★ Table de vérité (Gray)":newMat(2^(dim(v)),dim(v)+1)→tbg::For aba,1,dim(v):0→#(v[aba]):EndFor::For aba,1,2^(dim(v)):If aba≠1:1-expr(v[dim(v)+1-chg[aba]])→#(v[dim(v)+1-chg[aba]]):For cp,1,dim(v):expr(v[cp])→tbg[aba,cp]:EndFor:expr(eq)→tbg[aba,dim(v)+1]:EndFor::newMat(1,dim(v)+1)→t:"S="→t[1,dim(v)+1]:For aba,1,dim(v):v[aba]→t[1,aba]:EndFor::Disp colAugment(t,tbg)

NOTE : if you're under OS 3.2 there are risks it doesn't work ! (TI has changed some things about boolean operators. Especially, they added the logical => and <=>. I don't know why, but using the boolean operators with 0 and 1 wasn't always working through Lua. That's why I had to replace all the calculations using "false" and "true" statements. Anyway, try it first !)

TI-BASIC / Re: Need Help Creating Truth Table Program for Nspire
« on: October 12, 2013, 05:26:24 pm »
Err it's a bit complicated because it needs different part of the program. And most of them are in Lua.
If the Student Software isn't working, you can try the TI-Nspire Computer Software which is a simple link program. You can send the ABA Logique file on your calculator with it.

PS : actually, as ABA Logique was originally a Basic program for the TI 89, I first made a reduced Basic version of it for the Nspire. (despite the bad Basic of the Nspire) The truth table thing was working. I'll try to find the interesting parts for you and paste them here anyway.

But remind that ABA Logique provide a lot more functions and is really ergonomic ! ;)

Humour and Jokes / Re: 9001 signs you're addicted to calcs and Omni
« on: October 12, 2013, 02:48:26 pm »
5620 : You know it's starting to get serious with a girl when you're about to present her Omnimaga and your calculator things.
5621 : You actually have to bear the friendzone.

TI-BASIC / Re: Need Help Creating Truth Table Program for Nspire
« on: October 12, 2013, 02:26:26 pm »
Hello xacto !

Dou you know ABA Logique Nspire ? This is an helpful program I made that will perfectly suit your needs, about logic expression and Boole algebra !

It handles Truth tables and Karnaugh map, and you can even minimize expressions or check equivalence between two expressions. Note that the program is in french (as I am french..) and that the input is not in the same "format" as yours, with "^", "v" and "~" but with "*", "+" and "/" instead. (this format is more used in the industry and is easily to enter with a keyboard !)

So, go download it and try it ! If you need some translations or help, ask it just here ! ;)

NOTE : it doesn't work on OS 3.2 for now ! (But VERY soon !) Actually if you want a 3.2 working version, it's already done, but not realeased yet. I can join the file if you need it.

TI-BASIC / Re: [Nspire] Optional arguments
« on: October 11, 2013, 06:34:11 pm »
Yes, or a string, so you can handle the optional argument thing yourself in your program.

Lua / Re: Pool Nspire
« on: July 19, 2013, 07:25:54 pm »

I post here a reply to a user who asked me about the progress on the game. As there is an attached file and as I explain some stuffs, I put the answer here.
So you can watch my very early version of AI working on this file ! ;)

Quote from: binly
Hi, your nSpire pool game is a really great game that I love, and since you haven't posted about it in a while I was wondering if there have been any updates to it? I love the game and an update with AI or any other improvements would be great!

Quote from: Loulou 54
Hello !

Thank you for this feedback ! :)
Yes I had to stop the development of this game because of my very busy school year. But now that I'm recently on hollidays (ans that next year should be less time consuming ;) ) I should continue some calculator project :
* first I plan to finish the release of ABA Logique Nspire for the OS 3.2 that I started last november ! (this a program about boolean algebra)
* then I will continue Pool Nspire ! I stopped progressing since end of august. I was indeed making an AI ! And improving the physics to make it more accurate.

So if you want, I can give you an unpublished version where the AI is playing against itself ! :)
The rules are even implemented !
In this version I was also trying out a new version of the physics engine but there are impressive bugs when many balls hit at the same time, as it often does at the beginning... ^^ But this engine is more accurate so the AI is better with this one ! ;) I'll have to improve it though.

Currently the AI can enter a ball according the rules, using combos of n balls ! This work already pretty well ! :)
But when the AI can't enter a ball this way, (it can't think with bounces on the bords yet) so when it doesn't know what to do, it just shoot very hard in a random direction ! :P
(so the AI can sometime be very strong and very stupid the next move ^^ but this will be improved obviously)

So yeah, have fun, even if you can only stare at the game on this version ! :P

PS : don't forget to try [tab] button ! ;)
(and [r] = reset the game)

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