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TI-Nspire / Re: kArmTI - TI-Nspire emulator with skin
« on: March 03, 2016, 05:32:13 pm »

0: As the calculator screen is not touch, the mouse cursor must be disabled when you set up the virtual screen, incondicionamente try to operate the screen

1: Please group the skins in a single file so that they can download easily

/ where is the latest version of the skin editor?

2: new option to hide only the title bar

Thank you

HP Calculators / Re: HP Prime CAS: Error reports, request, etc :
« on: July 22, 2013, 02:33:09 pm »
HP_Prime_Virtual_Calculator_PreRelease1.rar (emulator)

TI-Nspire / Re: TI-Nspire emulator
« on: June 25, 2013, 04:59:22 pm »
Sorry for my bad English

If you hold down a key on the PC for a short time (for example down key), very fast response emulator, you must wait ...

as you can fix it?

HP Calculators / HP50G advanced applications for mathematics
« on: June 17, 2013, 08:42:51 am »
Video List  *.*

1: ARVOOV [ED RICATTI]: HP 50g, TI-Nspire CX CAS, ClassPad ll (fx-CP400), Mathematica 9 & Maple 17


3: ARVOOV: HP 50G & Mathematica 9 [ED SEPARABLE]




HP Calculators / Re: BUGs on HP39GII and HP50G
« on: June 04, 2013, 03:45:33 pm »
I have reported many BUGs, but the HP developers ignore.  :'(

What surprises me is that the CASIO calculator (fx-cp400), can not operate list of lists  :banghead:

Vote for PSeInt, the SourceForge June 2013 Project of the Month

>> chickendude
>> Sólo una cosa, no entiendo muy bien qué significa aquí cátedra
Catedra también significa Curso o Asignatura; cátedra de Fundamentos de Programación == Curso de Fundamentos de Programación

>>I can start translating the documentation, if you want 

Currently PSeInt only supports pseudocode in Spanish  :(
To create a version in English (pseudocode in English or another language) is required to made a parallel program current development PSeInt_ENG  :)

Actualmente PSeint solo soporta PSeudoCode en Spanish
Para crear una versión en English se requiere crear un programa paralelo al actual desarrollo

Example: Spanish

file: new_evaluar.cpp   

Code: [Select]
bool PalabraReservada(const string &str) {
// Comprobar que no sea palabra reservada
if (word_operators && (str=="Y" || str=="O" || str=="NO" || str=="MOD"))
return true;
if (str=="LEER" || str=="ESCRIBIR" || str=="MIENTRAS" || str=="HACER" || str=="SEGUN" || str=="VERDADERO" || str=="FALSO" || str=="PARA")
return true;
if (str=="REPETIR" || str=="SI" || str=="SINO" || str=="ENTONCES" ||   str=="DIMENSION" || str=="PROCESO")
return true;
if (str=="FINSI" ||  str=="FINPARA" || str=="FINSEGUN" || str=="FINPROCESO" || str=="FINMIENTRAS" ||  str=="HASTA" || str=="DEFINIR" || str=="COMO")
return true;
if (str=="FIN" ||  str=="IMPRIMIR" || str=="BORRAR" || str=="LIMPIAR" || str=="PANTALLA" ||  str=="BORRARPANTALLA" || str=="LIMPIARPANTALLA")
return true;
if (str=="SIN" || str=="BAJAR" || str=="SINBAJAR" || str=="SALTAR" || str=="SINSALTAR")
return true;
return false;

ENG: The same code above with keywords in English
SPN: El mismo código anterior en English

file: new_eval.cpp
Code: [Select]
bool KeyWord(const string &str) {
// Check that there is not keyword
if (word_operators && (str=="AND" || str=="OR" || str=="NOT" || str=="MODULE"))
return true;
if (str=="READ" || str=="WRITE" || str=="WHILE" || str=="DO" || str=="SWITCH" || str=="TRUE" || str=="FALSE" || str=="FOR")
return true;
if (str=="REPEAT" || str=="IF" || str=="ELSE" || str=="THEN" ||   str=="DIMENSION" || str=="PROCESS")
return true;
if (str=="IFEND" ||  str=="FOREND" || str=="SWITCHEND" || str=="PROCESSEND" || str=="WHILEEND" ||  str=="TO" || str=="DEFINE" || str=="AS")
return true;
if (str=="END" ||  str=="PRINT" || str=="DELETE" || str=="CLEAR" || str=="CLEANSCREEN" ||  str=="SCREEN" || str=="DELSCREEN ")
return true;
if (str=="WITHOUT" || str=="DOWN" || str==" WITHOUT DOWN" || str=="SKIP" || str=="WITHOUTSKIP")
return true;
return false;

Programas en pseudocode hay muchos en la internet, pero lo valioso de este software es que mientras se codifica o se re-edita se ejecuta sin necesidad de volver a lanzar el programa desde el inicio, además genera un diagrama de flujo editable. Así que vale la pena llevar este software a INGLES u otro lenguaje.

Se requiere de muchas personas, para traducir el código fuente, la interface etc, además que es compilable con Win,LINUX y MAC

Otra ayuda seria, crear extensiones para exportar a VisualBasic, JAVA, LUA, TI-BASIC, etc, por que actualmente solo exporta a C++


can also be used to export code to TI-BASIC

// file 1 example

Code: [Select]
/  export_chooser.h file

#include <string>
#include "defines.h"
using namespace std;

enum PSE_LANG { PSE_CPP, PSE_HP_Basic, PSE_TI_Basic };

string translate_function(const string &name, const string &args);
void translate_main(t_programa &prog, t_algoritmo &alg);

extern PSE_LANG language;


// File 2
/// export_chooser.cpp file
Code: [Select]
#include "export_chooser.h"
#include "export_cpp.h"
#include "export_HP_Basic.h"
#include "export_TI_Basic.h"

// PSE_LANG language=PSE_CPP; // C++ language (default )

// PSE_LANG language=HP_Basic; // HP_Basic language
PSE_LANG language=TI_Basic; // TI_Basic language

string translate_function(const string &name, const string &args) {
  switch (PSE_LANG) {
return cpp_function(name,args);


                return HP_Basic_function(name,args);



                return TI_Basic_function(name,args);


void translate_main(t_programa & prog, t_algoritmo & alg) {

        switch (PSE_LANG) {











// File 3

// export_HP_Basic.h

Code: [Select]
#ifndef EXPORT_HP_Basic_H
#define EXPORT_HP_Basic_H
#define EXPORT_TI_Basic_H

#include "defines.h"

* @brief traduce la llamada a una función predefinida a HP_Basic
* @param name    nombre de la función en pseudocódigo
* @param args    string con la lista de argumentos (incluye los paréntesis)
string TI_Basic_function(string name, string args);

* @brief traduce el algoritmo a TI_Basic
* @param prog    argumento de salida, donde colocar las instrucciones traducidas
* @param alg     argumento de entrada, con el algoritmo ya parseado
void TI_Basic_main(t_programa &prog, t_algoritmo &alg);


Hello, I invite ta check this new tool written in C++ (pseudo-code interpreter), Volunteers wanted to translate it to English and other languages

PSeInt is a tool for learning logic programming oriented to students with no experience in computer programming. Using a pseudo-language, intuitive, can begin to understand basic concepts and principles of a computer algorithm, Also allows export to C++, create edit and export to flow chart, step to step running, and CODING and EXECUTION in REAL TIME *.*  :crazy:  :o  and much more

Source code and home page
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

HP Calculators / Re: HP 39gII grayscale tunnel clone
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:05:32 pm »
I finally found an update to the emulator and can now send most files to my calc or vice-versa!

What version of emulator?
My emulator:  2012 9 4 revision 18360

>>tibank rumor there is supposedly a new calc firmware coming out in May.

I hope dialog boxes similar to the TI-89 calculator, none calculator relaunched  dialog boxes (TI-Nspire, ClassPad etc) =(

News / Re: Z80 emulation arrives on the TI-Nspire CX
« on: March 26, 2013, 11:07:39 am »
I also hope the Motorola 68,000 CPU emulation on TI-nspire family calculators

The more complete calculator developed by TI was the serie TI89(titanium)/TI92(+,v200)

APP Graph89: (Motorola 68,000) CPU + TI calculators serie TI89(titanium)/TI92(+,v200) emulation on Android-OS

The idea is to send files between two devices (android devices [ emulators graph89 and andieGraph]  with real calculator or computer)

Emulators: graph89 and andieGraph (ti89, tiv200, ti84, etc) on Android devices at  (

The Emu48-PPC (emulator HP48, HP49) on my Pocket PC is connected to a real calculator or PC, I'll upload a video soon ...

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