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First of all many thanks for taking the time to respond.

For consistency you should be able to use the letter keys as thats how I shortcut my way into the units sections that don't fit on the screen - temperature etc

I appreciate that you used a 4x4 grid but really you can use all the keys - its just small inconsistencies that niggle. If you use the touch then it's no big deal but if you are key based like me and have to use units a lot it's a bit frustrating.

Ideally this could all be customisable and I could rearrange the units so that the ones I use less appear on the second pages.

I use RPN and the way this is handles in the 50g is so much better. For example I am having to convert from litres to gallons by adding 10 litres to 0 gallons which is far from intuitive.

Another bug is in that calculator try adding 1 degree Celsius to 1 degree farenheight :(

Any idea when a firmware update is planned?

Many thanks again.

Small inconsistancy in the user interface with keyboad shortcuts in units - not all of them have the shortcut (top left of unit selection box)

For example they are there with Time units but not with Volume or Distance

Small bug but annoying all the same.

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