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General Calculator Help / Re: TI-Nspire incorrectly identifying keypad
« on: January 06, 2016, 07:41:41 pm »
Existing documentation on the OS is unfortunately shoddy...  <_<
As for editing the RAM, I'm not sure where the pointer would be for the ADCs... I can get ndless to run (slightly complicated process), so I might be able to do something with that added functionality, but I'm not sure how exactly.

It also begs the question: Why does a CX calculator even have code for a clickpad?

General Calculator Help / Re: TI-Nspire incorrectly identifying keypad
« on: January 05, 2016, 06:06:26 pm »
The ADC test for channel 3 does read Fail... has exactly 1.5V, which would seem to be too high (But I wouldn't know anyway). The unlabelled number alternates between 465-466.

How difficult would a software-based override be to code? I don't really know much in the way of RAM maps... could give it a try though. Too bad the existing documentation is somewhat lackluster (all I could find as far as a memory map was

Or maybe I should just jam a clickpad on this calculator somehow kek

General Calculator Help / TI-Nspire incorrectly identifying keypad
« on: January 04, 2016, 06:18:49 pm »
As far as I can tell, my TI-Nspire thinks that it is using a clickpad when it is not.
According to an archived version of, any bit set by the touchpad (what the CX series seems to use) is interpreted by the calculator as the same bit set by a clickpad - for instance, [return] functions as expected, but [X] is treated as [,]. boot2 and the diagnostics menu work as intended (perhaps they are hard-coded to accept touchpad input). Also, the diagnostics menu verifies that all individual keys still work as intended.

My question is: is there any way I can force my CX CAS to interpret its button presses as touchpad commands rather than clickpad commands? I have not taken apart the calculator yet but if there is a hardware fix I would try that.

Edit: Also, the calculator resets every time I try to turn the screen on... (e.g. ctrl+on, then on again) probably relevant to the issue but can't imagine how that would help.
Edit 2: I managed to get gpSP-Nspire on my calculator and test ran an old game - it worked fine, although I couldn't use the arrow pad. However, the rest of the buttons worked (used the number keys to navigate instead). Interesting...

So I've run into a problem which is basically exactly the same as this one:
However, the OP in that particular topic never had his problem resolved (other than sending it into the factory). I have no idea why it happened; it was working fine one day, and dysfunctional the next.

Basically, after booting the OS, few of the buttons function as intended. Turning off the calculator works fine, but turning it on causes it to crash and reboot. Examples of incorrectly mapped buttons:
8 -> a, 2 -> b, b -> cos(, = -> sin(, Shift -> del, etc.
Many of the buttons on the bottom part of the keyboard type in symbols, but not the correct symbols. A few buttons still work, like
esc, tab, menu, ctrl; however, the vast majority are not functioning. Some don't seem to have any function whatsoever, and the result is that some buttons simply aren't mapped by others (I'm missing some functionality, even if I did record a table of what maps to what). The arrow pad doesn't work at all.

I'm fairly certain the issue isn't a hardware problem, because when in the maintenance menu, the keys work fine - and accessing it works fine. I can also access diagnostic software (although the arrow pad still doesn't work in this menu, meaning that I can't access some tests at all. The TouchPad KeyBoard test reports as fail, however (also the battery test reports as fail, which is weird, since I've never had any problems with my battery).

So far, I've reformatted the OS (running My calculator serial is P-0612E. Can somebody please help me find out the issue (and how to solve it?). If not, how does one install Linux so I don't have to deal with this OS? :P

If you need any more information, please let me know.

EDIT: I did install Ndless and Nover 3, but I don't think they were the issue.

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