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Thanks.  Loading and re-saving the ROM from the Desktop version appears to have done the trick.

Much appreciated.

I only have the one ROM, so no I have not tried others.

I will try it with another emulator,  but since I need it on Android I need it to work with wabbitemu.

I tried it with the desktop version of Wabbitemu and the ROM worked fine.  Just not with the android version.

Any ideas on how to get ROMs to work with the Android version of Wabbitemu?

Edit (Eeems): Merged double triple post

I am simply selecting the rom on my phone that I previously uploaded from my calculator using tilp.

I have not tried it elsewhere. 

The latest on Google Play

Having trouble getting Wabbitemu to work.  I have a ROM uploaded to the phone from my TI 84+ C SE.  I've named the file TI84PlusCSE.ROM.  When I select the ROM, Wabbitemu displays the error in the title.

Any ideas?

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