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Since I believe I have no hope of getting this to run on my specific calculator do you know of any other regular basic interpreters?
Thank you for your help though!

I got the calculator last year and the numbers are 0218 so February 2018 I'm guessing.
It's one of the newer ones with 48k of ram instead of 128k.

Also in case it's helpful the basic works it's just that you can't see what it's displaying if I put
10 print "hi"
20 goto 10
The display will fill up with garbage along the left hand side and will have they place where it's trying to put a character before it scrolls up.

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The serial number is L-####AC So im assuming that the hardware revision would be AC or C I hope this helps and thank you for telling me how to find it.

Sorry if this is obvious but where do you find the hardware revision? I did some googling and came up dry.

Also to get the skin back go into settings, go to the skin tab and disable "use cutout skin"
Then on the window hit view and hit skin.

I installed ALCDFIX and ran it but I ran bbc basic again and it still has the same problem
Thank you for your help though!

I tired it on another ti84 plus and got the same results so I don't understand why it works on emulator.
Idk if maybe both calculators have a hardware problem but all other programs display correctly.

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General Calculator Help / BBC Basic not displaying properly on TI-84 plus
« on: November 22, 2019, 09:08:33 pm »
So I installed BBC Basic onto wabbit emu and it worked flawlessly so i decided to install it to my calculator. But when i ran it it didn't display correctly
Does anyone know how to fix this
Thank you for any help!

In case you are still looking for an answer:
This same thing happened to me so I decided to look into the registry and i found a value

Hit the windows key and r and in the run box that appears type regedit
Then navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Wabbitemu and find the value labelled skin double click it and set it to 0
It should then be just the display but there will be a menu

Hope this solved your issue and have a wonderful day.

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