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WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: June 17, 2014, 02:29:17 am »
I was wondering if there was a 32-bit build?
The linked version is 32 bit

WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: June 05, 2014, 01:02:01 am »
I was just sending a pic file to the CSE emu, but it won't send. Anyone else have this problem? And also, when you try to enable skin, you get some pretty bad results.

Its been fixed for a while just not been released: The technical issue was that the 8xi version field for CSE is non zero, and wabbit was throwing an error if it found that field wasn't 0.

WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: March 13, 2014, 05:47:26 am »
Hi Franz,

Thanks for the report, both are known issues that I'm working on. The Open dialog but is something I'm working on right now. I'm not sure what happened but it somehow broke in between today and Tuesday.
As for the CSE LCD, it's not a bug, its the new backlight emulation I'm working on. The numbers aren't final, but it will start darker than before on a fresh rom (the OS sets the backlight to a level in the middle). Increase the backlight and it should go back to full brightness.

Thanks again,

WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 28, 2014, 05:30:58 pm »
Decided to give it a try, see how my projects worked on it, seems that either the screen is tiny or huge for all calc models (windows 8) and for the CSE, it doesn't seem to like .8ci files, tells me there isn't enough memory. Not sure if I've missed this being posted, apologies if it already has been.
Not sure what you mean by huge or tiny, can you elaborate? As for 8ci files, thats a good catch, I'll have a fix for that soon.

Hix...  :( :w00t:
Sorry about that, the fix is simple. Make sure you're out of cutout, then resize from any corner of the window, to fix the scaling. You can reenable cutout after that.

I've noticed with the latest update (the one that WabbitEmu prompted for an update) that having the skin on really eats up resources and causes lots of lag with keypresses. Turning the skin off, it works just fine.
Looking into this.

WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 25, 2014, 09:49:36 pm »
Skin/screen questions/comments:

  • Is there a reason why the 84+CSE screen does not use the source 4:3 aspect ratio?
  • Related to above, can the 84+CSE screen be accurately placed onto the calculator?
  • Now that skin scaling is a thing, can we lose the unnecessary gray border space around the calculator in the skin? It would allow for the emulator to be scaled up larger.
  • What scaling method do you use to render the screen? Because the black and white calculator screen upscaling at sizes other than 200% is... not great. Perhaps upscale the image to a multiple of 100% size with no interpolation and then downscale to the target resolution?
1. I chose to maximize display size over correct aspect ratio. I'm working on getting it closer. I believe its at 240x155 right now, I think i can get it to 240x165, maybe more.
2. Same as above I'm working on more accurate placement, its pretty close now though. You can also try this custom skin: and
3. Gray border is not unnecessary. I know it looks like it, but its actually due to the shadow around the calc needing to be preserved. The reason for this, is because in cutout mode, it needs to have a drop shadow.
4. Good call here, changed it and it does look better. Once I have the final 84PCSE skin I'll release the changes.

WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 25, 2014, 05:46:14 pm »

one thing that doesn't work anymore since CSE support is the option 'Portable Mode':
if you've checked this option (i.e. if a 'Wabbitemu.dat' exists in the current directory),
then Wabbitemu immediately crashes at startup.

That's the only problem I've found so far, the new CSE support is really great! :)

1) The latest version has almost the double size (5.5 vs 3 MB), is this normal or did you accidently create a debug version?
2) You wrote "I've added skin scaling, so you can make the skin larger or smaller.", but I can't resize the Wabbitemu screen.
Does this 'skin scaling' only work for self-made skins, i.e. when you check the option 'Use custom skin'?

I'll see what I can do about portable mode, I forgot I actually hacked that in.
Edit: I've put up a new version with portable mode rewritten. Let me know if it works. Warning: it will reset all your portable settings.

1. No, I added higher resolution skins, so they could be scaled larger without looking awful.
2. To change the skin size, you need to drag from a corner of the window, not the side. If that still doesn't work let me know.

Nice update  Buckeye. I personally prefer having the screen the same size as its res, so I often used the emulator with no skin, but at the same time I often forget the keyboard shortcuts for keypad. X.x

Unfortunately I can't check the link immediately, though, because your server isn't responding.
Sorry about that, it should be back up. I know what you mean, you should look at using the detached LCD, to be able to display both the skin and the LCD at full size.

Thanks for the feedback,

WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 25, 2014, 12:34:24 am »
Not exactly a CSE update, but it might be helpful. I've added skin scaling, so you can make the skin larger or smaller. It means you make your CSE skin bigger, if you want a bigger skinned screen. Also useful if you have a tiny screen that doesn't fit Wabbitemu normally.


As of right now, I'm looking at this as hopefully a good point for release. This means its very important that if you get any sort of crash, or a new feature doesn't work that you submit a bug report, or let me know either via the forums or IRC.


WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 22, 2014, 06:24:31 pm »
So this one isn't slow anymore. Thanks !

EDIT : it freezed on the defragmenting screen ... I just wanted to delete an app.
Glad to hear speed isn't an issue. I was worried because I've made some changes that will cause performance hits on lower end machines, but I don't see any slow down on my machine.

There was a minor bug in the last posted version that could crash wabbit for certain flash sectors. I've posted an updated version. Also, make sure if you are using a BootFree rom that you are on version 11.259 (Mode + Alpha + S to check). If you're not on that version, recreate the ROM (or better yet use a real ROM).


WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 22, 2014, 01:31:51 am »
It works now, but it does still seem a bit unstable. Resetting all memory in the mem menu caused it to crash in a similar way as the one described in my post. I tried to reset the calc by debug>reset, and that crashed wabbitemu. (A message box saying "Wabbitemu has stopped working" popped up) and wabbitemu was closed.
Good catch, resetting all memory was broken for BootFree roms. I've fixed it and uploaded a new version. Also keep in mind that you'll need to recreate your ROM, as I haven't been updating the version code.


WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 20, 2014, 08:48:10 pm »
This may sound silly, but mine won't turn on. I tried again, and then it wouldn't even make the ROM.
I had the same problem, but in the reverse order: first, it fails to make the ROM (it downloads the OS and generates the ROM, but crashes as soon as it was completed). I retried it, and it succesfully generated a ROM, but when I try to turn on the calculator, it immediately open the debugger, as if it has crashed, and the debugger shows that it starts at adress $0000 in RAM, executing hundreds of nop instructions.
Its a ROM creation issue I've been trying to track down for a long time. I got crash dumps from each of you, but I'm missing symbols for them. Can you recreate your crashes with this version?

Edit: as of 5:17 AM Feb. 21 (UTC), I've uploaded another new version that will fix a couple errors creating 84PCSE roms.


WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 20, 2014, 02:29:27 am »
Bug report: Pokémon Gold (Europe/USA english version) won't send to WabbitEmu. After converting the gbc file with TI-Boy CSE converter, if I try sending the 8ck file to WabbitEmu, WabbitEmu crashes and ask me if I want to send a crash report to the dev team.
Fixed and uploaded, thanks.

WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 18, 2014, 07:20:08 pm »
By the way, I forgot to mention that the newest version of Wabbitemu is now super slow when emulating monochrome calcs. I had to restore a backup of an old version to have it working at normal speed.
What do you mean super slow? Is it maxing out the CPU on a core? Make sure you're testing the latest version here: If you're seeing a large amount of CPU usage, I need your OS version, CPU version, and what type of ROM are you emulating.


WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: CSE support for Wabbitemu ?
« on: February 18, 2014, 06:57:37 pm »
Some weird issue with TI-Boy that doesn't impair gameplay or usage, but for some reason, there are gray borders on each side, when on the calc, they're all black:

Yep calc84 mentioned this to me, its already fixed and reuploaded. Thanks for the heads up.


WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: Wabbitemu Android Beta
« on: February 15, 2014, 06:05:49 am »
So I assume a 400 Mhz phone with 279 MB of RAM would not be close to enough? :P
I believe that would have trouble running an 83p let alone a CSE. Depends on if you're on an ARMv7 processor.

I had an idea today while using this. Could you make the calculator resizable? I don't know how difficult that would be, but the idea would be to allow you to make the calculator larger so that it just barely fits on the screen.

The main motivation for this would be to make the calculator taller so that the "TI-84+ Silver Edition \n Texas Instruments" part is off screen. I realize you probably shouldn't have it like that by default due to potential copyright issues, but making it taller like that would help the aspect ratio of the calculator LCD.

Or maybe just a way to fix the aspect ratio of the LCD. (It's a little smashed vertically on my HTC one)
Yeah this was always a concern for me, but didn't quite make it into initial release. I had some extra time so I added the following options:
1. Use correct screen aspect ratio
2. Make screen as large as possible

When used together this should solve your issue, although it doesn't look pretty. I've pushed out a new beta with these settings available.

WabbitStudio Software Suite / Re: Wabbitemu Android Beta
« on: February 14, 2014, 01:26:22 am »
What are the minimum specs requirements (processor speed, RAM, etc) to run a CSE ROM?

Not quite sure, I don't have access to a lot of hardware to really get a good feel for it. Right now the worst phone I have is an Inspire 4g (1 ghz, 768 MB ram), and I've managed to get 84PCSE usable on it. Its definitely got some lag to it, but it never maxes out its frame skips, which means the core is still running in real time, even if the display is dropping frames. On an S3 it runs pretty smoothly, no major frame drops.

I've made some major performance improvements, that have a pretty noticeable impact under normal operation for lower end devices.

If you want to be testing the latest features, I've added a beta build to the app store. You can opt-in by joining the group:!forum/wabbitemu-beta, and then following this link. Once you select 'Become a tester' you'll then automatically receive beta updates for Wabbit.

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