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Sorry, but this isn't an actual progress post (though there is unreleased stuff on the dev branch if anyone wants to build it themselves and widen the test coverage, wink wink).

What I'm actually posting about is that I made my first blog post about the emulator design! It's just setting up the ideas for now, but hopefully I can provide some more in-depth brain dumps in the future.

As for actual emulator progress, I've been super distracted but there is stuff going on in the background, still on emulation accuracy/stability issues. Just extremely slowly. Hopefully I can pick up the pace properly someday soon.

I just made a minor bugfix release to support the changed hardware in new calculator models (Revision M). If you have a new calculator and have been experiencing a hang when loading ROMs, please update to this version.

Edit: Made a fix to the bugfix thanks to jacobly, TI-Boy was behaving oddly when it was run after running the Python app. Please redownload if you've encountered this issue.

Check it out here:

I've made another release of TI-Boy CE, which mainly has UI improvements and bug fixes. In addition to a restructured ROM list and save state hotkeys, there are various compatibility and performance improvements.

Check it out here:

I just uploaded the web version of a feature planned for the next TI-Boy CE release, which is a converter between save file formats for TI-Boy and standard Game Boy emulators.

It's still experimental, but if you want to try it out, it's available here:

(Note that this is just for actual game cartridge saves, save states are so emulator-specific that it would be pointless to try to convert between those for any emulators.)

ASM / Re: ASM Optimized routines
« on: August 04, 2018, 06:55:30 pm »
32-Bit Endian Swap (eZ80)

Swaps the byte order of a 32-bit value stored in EUHL. Can be adapted to work with other register combinations as well.

Code: [Select]
    push hl
    ld h,e
    ld e,l
    inc sp
    push hl
    inc sp
    pop hl
    inc sp

I've released TI-Boy CE Alpha v0.1.1, which fixes an erratic crash along with some other minor bugfixes and improvements. I recommend updating to this version ASAP because the crash can affect any game.

Check it out here:

Hopefully this will fix the problems people have been having, but let me know if you see any more crashes with this version. :)

It's been a long journey, but we're finally here. The first release!

You can download the release from GitHub.

And thanks to Adriweb, the ROM-to-AppVar converter can be used directly from your browser!

I also uploaded a new video with footage from a few games:


I ended up taking a longer break from working on TI-Boy than expected, but upon continuing I found the motivation to add a feature I originally planned to defer to a future release: save file compression!

I also wrote a blog post with more juicy technical details:

It looks like the license link in the sidebar is a dead link. You'll probably want to fix that.
I'd also suggest making the releases link take you directly to the github releases, instead of linking to a page that tells you to go to github.
Eh, it's sort of intentional on both parts. The link will be undead once I push my master branch (technically there's nothing out under GPL yet, the website branch itself is MIT), and the releases page is actually a blog category so it'll have blog posts listed under it once I post them.

I guess I could remove the link but I'm lazy :P

I whipped up a quick website for TI-Boy CE, nothing too special yet but it'll be nice to have when I release the emulator. I may eventually (after release) write a series of blog posts about TI-Boy's design, if anyone's interested.

Check out the site here!

That's great news! It is currently Spring of 2018  :3. I can't wait until it comes out! Keep up the good work! ;D

It's not quite Spring yet, but soon... ;)

I've uploaded another TI-Boy CE preview, this time featuring Galaga! Also showing off some new features like display scaling, save states, and turbo mode.

I think I'm getting fairly close to a release, but I'll have to guesstimate Spring 2018 to be safe. :)

Most recently (within the last week or so) I've added support for save states. I've also been working on general bug fixes and performance improvements.

The major things remaining on my to-do list before the first release are:
  • Real-Time Clock support (currently in progress)
  • Saving emulator configuration (and maybe per-game config, but that could be postponed)
  • Fixing automatic frameskip (which doesn't work properly when skipping multiple frames)
  • Making sure the ROM splitting tool is usable

And whatever else comes up in the meantime, I suppose.

I might make another video soon that shows some of the emulator features like the save states and UI.

Project M (Super Mario) / Re: post program plz?
« on: August 14, 2017, 09:19:36 pm »
I'll seriously consider it. Might put it up on GitHub under GPL or something once I have the time to look over it again and figure out which files I'd need to upload (and also make sure it's in a working state).

But for now, TI-Boy CE takes precedence over any other calculator-related things until I can put out its first release.

So in the future would it be possible to be able to make GBC games compatible with the Ti-84 CE? Because if so that would be wonderful to able to play games like Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel or even the rom hack Pokémon Prism.
Possible? Probably. It would likely have worse performance, though (which frameskip might be able to mitigate to some extent).

Ti-boy has always been a fascinating technical achievement to me. It should be a much more enjoyable experience with the increased power, resolution and color that the new model offes. I hope you'll continue to post about it here as you make progress. :)

*Edit* Just watched the video... Wow... Metroid runs super smoothly! :O There seems to be a diagonal line that crosses the screen every now and then. Any idea what's up with that? I know you said you aren't supporting Game boy Color yet, but what about DX games that run on both systems(the black cartridges). Will it be possible to have them in color? A few notable examples that come to mind are the Pokemon Gold and silver games, Zelda DX, and Dragon Warrior I&II.

The diagonal line is an issue with TI's LCD setup, you'd see it with any CE game that does any kind of full-screen changes like scrolling. (Well, unless the game uses a recently-discovered method for having a column-major framebuffer, but that's not in the cards for TI-Boy for performance reasons.)

Those games you mentioned would be playable as they were on the GB, but not full-color like on the GBC (because they typically do make use of GBC-specific features). You'd still be able to select a color palette like with any other GB game, though.

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