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Other Calculators / N-spire 3.1 graphing glitch
« on: March 23, 2013, 12:07:28 pm »
One day, while bored in AP chemistry, I decided to just start randomly graphing things.

I started with the function f(x)=x^(sin(x)), now this graphs pretty normally on the 83/84, but on the nspire, it goes crazy while in 2D graphing mode

So I graphed i in 3d mode to see what would happen, and it comes out as it should

Hmm, I wonder if any other functions cause this too happen, and I discovered another weird one with


Music Showcase / Back to basics (WIP)
« on: September 11, 2012, 02:13:08 pm »
So, a while ago I started to try out to do some EDM production, different genres and stuff, I finally made a song I do like very much, yet I'm still not very good at it. THis song is actually my first try at UK hardcore as well, I tried trance, but I was awful at it. I'm not using the mtv thing that seems to be popular here, I'm using FL studio, z3ta+, S1 piano, 3xosc, and Drummaxx. Note this is still very WIP and any suggestions will be very welcome :D

Edit: I Finished it.

Other Calculators / This really rustles my jimmies
« on: September 10, 2012, 10:23:46 pm »
So, I had to get a second calculator for AP chem (It's my teacher's policy), and it can only be scientific, so I chose the most advanced one I could, the TI-36x PRO. I love the thing so far. I also have my trusty Nspire-CX. One thing I noticied, is the 36x is far from being a CAS of course, yet it gives exact answers. Let's say I did 20pi/5, it would give me 4pi. If I do sqrt(27) it gives me 3sqrt(3). These are things my nspire cx can't do. WHy do you do this Ti? I guess I'll be using both calcs from now on...

What I mean is, what are somthings you have heard people say that make you want to facepalm so hard you get battlewounds.

1. When I got my nspire-cx, I was playing Doom and a kid asked me if it could play XBox 360 games and if I was playing Halo >B)
2. Nearly everybody in my school calls anybodies laptop a dinosaur if it's not a netbook/ultra-portable or a mac :w00t:
3. I was working on a Doom mod once during free time in English class (CP english -.-), a kid said "OH GUYS, PIEXIL'S HACKING"  :banghead:
4. Everyday, people ask if I sill "Hack"  :'(

I have the crt-off animation on my phone, and people in my math class get so amazed when they see it, don't know why.
Also, sorry if this is the wrong section :$

Computer Projects and Ideas / Unamed text-based RPG in VS2010 C++
« on: May 21, 2012, 10:49:43 pm »
Hey guys, a while back over april break. To kill time, I started working on a text based RPG engine,
I feel like turning it into a full-blown text based RPG.
The engine/system still needs some work
Suggestions would be excellent!

V: A.55


Introduce Yourself! / Hello
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:18:22 am »
Hello, I'm piexil!

I used to have a Ti-84 SE and would come here a lot for games and such for it.
I taught my self Ti-Basic and AXE with it.

Recently, I lost it and replaced it with a Nspire-CX

I then just decided to join here after years of lurking and talking to juju.
I hope to learn C for the nspire.

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