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I dont know if these is against the rules to ask this (I apologize if it is), but can someone who figured out the infernal setup of the development environment for ndless post a working precompiled copy for download?
I have tried following the compile directions, and got all of the tools set up(YAGARTO and the like), and it sort of compiles, but comes up with errors and fails to finish. I see no reason why one of the devs cant just post an unstable copy (yes, i know that frequent changes are made, but any copy of the Ndless 2.0 is better than no copy). I am sort of getting sick of dealing with OS 1.7 on my Nsipre and having to use the ugly mismatched clickpad (a petty complaint, i know). Is anyone willing to do that for those who lack the time, patience, and luck to successfully compile it themselves?

Hey, im trying to compile ncaster for my calculator on a linux/windows system. However, i cant figure out what to do, i tried using the make command in LInux Mint, however, it doesnt work.
There are no instructions on how to compile this included, other than to use the make command, and that I need arm-elf-gcc, which i cannot find anywhere, much less figure out how to install it.

Also, when i just transferred the included .tns file for my calc, it just caused it to reboot

Does anyone know where to find it? ???

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