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Other / 3 Android Phone Errors
« on: January 31, 2015, 06:30:24 pm »
apologies if this is the wrong forum section
So, I bought 5 phones on eBay. One is a Windows Phone and is beyond hope, but the others are Android.

#1: HTC Droid Incredible
 Error: it's screen has a blue hue to it, and sometimes what looks like general color distortion - installing Screen Adjuster only helped a tiny bit. Anyone know how I can determine if this is a software problem or a damaged GPU?

#2: HTC EVO 4G
 Error: It cannot charge it's battery, I assume the MicroUSB port is damaged. Is it possible to replace it's port?

#3: HTC Thunderbolt
Error: It randomly reboots. How can I tell if this is damaged hardware or a software issue? Also, it has a smaller HTC HD7 battery taped into it, if that could be an issue.

#4: Motorola Droid
Error: The sides of the digitizer don't respond to touch.

All have been reset.

Computer Usage and Setup Help / Help Testing a Laptop PSU IC
« on: November 15, 2014, 07:05:07 pm »
Hello, I really need help testing a laptop power supply. The laptop is a Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T60p, and what I believe is the PSU (can't be totally sure as I don't have a schematic which costs money) is a Toshiba TPC8109. The datasheet can be seen here:

I have a multimeter and a/c adapter, and similar tool, if I need to test resistance, or do anything about running voltage through it, I dunno? Never tried anything like this before, but I really need to get this IC tested.

EDIT: It's significant to note that when running, this laptop states the battery level as being 99%, but it obviously will under no circumstances run without the charger; the battery isn't really at 99. Butt assorted battery programs say it is, which could be a good clue! Also, in BatteryMonitor, a good deal of information is "not available", like Charge Rate and Charge Cycles.

General Discussion / DJ Omnimaga Official Discography
« on: October 04, 2014, 01:17:35 pm »
Haven't seen a topic like this before, and thought it'd be handy. I compiled a list of all the DJ Omnimaga albums I could find and all the songs I could associate with them, and here they are in release order.

2003 - Omnidance
 Side A
 1. Dancing Legend
 2. Neo
 3. Trita Trance
 4. Chrono Breaks
 5. Neo (Trance Remix)
 6. Techno Strike
 7. Space Dance
 Side B
 1. Final Battle
 2. New Beginning
 3. Capcom - SNES Demon's Crest - Beyond the Colloseum (DJ Omnimaga cover)
 4. Star Knight
 5. Ultimate End 2003
 6. Moon Knight
 7. Revenge

2003 - Omnidance 2
 Side A
 1. The Last Time You'll Rock
 2. Snap! - Rhythm is a Dancer (DJ Omnimaga Cover)
 3. Firestorm
 4. Neo (Dance Remix)
 5. Sky Mage Melody
 6. The Summer Trance
 7. The Chemist
 Side B
 1. Ultimate End
 2. Ritual of the House
 3. Indra and Shiva (long version)
 4. S.O.S Trance
 5. S.O.S Hardcore
 6. Other World

2007 - Journey Through the Moon Dark Side
1. A New World to Discover
 2. Journey Through The Moon Dark Side
 3. Other World
 4. Dreamland
 5. Apocalypse
 6. Firestorm (UK Hardcore Remix)
 7. Land of Mysteries
 8. Indra and Shiva
 9. Nightmare in the Rave
 10. Dancing Legend

2007 - Epic Journey Through The Galaxy
 1. Summer Trance
 2. Epic Journey Through The Galaxy
 3. Techno Strike
 4. Firestorm
 5. Ultimate End
 6. Moment of Thought
 7. The Winter Trance
 8. Firestorm (Trance Remix)
 9. New Beginning
 10. Scream

2007 - Enter The Dream World
 1. Through the Infinity
 3. Chrono Breaks
 4. The Last Time You'll Rock
 5. Hardcore Overkill
 6. Deep Under The Shadows
 7. Dancing Legend 2007
 8. Chaos Inside Me
 9. Ultra Beat
 10. Hold On

2007 - Angel in the Stars
 1. Once Upon a Time
 2. Angel in the Stars
 3. Techno Revolution
 4. A New World To Discover 2008
 5. Journey Through The Moon Dark Side (Fantasy Remix)
 6. Neo
 7. Speedcore Evil Massacre
 8. Star Knight
 9. Timgul
 10. Happy Hardcore
 11. Neo (Trance Remix)
 12. Trita Trance
 13. S.O.S. Hardcore
 14. Escape From Life
 15. Techno Revolution (2007 Extended Mix)

2008 - It's the End of Time
 1. Free As In Core
 2. It's the End of Time
 3. Grooving to the Melody
 4. Trancimaga
 5. Techno Strike 3000
 6. Imagination
 7. Void
 8. Grooving to the Melody (Acid Dream Remix)
 9. Journey Through the Dark Side of the Moon 2008
 10. Pulse Groove
 11. 1000 BPM To Rule Them All
 12. Epic Journey Through The Galaxy 2008
 13. Final Battle
 14. Ice
 15. Unknown Truth From the Forbidden Land

2008 - Destiny Knight
 1. Welcome Back In 1995
 2. Destiny Knight
 3. @#$%&  &*%#$  @!$#%&
 4. Everest
 5. The Good Old Days

 6. Super Ultimate Mega Doom
 7. Dark Abyss
 8. Everest (Extended Mix)
 9. Grooving to the Melody (Trance Remix)
 10. Trancing Through The 8-Bit Land
 11. Euro Blast From The Past
 12. Trancimaga (Short Version)
 13. X-Mas Core
 14. Superstar Hero
 15. Trancimaga (Happy Hardcore Remix)

2011 - Tales of the Knight of the Moon
 1. Tales of the Knight of the Moon
 2. The Lunar Warrior
 3. Metal of Time
 4. The Game That We Lost
 5. Ride Through the 4th Dimension
 6. La Porte Du Soleil
 7. Xaminaga
 8. The Land of Hopelessness
 9. Quest For The Legendary Axe
 10. The Warrior Says Goodbye

2013 - Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga
 1. Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga
 2. Flash in the Sky
 3. The Star Knight
 4. Island of Mysteries
 5. Influence from Beyond the Sky
 6. Heading into the Final Battle
 7. Theola the One
 8. Die! Die! Die!
 9. One Axe to Save us All
 10. It's the End of Agony

I'll update this topic soon with more info if it doesn't get disapproved. I'll need DJ though to tell me what here is totally false >_>
EDIT: Fixed most of the disinformation :P

Other / HP Pavilion dv7 battery charging problem
« on: August 29, 2014, 03:23:55 pm »
My HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx isn't charging it's battery. It was working one day, then my mother took it away for overuse and kept it for a few weeks, and now when I plug it in and turn it on, it won't charge the battery ("plugged in, not charging")! So when it gets unplugged - and it's port is loose too - it shuts off immediately, highly annoying. And I then bought a new battery for it, but got the same message. :'( OS is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Can the problem ever be fixed?

Other / Interesting Windows Vista Issue
« on: July 08, 2014, 05:43:02 pm »
I have Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit (on a certain different computer), and it's problem is, it doesn't BSOD, freeze, or crash. I have a need for it to do one of those in some way, intermittently (preferably the timing being settable), under my control and entirely covertly. Any suggestions?

Other / Windows Vista Boot Problem
« on: July 04, 2014, 12:07:04 am »
So I installed Windows Vista Business x64 (had no choice, that's that) on a laptop. When I did, I had two partitions, one being about 2GB the other like 65GB. I told it to install on the larger one (and of course during install I couldn't delete the smaller, it wanted it). So after install I deleted the little one, and in a word it'll no longer boot (no bootable devices found). I already tried Startup Repair from the install disc and running bootsect.exe, to no effect.  I really don't want to have to reinstall Vista; it was a big hassle, drivers were all in too.  Any help?

Other Calculators / Caleb's Wooden TI-82 Becomes Available For Sale
« on: June 12, 2014, 06:16:49 pm »
Greetings. That "Maplen TI-82" I made ( is now available for auction on eBay. It eh, is interesting, please tell all your friends and teachers about this: I especially envision this on a teacher's desk or something, as it's not terribly useful, being a TI-82, more iconic and a work of art. Here is a picture, for those who haven't seen:

It's available here:
Please consider bidding, but again, I just hope all who could be interested will see it. :) And, there is a youtube video in the Cemetech topic I linked to first. Thank you.

Miscellaneous / Skylites Products 2013
« on: November 23, 2013, 01:02:27 am »
Hullo, I decided to copy this post from Cemetech, though it doesn't apply entirely.  I thought you might be interested...  And as usual, I am unsure if this is the correct area for this post.

I have 4 thingys to sell this year, not a lot but 4 times last year. :)  So, this year I'm selling on eBay; just click the picture of the item to go to its eBay page!

1. The famed DCS7 ornament.  Costs $20.
2. New for this year, the Cemetech Christmas tree ornament!  Much cheaper than the full sized one, and tree-hangable.  Costs $15.
3. The full sized Cemetech logo; takes a ton of work!  Costs $50.  Professionally photographed by my friend Stephan Eden, thanks!
4. I tossed this in cause I make them too, and thought someone might be interested.  It is made of a cheaper wood than oak, and takes less labor, so it is also $15.

Remember, each one is made of one piece of wood, not glued together.  They will be mailed safely in a box.  Lastly, my preference is that you buy one, if possible, because I'm rather poor...  Thanks for reading!

TI Z80 / Plot+ CalebHansberry's Contest Entry
« on: October 21, 2013, 10:11:46 pm »
I decided to enter your contest (I am a Cemetechian); Runer said it would be alright.  Also, I can only hope that this topic is in the right place.

My entry, which is in TI-Basic, is pretty much unnamed, for it is of an abstract theme, but is, at least for now, named Plot+, pronounced "Plot Cross".  I believe it to be a sub-par name, but it sort of beat the other ideas, Pixel, Firefly, or Starlight. o.O

In it you are a box, navigating from the right side of the screen to the left, through a lot of plot crosses.  The thing is, it places a plot cross in the direction that you move, making movement very difficult.  You advance through potentially infinite levels (though practically one cannot get past 8 ), each one having more plot crosses on it than the last!  And you are given a certain number of bombs, which destroy all the plot crosses surrounding you, to assist you somewhat.  As far as I know, the idea is original, and without making any claim to have all knowledge, I hope you fellows shall concur.

Here is a screenshot:

Introduce Yourself! / Hello Omnimaga!
« on: July 18, 2012, 12:53:38 am »
Hello, I am a new member here!  I am a Cemetechian drawn here by the claim of friendliness that I read of on TIstory.  I also recognize that this is one of the best TI-calc sites in the world.
I love TI-calcs and am a fairly major programmer in TI-basic for the TI-83+/84+, though I've never programmed in anything stronger.  I also programmed a 2D Minecraft clone for DOS 5 in QBasic.  I want to: learn Axe, fix my busted TI-83 + SE, and repair computers.  I am a woodworker (and a project of mine is currently on the front page of Cemetech), a programmer, and a techy with a focus on vintage computers and electronics.  I own a Commodore, and the oldest computer I own is from 1985.

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