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TI Z80 / [Axe] Piko Piko
« on: November 06, 2013, 07:35:26 am »
Spoiler For Original post:
Hey guys,

Here will I announce my entry for the Omnimaga Contest 2013 - Calculator Gaming Roots :)
The game is named Piko Piko, it's a whack-a-mole game based on the game Tontie, available on Eyezmaze.
Due to the fact I started it the day before yesterday, It won't be as I wanted exactly : I'll surely have no time to create shop.

The game is playable with numeric keypad, you need to hit moles coming from one of the 9 holes on the ground.
Each new level (only 4 levels nowadays ><) brings a new thing, like spike mole or shy mole.
You'll have 5 game difficulty, from nooooooob to xtrem (3HP).

More things in the readme, maybe this evening I'll add a screenshot.

I use Axe 1.2.1, the game is currently around 4KB, and works quite well with 6MHz.

Hi guys,

Here's the game Piko Piko.
It's a whack-a-mole game based on the game Tontie, available on Eyezmaze.

The game is playable with numeric keypad, you need to hit moles coming from one of the 9 holes on the ground.
Each new level (currently, only 4 levels ><) brings a new thing, like spike mole or shy mole.
You'll have 5 game difficulty, from nooooooob (no damage) to xtreme (3HP).

I created this game for the Omnimaga Contest 2013 - Calculator Gaming Roots.

Spoiler For features (to do and done):
Ideas and suggestions
Quote from: readme
I'll add features like more mole type, shop and achievements.
.. If I've time this weekend I may code shop. It will include more powerful hammers (should be graphically the same, though) and health recovery, like in the original. [hardcore coding]
I may also edit game over menu, and include a level-choosing box. [possible]

•Added health recovery bonus : if your life isn't full, mole have 25% chance to loot a HP instead of coins
•Added (planned) pause feature : press (0) to enable/disable pause
•Finished what I said I would do : now N00B, HARD & XTREME modes work as expected

Bugfixes (and glitchfixes)
•Exiting a level by presing [clear] unlocks next level as it you finished the level (this bug is available in contest release .__.)
If you get any idea of possible new mole, item, achievement, feature, source code improvements.. Please tell me here !

Attachments : readme.txt (last version) and last screenshot

TI Z80 / [Axe] BrainFuck 83+
« on: December 23, 2012, 03:55:36 pm »

I made a parser and an emulator for BrainFuck language on calc.
Parser is not completed, so there are bugs : never use [][]

Feel free to send me bug reports / improvements ideas.


TI Z80 / [Axe] [2012 Apocalypse Contest] Zero44's entry : One Day Left
« on: November 30, 2012, 07:05:21 am »

I'll present here my entry for the 2012 Apocalypse Contest.
One Day Left is a game, coded in Axe, in which you have one day left to live before the apocalyptical end of the universe.
Only one thing is sure with this game : at the end, you will die.
It's a black and white RPG in which you may meet scientists, beautiful girls, zombificated humans, US army, and maybe your own family or someone else's family. If I can finish it at time, you will have more than one way to die ...

If you have sprite suggestions for the map (or any other idea), please send it to me : [email protected]

I don't know if this topic will be updated this week, but I'm sure before 3 weeks I'll post a release of the game.
Enjoy   :) And don't forget to choose me !

Spoiler For Features:
•Contrast Effects
•Interrupts ► Sun and Moon rising in the background
Moving Talking NPCs
•Displaying text letter by letter
•Will be optimized for size, but if it's too big I'll put it in an App and optimize speed.

TI Z80 / Axe Parser Developer's Kit 1.0
« on: March 30, 2012, 03:21:45 pm »
This is a secret project  :ninja: for the moment, but I think in June/July it will be finished and publishable.
What I can actually say is that this is an Axe project, helping to make Axe projects  :hyper:
It's supposed to backup source code, launch asm program and edit the source code in some ways.
But if you can wait, I think (and §I hope) that it will help lots of people (for those who are not beginning in Axe).

Enjoy. (even if you have nothing to see  >:D )

EDIT: faked screenshot[

TI Z80 / New version of Deep Thought's PapiJump : Port & Sound !
« on: October 09, 2011, 03:40:04 pm »
Did you try PapiJump ?

With Deep Thought's help, I modified it : now we have two modes, port and sound.  ???
At beginning you can choose between both by pressing P or S.
Port mode:
 • Ball can be drive by port. Contact with ground and pin1 on the jack make ball go to right, contact with other pin make ball go left.
 • Contact between all pins start/restart game, and while playing it opens the bugged sprite editor.
Sound mode:
 • It plays a little melody while playing, another in game over, and a sound when hitting a bar.
 • Sounds are bad, but I don't know very well Axe interrupts; and game is slower.
 :devil: Don't connect headphones while playing in port mode, it will make game over or other things like this ...

I hope that Deep Thought will can upload it fast.
Thanks to him and to Axe Parser.

Enjoy !  :hyper:

TI Z80 / TI-Basic Monopoly
« on: June 01, 2011, 07:53:45 am »
I made for a challenge this monopoly.
launch: MONPOLY
setup : MONOSETU

TI Z80 / TI 3D modeller
« on: May 31, 2011, 07:17:12 am »
Yesterday and this morning I made a 3D modeller in Axe.
It can zoom (1~15), and make a horizontal rotation from 0 to 359°.
It's not very fast, a complete rotation of a 13-pixel object takes 16 seconds !
(yeah, it's objects pixel per pixel, but I'm working on lines)

Spoiler For code:

[hex code->GDB1
Repeat getkey(15)
If getkey(25)
Pause 300
If getkey(2)
If X>360:359->X
If getkey(3)
If Z>1 and getkey(50)
If Z<15 and getkey(49)





Enjoy !  :hyper:

Hex code: write the XYZ place of a pixel. [808080] is the zero. ( the center of screen is the middle of var: 128)
To have a little tower, write: [808080808180808280] and add [808081] for an eventual hall  :P

• is the number of points, for the moment you have to do equations with it, and write results directly in source code ( this stage is dangerous for Ram, so don't make mistake while adding numbers. But you've got a calc, no ?  ;D

TI Z80 / Fritzing on calc
« on: May 09, 2011, 03:08:01 pm »
I made a clone of the software Fritzing.

Today we can just paste components and wires, and the number is very limited, but I'll improve this.

Other / Calculator + Electronic = what ?
« on: May 09, 2011, 09:14:57 am »
When you connect a calc to the serial port of an arduino, what does it do ?

I had two ideas :
• coffe browser (developpement stopped, see my sig)
• radiocommanded car with video

The Axe Parser Project / Axe Library : AxeLib7
« on: May 09, 2011, 09:08:35 am »
I made an Axe prgm which contains lots of Lbls, is it considered as a library ?
Most of functions are made to make DCS's style.

Spoiler For functions:
  • Get DCS7's cursor (need a ptr)
  • Open calc's variables (need name, returns ptr)
  • Close calc's variables (need name)
  • Draw a window like DCS7 (need title, Xtitle, icon's adress (0 for none))
  • Returns 1 if point(X,Y) is in rect (X,Y,W,H) (need X:r1, Y:r2, etc.)
    Info : if r3=99, returns 1 if X,Y is on the close icon
  • Draw a button like DCS7 (need XYWH, title, and 1 if title must be write)
  • Draw a small window like DCS7 (need title, 1 if close button, and XYWH)
  • Draw a b/w/transparent cursor (need adress of white)

TI Z80 / An Axe piano with 5 octaves
« on: April 28, 2011, 04:12:13 pm »

I less than 1 hour, I made a piano in Axe, which can play sound on five octaves.
(Axe sound in Hertz : Freq(32768/Hz, TIME) )
I add a picture, a mix of 8 white keys, 5 blacks, and a hole at the end of each key :
When we press a key, I make sound, and a X ( for blacks ) or a little donut ( whites ) go out of the key  :hyper:

You need to take your calc with the screen on your left, and the port on your right.
To play a note, press the key as it were a real piano : the [2nd] to [->] keys are the 8 whites, and to play black keys, its the key just over the white :
C note is [2nd], C# is [mode], D is [alpha], D# is [xtOn], etc.
with [▲] or [apps] you can go down of an octave, and go up with [▼] or [1].

I'll put codes soon, and a gif in 2 weeks ( no wabbitemu here, in vacations ...  :'()

Axe / How use the port commands ?
« on: April 19, 2011, 03:36:37 pm »

In my sig you can see a coffee maker project, and I need calc's port.

I've questions:
• in command Port( , what are the three statuses ?
• how does the Send( and Get( command works ?
• how many bits ( not bytes ! ) can receive my calc in a second ? (TI 83+)

• How many milliseconds will it take to receive a 48*64 image with 4 level grayscale ? (384bytes*2pics, I think )

TI Z80 / CalCup : a coffee maker link to your calc ...
« on: April 18, 2011, 03:55:40 am »
I had a crazy idea :
make a coffee maker with milk and sugars, which is link to an arduino platform.
The com pins of arduino are link to calc ...

Now I've done just the program where you can choose what you want, in french or english, and save your prefs.
I've done too the commands list for communication ( Is there milk ? / Give a sugar / It's done ! )  :crazy:

I think it's a bit incredible ...

TI Z80 / X-8lue TI : an on-calc browser
« on: April 18, 2011, 03:27:12 am »

I've begun the X-8lue project some weeks ago, and now I want to show it.
It's a program which read the HTML code put in Str1, and then it displays websites.

Now it's only in TI-Basic, but if you say me how to read DCS7 folders, I'll make it as an axe DSC7 SE, and maybe we'll can make it compatible with Doc DE 7, so it would be possible to edit code on DocDE7 and read on X-8lue ...

Now I'll try to read the DCS7 folders, but I may crash it.
So please give me the structure before !  :)

bonjour, le voudrais savoir comment on peut tirer un son du port de la TI en ayant un fréquence potable c'est à dire que je pourrais faire exactement 440 Hz avec un simple calcul ...
et est-ce qu'il y a des fonctions pour faire passer ou pas le courant sur le port ?
on pourrait mettre un vibreur ET un speaker dessus ( :o  :))

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