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TI-BASIC / Finding local max, min, and saddle point
« on: June 07, 2013, 01:47:56 pm »
Define sela()=
:Local f,fx,fy,mat,fxx,fyy,a,fxxpo

©Where f-> function
©fx-> first derivative in terms of X
©fy-> first derivative in terms of Y
©mat->Trying to make extraction of coordinate point (x,y) to use in second derivative in terms of X with P0(x,y), doesnt work! Accept suggestion

©fxx and fyy second derivative in terms of respective var

©a to store coordinate point I really need HELP here! How can I use or put this two points in two different variables?

:Request "Function",f

©Add fxy:=d/dy(fx,x)



©Ok! i believe inst a good solution here if a get a "a" like this: x=−1 and y=−1 or x=0 and y=0 or x=1 and y=1 What im gonna do?

:mat[1,1]:=fx ©Make a new line for description
Disp fx
Disp fy
Disp mat
Disp fxx
Disp fyy
Disp a
Disp fxxpo
Disp x
Disp y

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