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Other Discussions / 1 OnePlusOne invite
« on: July 24, 2014, 05:25:06 pm »
hey guys,

As you may know OnePlus One (high end phone low price snapdragon 801 64GB storage 3GB RAM $350 full specs), it is a cool phone. if you are interested google it (i don't want to make a to big ad of this)
The phone can (for now) only be bought with an invite.

I am going to share one invite to one of you via a random picker on the internet.

you can join by posting why you want/need to buy this phone.

if there is no interest in it i will give it to someone on the OnePlus forum tomorrow.


1. post why you want/need this phone
2. be able to pay the phone within 24 hours after you claimed it on (because it is only valid for 24h)
3. you must be member for more than 4months and have more than 40 posts
4. post before 4PM Amsterdam time 25 JUL, then i am announcing who will get it.
5. if you get it you get it if you don't you don't.

if it is not clear ask for it

hope you guys like it i give one away, if there are more interested people, it would be nice that if the person who gets the invite, shares the two invites he/she gets with the phone on this forum.

happy posting!

EDIT: the ending will be 4PM now.

hey all

I have a new project, im making a dock connector for prototyping the nspire dock.

for the moment i finished my first eagle drawing. i can mill some prototype at school.
i'm planning to pun an FTDI chip on it for UART.

look at the image, any suggestions on what to change add?

this may be implemented in my (on hold, it seems to expensive for now..) '3D nspire dock'
or in some other thing? or just as a bare connector?

please give me some feedback :)

Computer Projects and Ideas / Popover Web [OS X]
« on: April 12, 2013, 10:58:19 am »
Hi Everybody

I am making a program called "Popover Web".
When i'm listening to music on youtube, i often get irritated that i cant find where the hell the window is where my youtube is. it must be somewhere in the tabs...

So my idea make a small window with two buttons one for website 1 the other for website two. if you click the button the webpage pops up and you can easily stop the music or play something else.
you can easily switch the webpage on the buttons. an very handy it appears on all your spaces on top of every window.
if you login on websites with Safari, it is also logged in on PopoverWeb.

Does anyone have suggestions or feedback? I want to keep it as simple as possible so it won't need an explanation how to use it.
Feel free to ask how it works, i can use that for making it even simpler :)

The program only works on OS X 10.7 and higher.

Download PopoverWeb

Other Calc-Related Projects and Ideas / 3D nSpire Dock
« on: February 06, 2013, 11:01:59 am »

I was recently making a dock for the TI-nSpire calc
what do you think of it, should i change it or leave it this way.
I think i'm going to print it in the near future :) .

the middle pice is for a connector I still have to make it, not sure if i should print that pice or make it by hand.

if you want a 3d look at it:

General Calculator Help / Ndless making my calc slow as hell
« on: January 29, 2013, 01:47:25 pm »

I had a problem with my TI nSpire CX,

if I turn on my calc its slow as hell it takes about 15 second to get my documents selected with the arrow buttons
when i reset the calc every thing seems fine until i leave my calc alone for i think half a day a few hours or something is again very slow

unfortunately i had to delete ndless :( , so i cant reproduce the problem... maybe if i reinstall it. (will do that in the near future after my exam week).

Is it memory that is not released?

Other Calculators / get back stolen Ti-Nspire
« on: October 08, 2012, 10:49:43 am »
last week my ti-nspire got stolen!!  :( :( :(

I have it since 2 months and now its already gone :(

I was wondering is there a way to get a message when someone plugs it in to there computer so i know who has it?

any other solutions to get it back??

I hope someone has a smart idea to get it back

General Calculator Help / how are the nspire connectors called
« on: September 08, 2012, 08:58:04 am »

I was searching a way to connect the dock connector of an nspire to the computer, but when researching I was not able to find much information.

So my question does someone know the names of the connectors and where to find the pinouts of it?

thanks for the help

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