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I just was witing a program in Axe to read out a simple ti-basic program.
But when I used lower case (enabled via the Axe-Parser options), I got for all of the lower case the same decimal equivalence: 187.
I wonder if anybody knows about the reason for that?
It is not possible that all the lower case are encoded with the same value I guess...

Web Programming and Design / Tobert´s WebAccess
« on: February 25, 2011, 05:50:00 pm »
A short time ago I got the idea of a tool, that could simplify the access to domains for web-developers, for it is an alternative to ftp-programs.
It enables editing webpages directly on the server, without downloading the files even temporarily.
But of course it also contains the posibilties of up- and downloads and a plenty of features which I haven't implemented yet.

The program itself is primarily an web-explorer, programmed in PHP, that at first is meant to allow access to a web-server from everywhere without installing and configuring anything.

The following actions are available yet...
- browsing subdirectories
- deleting files and empty folders
- opening files out of the explorer
- editing files directly on the web with a preview-function

...and these are in process.
- deleting directories wether they're empty or not
- upload files
- download files
- search for filenames and/or content in a directory
- copy 'n paste
- simple html-editor
- password (elementary condition for use...)

For the tool can not be used yet, I can only provide screenshotsand  a parent-project for download , that actually is nothing but an explorer...
Spoiler For explore:

Spoiler For delete:

Spoiler For edit:

Spoiler For preview:

Introduce Yourself! / Hi together!
« on: February 03, 2011, 10:59:19 am »
Finally I've registered now, allthough I am already using this forum for some time.

The first programming language I got to know was PHP, but I actually began to write more or less "serious" programs, when I got my TI-84+ .
A few days ago I downloaded the Axe Parser, because my tries to lern assembly all did failure due to compiler troubles...

Well, that's it about me.

If there are further questions, simply ask...

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