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General Calculator Help / TI-nspire CX CAS weird behavouir
« on: March 13, 2013, 11:01:13 am »
When I tried to switch my calc on today in school with the power button, it showed very short the homescreen and then it restarted like i pressed the reset button on the back.
I thought that some ndless stuff maybe did this, so I let it reboot. Then I noticed, that only a few keys worked. Esc, ctrl, tab, menu, enter and ctrl + home work properly, the rest is totally messed up. After ctrl + home the calc goes off, when I press on again, it crashes like I described. For example, ctrl + 0 acts like the scratchpad button. doc works as the home button. shift like del. And so on. Some keys are not mapped at all. Touchpad is also dead.
I cant go to the menus from boot1 or boot2, when I press the standart keys (e.g. esc + menu + minus) nothing happens, when I press the keys so, that it should work (in my case esc + menu + q (q is mapped as minus)), nothing happens, too.
I reinstalled the OS, no change. Even unplugging the battery did not help.
When everything worked ok, I had the ndless 3.1 beta installed and the cpu was running at 210 MHz, the AHB was not in red text.
Everything worked ok for months, until today morning. Maybe I have still warranty on it.

Please help me! I need the calc for school!

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