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Minecraft Discussion / [1.4.7] HellCraft - free4all Minecraft Server
« on: January 31, 2013, 09:26:10 am »

Hello guys ;)

I have a private minecraft server hosted at home and i remembered to advertise it here! It is running 24/7 on a dedicated computer. It had some hardware problems in the past month but now it's back  :P

Anyway, we have 2 Admins and 3 Moderators in a total of 50 playing slots. Please come take a look and feel free to play whenever you want! We are using a simple monetizing system called "Run for VIP" where we give VIP status for free to whoever follow some simple rules that will help us make some money to pay for excessive amount of electricity the computer spends.

As i said above, the sever only came back online yesterday and because of that some little quirks may exist (like a little lag, or something misconfigured). When my brother gets home we will probably be updating the game version as well.

For more information, go to our webpage: The server adress is the same!

Be cool people!  :D

EDIT: We have updated to 1.4.7... we are still working on fixing the crashed plugins but everything is working well for now ;)

Introduce Yourself! / Hi from Portugal!
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:22:36 pm »
Hello ;)

I'm a computer engineering student from north of Portugal that loves programming and everything that is tech related!

I have visited omnimaga before to get news about my calculator (TI-Nspire Clickpad) and now i decided to join the community! I've read various posts and i love the kindness that everyone has here and the will to help the next one.

I recently installed ndless on my calc and i'm learning TI-BASIC (it's pretty easy xD) and i'm gathering material to start programming in LUA (But only after the exams in mid Februrary).

Stay awesome ppl ;)

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