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Art / My Very Little Ponies
« on: March 01, 2014, 03:25:33 am »

These are all based off a 16x16-4scale Fluttershy I asked a guy to make for me. I've forgotten his name though >.<

TI Z80 / run from contest
« on: October 15, 2013, 07:05:12 pm »

TI Z80 / Welcome to Freedom
« on: February 25, 2013, 05:07:41 pm »
> Would you help me please?

Help you do what?

> Excellent. You've passed the first test.
> If it's not too much trouble, I need your help in freeing you.

Freeing me from what?

> Oh dear. It's worse than I thought. Tell me, when was the last time you chose something? What to have for lunch, what to do when you got home?

Why would I choose what to have for lunch? They know what I need. I wouldn't choose the proper foods. And, what do you mean, "choose what I do when I get home"? I get home and I watch The Program, just like everyone else.

> Would you like to choose?

...I have heard of this thing called "cake". I've always wondered what it would be like to eat cake.

> Heh. I'm leading you to freedom with cake.

...If you want to call it "freedom", sure. I still don't see from what, though.

> Listen to me, and I promise you, you can eat all the cake you want. I'd recommend not eating too much of it though.

Why not? Is cake bad for you?

> If you eat too much of it, yes.


> Don't worry. I'll help you out, ok?

Ok, then.
...You promise there'll be cake? Really?

> And grief counseling.

Grief counseling!?!?

> Sorry, sorry, old joke.

...Please don't do that.
I've heard grief hurts a lot.

>...Ok. Look, what I'm going to ask you to do is going to be dangerous. You will get hurt.

So long as I get my cake.

> Ok, then. Say, what's your name?

Name? I'm just a worker; why would I need a name?

> Everyone needs a name. Something to call themselves by. Something to identify themselves by. Something to hold onto when they have nothing else.

Um, ok.
It, um, sounds like I'm going to need one.

> Well, then. Hello, Mr. Freedman.
> Welcome to Freedom.

OmnomIRC Development / OmnomIRC Completely Broken
« on: February 23, 2013, 08:14:09 pm »
Attached is how OmnomIRC looks to me.
I am running Chrome on OSX

Humour and Jokes / Worst Names for a Band
« on: January 18, 2013, 11:40:33 pm »
Let's start a contest to see who can come up with the worst name for a band.
You can only post a name if it's worse than the one before it.

I'll start:


TI Z80 / Tron [AXE]
« on: August 30, 2012, 12:26:36 pm »
Yup. It makes tronlines.
[ON] to exit
[CLEAR] to clear the screen (it will do this automagically when it's filled)
[ENTER] to start over
You must be holding an arrow key when you press enter, otherwise they'll just stay there.
[ + ] to increase the number of lines being drawn
[ - ] to decrease

Site Feedback and Questions / Feature request for posts
« on: July 31, 2012, 02:02:06 pm »
When you click REPLY, can it bring over the text you had in the Quick-Reply box, if there is any?

TI Z80 / [Contest Entry] AntiZer0
« on: June 04, 2012, 01:03:05 pm »
Ever feel like the Random Number Generator has it in for you?
Is it conspiring against you, plotting to ensure you never get what you need?
Now, you can fight back.
The computer sat down for a nice game of Zer0es, and you get the chance to have your revenge as the Random Number God.

Your task?
Make the computer cry.

Or, failing that, at least make it quit in frustration.

But you have to be fast--if the numbers run out, you lose, and it gets faster every time the computer makes a 0
If it makes all eight numbers at the bottom 0, it wins, and you lose.

OmnomIRC Development / The Logs are broken
« on: May 24, 2012, 12:36:23 am » Seems to be broken. Not only do they seem to be in no order whatsoever, but the logs for the past several weeks aren't there at all. They stop at April 22, 2012.

Art / Twinkle
« on: April 24, 2012, 11:42:43 pm »
Here is Twinkle--Twilight Sparkle's physics engine.

(Click for Humongous Version)

Computer Projects and Ideas / Mindscrew
« on: April 20, 2012, 01:26:50 am »
This is a little project I'm starting to deal with all the free time I have in programming class.

Edit: MindScrew is finished! It is attached.

TI Z80 / Google Tap--Now for your 83-series calc!
« on: April 01, 2012, 12:59:21 pm »
Google's latest innovation in mobile computing, Google Tap, will soon be on your very own 83-series calculator.
You will be able to use either dash to input a dah
You can edit your Morse code character before it gets converted
Export to named AppVar
Support for every Morse Code character you can find

Features which may be available at some point in the future:
Export to .txt format

Tap alpha v -1 is available for download right below this text!
Here're the controls:
. to add a dit
- or (-) to add a dah
DEL go back one
ENTER to convert your Morse character into text. In the future, will insert a newline when the Morse Area is blank
0 for space
CLEAR to quit.
0 for space

TI Z80 / Anisprite v3
« on: March 19, 2012, 06:55:13 pm »
Tada! Here's Anisprite, the 16x16 animated Spriter, now at Version 3!
Spoiler For Anisprite 3 Readme:
New in version 3:
   Copy and Paste!
   Shift your sprites!
   Saner About screen trigger!
   Ability to leave appvSPRITES in RAM upon exit!
   "Lights-out" mode!
   Sprite counter!
   Jump multiple sprites at a time!
   Fixed Readme typos!
New in version 2.1:
   "New in this version:" section of the Readme
   Fixed the bug with not clearing the screen
New in version 2:
   Not this section
   Loop through a selection of the sprites

Anisprite, its associated source code, and this readme Copyright 2013 Giancarlo Saraceni
All artwork produced with Anisprite is the property of its creator

Hello and welcome to Anisprite

What is this thing?
   Anisprite is a spriter

A spriter?
   A thing you can use to make sprites with.

No, no, no. I know what a spriter is, but aren't there almost as many of those as there are quadratic equation solvers?
   It's getting pretty close.

So how is this different?
   Anisprite is designed around makng animated 16x16 sprites to be used with the Axe programming language.

Ok, so how long can these animations be?
   Anisprite allows for up to 64 16x16 sprites.

How do I use Anisprite?
   Glad you asked! First, let's go over the interface.
   The left 2/3 of the screen is devoted to the big representation of the sprite you're working with. It's at a scale of 4:1.
   The actual size sprite is in the top right corner.
   About halfway between the big sprite and the actual-size one there's a black pixel all by its lonesome. This indicates which sprite you're on.
   On either side of that lonly pixel are a pair of black pixels, sitting there, waiting. Why are they there? What is their purpose? You'll find out in a minute.
   In the large sprite, there's a box. This box is the cursor.
   Just below halfway down the screen, on the right side, is a swatch of color.
   This is the color that will be used when you press Enter or 2nd.

Speaking of which, it's time to go over the controls.

   The arrow keys move the cursor around.
   + and - go forward and backward one sprite. Hold [ON] to move in increments of 8 instead.
   * and / do the same thing, but they copy over whatever sprite may already be in the new spot. Be careful, because once you do, you can't get that sprite back.
   Press LOG to change the start sprite to the one you're currently on. The start sprite is indicated by the two pixels on either side of the Position Indicator Pixel

The top row of keys change which color you're using:

   From left to right
       |White|Midgrey/Light grey|Black/Dark grey|Black|Invert|
   Press ENTER or 2ND to change the pixel your cursor is on to the color shown in the swatch

   Press MODE to change between 3scale and 4scale
   Press ALPHA to toggle the grid on and off

Hey, waitaminute! I've seen all this before! What makes Anisprite so special?
   Ah! Yes. Anisprite's unique feature is its ability to animate the sprites.
   Go ahead and press STO>
   You should be seeing a screen that looks like this:
   This selects the delay between each successive frame. Left and right move the arrows, and up and down increase and decrease the number in that place.
   Press enter once you've got the delay you want
   Now look in the top right corner. There is your sprite, animated. Anisprite loops from the Start Sprite to the sprite you're currently on.
   If you want to forgo that, press x^2 instead of STO>, and Anisprite will loop though all 64 frames for you.
   Press LN to stop the animation, and CLEAR to exit Anisprite.

Hey, what about all this "Verson 3" nonsense up there?
   Glad you asked!
   Version 3 adds a ton of features to the editing side of Anisprite to make it more powerful and easier to use!

   Copy & Paste!
      [)] Copies the current sprite to the clipboard, shown below the color swatch.
      [(] Pastes the sprite on the clipboard over the current sprite. Note that the clipboard starts out with a pure white sprite in it.
      Made a mistake?
      Hold [ON] and hit [DEL] and the sprite that was there when you first arrived will be put back!
   Sprite Roll!
      Need to move your sprite over one? Now, Anisprite has you covered!
      Use the numpad to move the sprite on the screen over one pixel up, down, left, or right.
      The row or column bumped off will appear on the other side.
   Leave appvSPRITES in RAM
      Hold [ON] when you exit to leave it in RAM
      Press [APPS] to make the HUD disappear. Any other key will bring it back.
   And the Sprite Counter is in the bottom right corner. It starts at zero.

Well, this is cool and all, but how do I use it in my Axe program?
   Anisprite saves your sprites in a 4116-byte AppVar with the catchy name of SPRITES. Just absorb it into your Axe program, and you're good to go!

4116 bytes? Really?
   Well, yeah. Anisprite can't tell which sprites you want to use and which you don't, so it saves all of them.

I don't really want all that data making my program all huge and all.
   Well, you could copy part of SPRITES to another appvar, and absorb that.

Wait, why doesn't Anisprite export to a string?
   Because that'd be friggin' huge.

Can I give this to my friends?
   Sure! Just let them know who made it! (That'd be me :)

What if I forget who you are?
   Hold [^]

There are a lot of ways to get around your calculator, and a lot of ways that aren't documented at all, or very well. Let us post them here.

[2nd]+[LEFT] jumps to the beginning of a line
[2nd]+[RIGHT] jumps to the end of a line
Go to the program editor, and select new. Type in the name of an editable program you have in RAM. The program will now open in the program editor. NOTE: Does not work on Archived programs, even in zStart.

TI Z80 / My Little RPG: Friendship is Magic
« on: March 03, 2012, 08:28:31 pm »
So, check it out: I am embarking on making an RPG, my first one, actually. 16x16 sprites, etc etc. T'will be a very pretty game.


Twilight Sparkle as: The Black Mage
  Twilight has a remarkable repertory of offensive magic, and knows how to cure all status effects except Charm. She can trip up on the higher level magics, though, and doing so too many times will make her lose her sanity.

Applejack as: The Tank
  Applejack: Can take a load of damage, and deals a mean buck. But work her too hard, and she starts to suffer, getting worse as she goes on.

Rarity as: The White Mage
  A seamstress has to know how to repair things, and Rarity is no exception. She can't take a punch though, so keep an eye on her.

Rainbow Dash as: The semiFragile Speedster
  This prismatic pegasus zips in and out of the action, using the breaks to build up speed and power. Beware, though, as she can trip or crash, and her Atomic Rainnuke can harm the Mane Six.

Fluttershy as: The One Who Deals the Status Effects
  Fluttershy is the master of manipulation, using her abilities to mess with opponents heads. Her Stare paralyses them, her Charm changes their alignment, and she can do so much more. Beware, though, if she fails, Flutterrage overcomes her and she becomes Psychoshy, charging recklessly at the enemy, refusing to listen to you.


Pinkie Pie as: The One Who Hits People With the Fourth Wall
  Pinkie grabs the fourth wall and slams opponents into it at ludicrous speed. When your Morale gets low, she can raise it back up. But if she fails, you're picking up the pieces, as Pinkamena don't listen to nopony.

The Elements of Gameplay:
  Your party Morale reflects how well you're doing. Do well, and everypony feels great. Getting thrashed? Your party ain't gonna feel so good. The more your Morale, the more effort the party puts into their attacks.
More Elements coming soon!

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