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Axe / Ti Basic to Axe
« on: March 23, 2013, 07:15:58 pm »
You all do not know me here because this is my first post here so I'll tell you all a bit about myself to start off. I've started to develop Java first a while back and since then I'm more into web development, especially PHP since Ruby and Python aren't really my preference. And since I need my calculator which is a Ti-84 Plus, I was interesting in the built in programming language. After some playing around, I noticed it was a slow and not a very wide language if you know what I mean. So I looked up if some other languages existed for the Ti family and came across some and Axe looked the best.

But the simple programs I got on my calculator give quite a few errors and I looked all across Google to find my answers and I really can't find them. That's why I signed up here, to get my questions answered and get into Axe. My first question is how do I define a list in Axe, I'm used to using dim( in Ti basic and List or Array in Java, but don't know how Axe works yet.

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