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TI Z80 / Minor Releases (lolje)
« on: November 17, 2010, 03:52:10 pm »
In this topic I would like to release some of my minor Projects coded someday 2005-2010, which still mess around on my calc and would like to be distributed for free to all of you ;)

Ok, so here you go:

1. Multi-Mind

The goal of Multi-Mind is to correctly answer all 'arithmetic problems' given by the calculator.
If linked to another calculator, you can solve the 'arithmetic problems' for the goal of being faster than your opponent.
Download is attached. (.zip or .rar)

What about this one? It might be used for loops somewhere...

Tuxy Loop.mp3

tuxy loop 1.4.mp3

TI Z80 / Creature Assault - (RPG-Engine)
« on: April 03, 2010, 02:13:22 am »
Well, this is an engine for a Pokemon-like RPG I made 2007...

I'm not too enthusiastic about it, first of all I'd just like to hear some suggestions on what I should do about it.


- 1 fully scrollable map
- 1 inside house map ("Kyle's House")
- several signs which can be read by walking onto the (e.g. "Locked..." or "Mortimer's House")

Download: v0.1 is attached.

This is the main-Topic about my Strategy game Age of culture II (short form AOCII), which is written in Ti-basic(+xLIB).

You may post suggestions, questions and all that stuff here.

Short Description
As the name suggests, Age of Culture was inspired by the famous computer game 'Age of Empires', but was also influenced by other important strategy games as Warcraft III, for example.
While playing the game you will notice that there are two different interfaces:
The first one is the real time based economy-mode, where you can build, recruit, scroll, wage war, save (of course) and all that stuff.
After having set up an army, you will get to know the round based battle mode, which might remind you on games like 'Chess', 'Advance Wars' for the Game Boy Advance or maybe the Nintendo DS Version of 'Age of Empires'.
The game features two types of resources, gold and wood, three different maps, which are fully scrollable, five difficulties, five different unit types of both wide and low range attack, a moderate AI Player and a very rudimentary cheating tool.
I hope you enjoy it.

Here are some Screenshots of the latest version:

Notes: The title screen is a greyscale pixel art by Spellshaper,
          The Screenshots are animated gifs showing the actual gameplay.
          You may notice that they are displaying ten parts of one Session consecutively.

- real-time economy mode
- round-based  battle mode
- 3 different scrollable maps
- 5 difficulties
- 5 different types of units
- a moderate AI-Player

To do list
- integration of smith
(- Different gameplay modes)

AOC II runs on the following calculators:
     - TI-84+ (OS-Version 2.30, I don't know about the recent updates...), Ti 84+ Silver Edition
     - TI 83+, Ti 83+ Silver Edition

Compatible with: Ti 83+, , Ti 84+, Wabbitemu (Emulator)

Download: AOCII v0.89 is included as attachement.
Release Date: March the 5th of 2010

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