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Casio Calculators / [C] Minesweeper
« on: January 19, 2014, 07:22:43 pm »
I started this project a while ago with Eiyeron, and never actually got to complete it... until today that is.
here is the updated project: dropbox link (v0.9)


Spoiler For Full map:

control explanations:

~ Arrow keys: move around
~ SHIFT: open box
~ ALPHA: toggle flag
~ MENU: exit

Right now the minesweeper has the following features:
~ scroll able grid
~ recursive opening of empty spaces
~ authomatic opening of safe zones (if you shift click on a already opened spot, and that you have placed an appropriate number of flags around that spot, the game will open the 8 adjacent non-flagged spots)
~ saving and loading gamestate from storage memory (gamestate is saved as "mines.dat")

Features to come:
~ alternative skins (already sprited)

The game isn't complete yet, but it's closer to it than when I unboxed it a few hours ago.
have fun!


~ fixed keys blocked by GetKey
~ added part of the GUI
~ game no longer loads save by default
~ F5 to save current state

(v0.6) UPDATE:

~ added timer
~ added mine count
~ added icon

(v0.9) UPDATE

~ game autoloads and autosaves on launch and exit (F5 and F6 don't do anything anymore)
~ exit keys are MENU or EXIT
~ the game now handles victory and failure
~ the game is now complete for v1.0
~ the game's code needs some cleanup
~ the game

(v0.9.1) UPDATE

~ fixed timer
~ SH4 compatibility

Introduce Yourself! / Siapran's presentation
« on: January 19, 2014, 10:24:50 am »
I have to admit I haven't been creative with the tittle.

Hi there, I'm Siapran, a long time friend from Eiyeron.
I've been programming on casio calculators for a while now, havent done anything outright extraordinary, but I've got a few achievements of my own.
I'm apparently capable with pixel art, so if anyone needs my help, I'll be happy to give it.

So there, after a few months of stall, I've decided to get back to programming with a few unfinished projects to complete (minesweeper, a fighting game, a 3D flight simulator in space and a RPG project, most of which are made in collaboration with Eiyeron and a few friends). Who knows, I might even grab myself a TI84 or such and try out some Z80 assembly.
In any case, I'm happy to join in the community, and I hope I can bring in interesting stuff for you guys.


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