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General Calculator Help / TI 83 Plus Black screen
« on: June 26, 2012, 11:07:43 am »
I have a big problem with TI-83 Plus. Suddenly it got black screen without any special reason. I thought the low-contrast screen blinking was due to low batteries but I changed to new ones and it still displays black screen.
I tried everything, holding DEL, CLEAR, removing batteries, backup battery, setting contrast, flashing OS - it didn't work and TILP reports:
"Error writing to the device" and in console: "A device connected is not functioning"
I use Silver Link with properly installed drivers.

Then suddenly, it displayed some garbage for a second, then normal "Ram cleared" message, returned me to normal blinking cursor screen, but it quickly turned back to black screen.

I was googling a lot but I didn't find any solutions. All tips that worked for others don't work for me.
Also, unlike others, I'm not able to turn off my calc. It does react to DEL and ON button, also contrast gets lower when pressing 2nd key, but I can't turn it off.
What should I do?

TI Z80 / Connecting GSM modem
« on: March 31, 2012, 11:17:08 am »
I got an idea about connecting serial (RS-232) GSM modem to TI-83+ (and using it to send SMS, for example).
My guess is that it should be possible, since calc has serial interface (GND, Rx, Tx) and serial modem would be used (unless modem requires some more wires).
What do you say?

Calculator C / Small-C - confused
« on: November 19, 2011, 01:52:07 pm »
Can someone help me with Small-C compiler for TI-83 Plus?
I downloaded 8xccb5 compiler and I don't understand a thing there, and there are no tutorials about Small-C on TI-83.
Since I'm already learning C on PC (in school), I'd like to do the same, at least for small fun, on my calc, before moving on to ASM.
So can anyone help me with making at least "Hello World" program? When I try to compile code, it gives me hello.bin, hello.lst and hello.opt
Hello.opt contains ASM code, which is then compiled in hello.bin, so I'm guessing it should be ready, but what to do with that hello.bin? I can't send it to calc.


Previously, I had TI-82 which is actually TI-83 Plus limited to basic TI-83 software, without flash support, etc...

The cable I made - parallel link, with cut-off original calc-to-calc cable - was working perfectly with it.

Then I got TI-83 Plus. The cable was too short, but calc was detected.
So I decided to extend cable. I didn't do anything except extending wires. I double checked all connections, diodes, resistors and everything was OK. But still, ever since I plugged that into calc and PC, there's nothing I can do to connect to calc via parallel link.
I tried reverting to original short cable, replaced diodes, replaced resistors, checked everything but nothing helps.

Interestingly, W32tran8x detects cable, and when I short the cable itself, it reports "Short circuit in cable or calc connected". But when I plug calc in, nothing happens and it doesn't show short circuit warning.
(Update) Of course I use TiLP to work with calc, but w32tran8x gives me this cable check feature.

So what's wrong? Is it possible that something inside calc is burned, and what?

P.S. I also ordered USB connectivity kit from eBay and I'm waiting for that to arrive.

General Calculator Help / TI-83+
« on: September 19, 2011, 06:08:16 am »
I just bought used TI-83+
I went to that [Mode][Alpha] S menu and it says: BOOT v1.00 and BASE v1.03

Now, what would you recommend me (I'd like to begin ASM programing on this thing) to do? Upgrade to 1.19, install MirageOS, something else?
What's the big deal with MirageOS anyways?
And, I'm a bit afraid of flashing offical v1.19 as I don't know does it flash Boot v1.03 (which has some strict security and needs that special app to replace certificate) or not?


Introduce Yourself! / Hello
« on: September 17, 2011, 09:18:34 am »
Hi guys!
I'm 16 year old computer technician high school student, and I come from Croatia.

I came across this forum when I got the "mystical" TI-82 (marketed as TI-82, loaded with TI-83 OS and running on 83+ HW) two months ago, googling about flashing the English OS.
I hope I could contribute to that topic now as I'll get TI-83+, for the HW reference, and of course, I'd like to start ASM programming for these calcs - I'd like to that some ASM experience for the 4th grade when we start ASM programming in school.

Best regards

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