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Introduce Yourself! / Why hello there!
« on: September 13, 2011, 10:27:11 pm »
Hi, I'm sqrt(time)... my username online is almost ALWAYS timeroot (a variation on the "squareroot" I had a long time ago), but this forum doesn't allow "root" in the name. :-s

Things I'm interested in about my calculator (TI-84+SE, just bought - don't like nSpires):
-Portal X looks awesome, huge Portal fan. Tag is a good substitute I guess. ^_^
-My 84+ is lacking the extra RAM pages. Just learned today that this means msd8x don't fly. Already ordered the adapter.. hoping that I might be one of the seemingly random people for whom it works anyway.
-I also do some assembly (I program 99% Java, just started learning z80 a week ago; made a Peano period mod 256 calculator for my first "hello world", heh). If I really "get" this thing, I think the most awesome thing ever would be getting USB software for CDC devices going. Connecting to the internet would be awesome (NB: this is a pipe dream. Do not take this seriously.)
-I like playing sound! I had an 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter, and it worked fine, but I lost it and the cheap earbuds I was using with it. Got a new adapter, tried several different earbuds, nothing working... is there some incompatibility if I'm using TruSound, and just installed, say, DoorsCS7.2? Or anything that would keep TruSound from working? :-( :-(

Wow I didn't mean to make a whole bunch of questions, guess I did.. just really getting into this thing! Would love to try lots of things with this little device. :-)

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