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TI-Nspire / Stuck upgrading CX to CX CAS nlaunch.tco does nothing.
« on: September 26, 2013, 03:40:55 pm »
Hey guys, I am at the last step of upgrading my cx to a cas cx. Sending the nlaunch.tco file to my ti device does nothing. I get the typical error message, but my calc stays stuck on 60% with the "no os installed" message. I have tried d/l different nlanch.tco files but that did not fix anything.

Any ideas on what I can try?

TI-Nspire / Easiest way to install CAS on Ti NSpire Cx
« on: September 26, 2013, 01:33:59 pm »
Is the easiest method the one given in the nlaunchcx readme file?

0) backup your documents from your nspire on your computer
1) install the boot2, usually known as "3.1".
   If you have installed OS,, or you
   already have it. If you have installed any newer version, you probably will
   not be able to easily install the boot2.
   Otherwise, install OS
   CX CAS:
   CX    :
2) get a compatible OS. See
   - NOTE: Not all TI-OSes are compatible with nLaunch.
     OSes,, and are.
     For a full list of compatible OSes, check src/patch.c
3) use TNOC ( ) on the OS upgrade to remove the boot2
   (you can remove the examples too)
4) rename the TNOC'ed OS to phoenix.tns
5) transfer phoenix.tns to your calculator in the folder /nlaunch/, being at
   the root of the user-accessible part of the file-system
6) get to the CX folder
7) transfer nlaunch.tns and preloader.tns to your calculator in the folder
   /nlaunch/, being at the root of the user-accessible part of the file-system
8) if you have installed it on OS, uninstall Ndless by launching
9) reboot (the reset button is the easiest way), go to the maintenance menu
   ( ), delete OS (option 2)
10)reboot, transfer nlaunch.tco/tcc to your calculator (an error will certainly
   be shown on the computer, check if it is ok on your calculator)
   - /!\ the initial exploit can fail. If the progress bar is stuck at 60% and
     nothing is shown (you should briefly see "YZ") at the top left of the
     screen, reset and send nlaunch.tco/tcc again.
   - /!\ getting to the OS the first time can be fairly long (max 3 min); the
     progression bar can be quite unstable. If the bar did not move at all
     during 3 minutes, consider the boot as a failure
   - NOTE: unplugging the USB cable "at the right time", i.e. after sending
     the TNO/TNC and shortly after the bar has reached 60% again, may increase
     the reliability of the installation procedure. Likewise, the second
     generation of Ndless (1.7/2.0) worked better when USB was unplugged.
11)enjoy :-)
   - /!\ when rebooting, the progress bar can sometimes be stuck a 60% with
     nothing shown at the top left of the screen. Simply press "reset" until it
   NOTE: if it is working fine and you want nLaunch to be more stealthy when
   booting, you can compile a quiet version ("DEBUG 1" in nlaunch.c).

Seems pretty complicated. I am confused on how to find a compatible OS

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