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Introduce Yourself! / Spartan *Spartan braces for peanut overload*
« on: December 13, 2014, 07:17:06 pm »
Hello Omni,
Im spartan. i like my all new nspire cx, i am a programmer with proficiencies in both Delphi and C#

I am warming up to Lua and TI basic, they are both pretty interesting. Lua is nicer IMO, any thoughts?

From looking around lately, it seems there is some geniuses floating around on these forums, (yes im talking about you Vogt) with their magical calculator skills (Streetwalrus, DJ, Adri, Critor and all the rest, there is alot of you!), you work magic indeed. its amazing what you guys can pull off with a calculator with 100MB of mem and all the lockdowns!

I am doing degree level physics, so if there is any physics/maths programmes you guys love i would happily accept some recommendations!(TI Nspire CX CAS)

I look forward to giving back to the Omni Community someday.

Please, spare your peanuts xD Has anyone got some omnimaga melon or kebab? that would be cool...

Chris :D


TI-BASIC / Domain error when calling from a non local area
« on: December 12, 2014, 07:16:04 pm »
Hey Omnimaga, im having some troubles...

Well you see, i have this chunk of code here :

Code: [Select]
Define LibPub convert(str,str2)=
:©convert("value","unit"): Unit conversion
:Local out,num,expr1,expr2
:If getType(str)≠"STR" or getType(str2)≠"STR"
:  error("argument")
:If inString(str&str2,"+")≠0 or inString(str&str2,"-")≠0
:  error("syntax")
:©No dimension
:Local none
:©Length units
:Local ang,au,cm,fath,fm,ft,in,km,ltyr,m,μ,mi,mil,mm,nmi,pc,rod,yd,å
:©Area units
:Local acre,ha
:©Volume units
:Local cup,floz,flozuk,gal,galuk,l,ml,pt,qt,tbsp,tsp
:©Time units
:Local day,hr,μs,minute,ms,ns,s,week,yr
:©Velocity units
:Local knot,kph,mph
:©Temperature units
:Local θk,θc,θf,θr
:©Luminous intensity units
:Local cd
:©Amount of substance units
:Local mol
:©Mass units
:Local amu,gm,kg,lb,mg,mton,oz,slug,ton,tonne,tonuk
:©Force units
:Local dyne,kgf,lbf,n,tonf
:©Energy units
:Local btu,cal,erg,ev,ftlb,j,kcal,kwh,latm
:©Power units
:Local w,kw,hp
:©Pressure units
:Local atm,bar,inh2o,inhg,mmh2o,mmhg,pa,psi,torr
:©Kinematic viscosity units
:Local st
:©Dynamic viscosity units
:Local p
:©Frequence units
:Local ghz,hz,khz,mhz
:©Current units
:Local a,ma,μa,ka
:©Charge units
:Local coul
:©Potential units
:Local v,volt,mv,kv
:©Resistence units
:Local kω,mω,ohm,ω
:©Conductance units
:Local mho,mmho,siemens,μmho
:©Capacitance units
:Local f,nf,pf,μf
:©Magnetic field strength units
:Local oe
:©Magnetic flow units
:Local wb
:©Magnetic flow density units
:Local t,gs
:©Inductance units
:Local henry,mh,nh,μh
:Local c,cc,g,gc,h,k,μ0,μb,me,mn,mp,na,q,rb,rc,rdb,vm,ε0,σ,φ0
:©Units defined. Do the conversion
: expr(str)→expr1
: expr(str2)→expr2
:  error("syntax")
:If abs(angle(num))>10^(−5) and abs(angle(num)-π)>10^(−5)
:  error("inconsistent")
:expr("Disp """&string(num)&" · "&str2&"""")

And when this function is called from another area that does not have this function declared in the local public library in the current problem?
I have no idea why, but this message is always being thrown : "Domain Error : An argument must be specified in a specific domain" :( and i cant see where the problem is... anyone help ? :O

Just to note, the code runs perfectly fine when declared in the local public variables, such as when ran from the MyLib folder and adding a new page and calling the function from there :@ It was working absolutely fine earlier, come back to it and this happens.   :mad:

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