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My TI-Nspire CX has OS v. 4.5 on it. I installed Ndless and downloaded the gpSP-Nspire emulator on it along with the bios file needed. Yes, I put the bios in the same folder as the emulator.
There is an issue where my save states and .sav file reverted back to the beginning of the save (Pokemon Sapphire) for some reason, so I basically lost everything. How can I fix this?
Also, after the deletion of the save states mentioned above, when I tried loading emulator again, instead of showing the game selection screen like it always does, it showed a "missing bios" error message even though I had the bios in the folder, as mentioned above. Why would this have happened?

And... of course, the graphics = choppy/laggy. What settings would best work for my Nspire (off/automatic/manual, variation, etc.)?

Also, what other GBA emulators are there that I could replace gpSP-Nspire with, if I can't fix these problems?

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