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I wanted to show off my adventures with running Linux on the TI NSpire CX.
So, I made a video demonstrating it!

This Linux install is running Arch Linux ARM, and has a fully functional X11 install, complete with Openbox for window management and Tint2 as a panel.

Additionally, it also has full networking and audio capabilities.
This is demonstrated with a lightweight web browser (Dillo).

This is a list of all of the hardware in the USB bundle of joy:
  • USB Mini OTG cable
  • USB Y Splitter (for power separation)
  • USB Battery pack
  • USB Hub
  • AmazonBasics USB Ethernet Adapter
  • 256GB PatriotMemory USB drive
  • GL-Inet AR300MD Router (for wireless bridging)
  • CM108 USB Audio Card
  • Logitech Unified Receiver
To explain why I strapped on an entire router instead of just using a wireless USB card: I don't have a wireless USB card that has decent Linux support lying around anywhere, so this was simply easier. There is no other reason.

Calculator hardware:
- TI NSpire CX (Revision J)
- 64MB RAM
- 198Mhz CPU

Calculator software:
- (CAS version)
- Boot1 Version:
- Boot2 Version:
- Ndless 4.4.0
- nBoot
- ControlX 4.4.3

Kernel settings required for alsa/sound:

Kernel settings required for AX88179 USB ethernet:

The TI NSpire CX uses a ARMv5 processor (Little endian) with soft floats.
That being said, to install Arch Linux you can use any ARMv5te rootfs from ArchLinuxARM.
The image that has best compatibility with the NSpire is the kirkwood builds.
You can find that here:

To install, simply extract it to a USB drive and boot from USB as you would any other.

During the process, there was a few minor difficulties.
The most notable one is that my calculator got soft bricked after a reboot from Linux once.
The calculator was stuck on this screen.
Spoiler For Spoiler:

I reset the calculator numerous times to no avail. I then reset the OS a whopping 3 times, and it still wouldn't boot.
Lastly, I unplugged the calculator's battery and cold booted it. That fixed it!

Here are some awesome pictures taken during the adventure!
Spoiler For Spoiler:

I hope you enjoyed the ramblings of a madman. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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