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TI-BASIC / New-style Program Editor for TI-83+?
« on: January 24, 2020, 01:38:01 am »
Hi there!

Is there any on-calc program editor for TI-83/84 PLUS which is different from the default one? I suppose the font that the default editor displays (i.e. the normal font of TI-83+) is a little large so that it's a kind of crowded for some relatively complex programs (the code always needs to be divided into two or more lines!). Thus I need a better editor whose font looks smaller.

It's also nice if we can copy and paste the codes via this new editor while writing programs (like what Omnicalc does on homescreen); or if it offers a "special characters" menu (say we can open it by pressing [Y=]) in order that one can type characters like $, ΞΆ easily; or if so on and on.

Has anyone done any work like this? (!If so, I'll create one perhaps)


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