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Humour and Jokes / This is not Spam.
« on: July 19, 2012, 05:29:30 pm »
Just a friendly reminder to all members: As a rule, on-topic and relevant discussion is still expected in this subforum. This is not a free-for-all, and members who treat this subforum like Spam 2.0 will receive appropriate consequences.

With that said, having fun is not against Omnimaga rules. :)


Examples of allowed material:
  • Jokes that are relevant to calculators, programming, or omnimaga
  • Forum games

Examples of disallowed material (put it in spam):
  • Anything NSFW
  • Any jokes not relevant to calculators, programming, or omnimaga

News / Major Restructuring Coming To Omnimaga
« on: July 08, 2012, 11:32:07 pm »
Effective immediately, Omnimaga will be seeing some major changes. Some are being made on a trial basis and will be reverted or modified if they don't prove productive, while others have been pending for a while and are permanent.
1) The Spam section is now read-only until further notice. This change was made in order to combat the increasing number of nonproductive posts, and to promote on-topic and relevant discussion.
2) The unspoken bot rule is being enforced so non-approved bots are no longer allowed in legitimate discussion channels. They are welcome in #omnimaga-spam, as long as they don't crash OmnomIRC. Bot authors may petition for their bot to be approved by messaging a moderator.
The list of currently-approved bots is: New, Omnimaga, OmnomIRC, Axebot, Runer112, AtomASM, AxeBot, DoorsCS, LibBot, Lua2TNS2, TI-Bot-1, TI-Bot-3.
3) The Coders of Tomorrow group has been restored to its pre-nDoom status, with expanded moderation privelieges. A few inactive members have been removed from staff. alberthrocks has also been promoted to a Coder of Tomorrow position.
4) Anti-Riot Squad members have had their moderation privileges removed. Their power will be restored in case of a crisis situation, but stay as the ARS group.
5) 5 former ARS members have been given the temporary designation of "support staff." These members will moderate alongside the Coders of Tomorrow, similar to what was previously ARS. Support staff members are Art_of_camelot, Cooliojazz, Geekboy1011, Rcfreak0, and Hot_Dog.

6) lastly, and slightly less importantly, "Newser" has been renamed to "Editor" and "Manager" to "Admin".
We hope that these modifications will change Omnimaga for the better.

Miscellaneous / What Misc. Discussion Is Actually For
« on: November 16, 2011, 01:02:10 pm »
Miscellaneous Discussion is for, appropriately enough, topics that don't fit in any other subforum. As a reminder, we have a Spam subforum, and postcount topics, randomness, or anything remotely NSFW goes there. If you don't have access to it yet (it requires 1000 posts), you still may not post anything like that here.

Join #omnimaga-spam on EFNet if you need somewhere to vent the randomness. Edited after DJ_O's reminder

Let's try to keep this board uncluttered.

Recently, while doing some routine file cleaning on my TI-84+/SE, something strange happened. I attempted to delete an archived program, and was met with a strange message:

The menu options and menu text were flipped, and instead of displaying the normal deletion confirmation message, "Are You Sure?". the top line asked "SAVE THE PLATYPI?"

This is not a joke. Furthermore, I have no idea what program prompted this message or how to ensure it doesn't happen again, as the flipped menu options could lead to a very important file being deleted. I have done tests to try to cause the strange message to recur, to no avail.

Currently installed apps: Nifty, Graph3D, MirageOS, DCS7, Axe 0.4.8, Notefolio and zStart.

Any insight is appreciated.

TI Z80 / Shyne - A New Approach To Text Editing
« on: November 01, 2011, 11:59:47 am »
What is Shyne?
Shyne is exactly 1/2 of a text editor. With Shyne, you write documents in the normal program editor, and display them using the Shyne App.

Why use the normal program editor instead of a dedicated editor?
Because normal editors are slow. Apps like Notefolio slow down immensely when reflowing text: so much so that you may find yourself typing faster than the editor can capture your inputs, especially on the TI Keyboard. The Program Editor is the fastest editor yet created for TI, and it's available right from the homescreen.

So why use Shyne?
Most calculator text ed
itors break up lines in
 a haphazard way, pay
ing no attention to th
e words.
Shyne is different. Shyne intelligently wraps words, so that a word is never cut off by a linebreak. This makes for a much more easy, natural reading experience. Additionally, Shyne offers a series of markup sequences so you can highlight words, set tabs, and more, letting you create organized documents. With Shyne, you can create documents quickly and simply, then look them over later in a clean and easy-to-read format.

Where can I get Shyne?
Download links to Shyne Alpha are coming very soon! (Read: within the day.) TI Connect is being irritating. Slight delays incoming.
Disclaimer: very little has been implemented (including a menu ^^;), considering I started coding this this morning: word wrap and paging works perfectly, though.

Coming soon. (Read: within the day.) TI Connect is being irritating. Slight delays incoming.

I have a suggestion for Shyne. Where do I put it?
Reply to the thread!

You are awesome and I want to have your children.
Send pics and we'll talk.

Cubes / Build 3 Preview: Editor + Scrolling Fix
« on: October 31, 2011, 09:47:47 am »
Will update this post later with downloads, screenshots and info.

Okay, everyone, so I know this project's been dormant for a long time. College apps and stuff have been preventing me from making any real progress on anything, and my calc projects were the first to get put on the back burner.

But last weekend, for one glorious day, I had absolutely nothing to do. I was completely free.

So, naturally, I set out to debug the monstrosity that is Cubes.

After about five hours, this happened.

Scrolling Fix + External Level Loading + Level Editing

And then this happened.

Level Creation

And then this happened.

Multi-Level Creation/Loading

I'm still working out the details of app signing, so I don't have a download yet available. Look at the pretty screenshots instead. ^^;

The actual details of the numerous glitches can mostly be traced back to sync problems. For instance, the scrolling glitch was caused by the tile-drawing subroutine, DT, using different values for the map offset than the rest of the scrolling routines. Specifically, those values never got updated at all, meaning that it wasn't properly redrawing the map.

I also had a rather embarrassing program hang that got caused, weirdly enough, by the grayscale calibration. The delay value got reset to zero somewhere in the level opening process, causing a Pause 0 to be executed and the program to stall forever. Good thing I caught that. ^^;

Basically, from this point forward, it's all UI tweaks. The editor needs some serious polishing, I'd like a way to add levels on-the-fly instead of specifying them within the set, and it goes without saying that the menu is just awful. Regardless, this is a major step forward for me and for Cubes, and I'm happy to be working on this project again!

TI-BASIC / MOVED: Rookie request & lot of questions.
« on: October 03, 2011, 12:57:50 pm »
This topic has been moved to General Calculator Help.

Cubes / IT'S ALIVE! ALIIIIVE! (EDx3: The Secret Build 3!)
« on: August 25, 2011, 03:39:51 pm »
Yup, you heard me right.

Cubes is back.

Next up is getting the damn thing to work with Crabcake. After that, there's some polishing to do with the level editor, and general tiny bugfixes all around, but it should be finished soon. For real this time. :P

Music Showcase / JC Attempts Piano
« on: July 22, 2011, 03:36:59 pm »

Just a little something I plinked out in about 10 minutes. Hope you enjoy. Constructive feedback appreciated.

(Listen to the whole thing. I swear it gets better.)

ED: Also taking requests for covers.

Miscellaneous / The Win Thread
« on: July 01, 2011, 10:03:15 pm »
In which we post about our moments of win.

Mine for the day: I'm volunteering at the YMCA, doing data entry. Boring as hell. Then I overhear the volunteer coordinator getting chewed out by her boss over losing some guy's files, eventually telling her boss "Well, we don't know exactly how his name is spelled, so we can't find the records."

I stand up, throw off my jacket, and crack my knuckles.

"Stand back."

"I know regular expressions."

(I have waited to use this line my entire life.)

Found the records in under a minute.

Miscellaneous / Dreams
« on: June 04, 2011, 04:45:35 am »
Post 'em!

For me, binaural theta beats = most epic dreams ever. That is to say, as of two weeks ago I'm learning dream control. I had my first fully lucid dream two nights ago: I flew around for a while, met and talked with all my characters from the Randomness project (<3 Sara), shot lightning from my hands for a while, then blew up the planet. (This last was too much and I woke up.) It was awesome. I'll post tips if you guys want them.

So, post your dreams!

Miscellaneous / Summer absence (I'm back!)
« on: June 01, 2011, 11:04:52 am »
Yup, it's that time of year again. I'll be off Omnimaga, and the Internet at large, starting on June 13 (when I head up to Salt Lake City to visit some family) and ending sometime in late August.

My rents have, however, allowed me to keep my calc, which means that project development will not only continue but should actually accelerate. You just won't hear about it until I show up in a blaze of epic glory three months from now with all of my projects finished, a fully orchestrated score for Yumé, and 9001-level grayscale. ;D

Project statuses:
Cubes: I will definitely finish this before the summer is over.
MFQT: Will basically undergo a total rewrite. That engine is so broken, I don't even. Elmine preserve us, this is gonna be BAD.
Omni Emblem: Since this is a computer project, this will stall over the summer, but I'll be mapping on paper whenever I get the chance.
Composing for Yumé: Actually, this is an interesting one. In what I'm now referring to as the Great Purge of 2010, where my rents got a hold of the password I use(d) basically everywhere, they figured out I was working on this from my conversations with Tsukasa. While they don't strictly approve of me talking to "Random Strangers" on the internet, and there's no way they believe she's female, they actually approve of my getting back into music after what's been a long hiatus. With the end result that I'll actually be able to work on this. ATM I have three half-songs that I haven't been able to push here because they're on my home comp (y'know, the one that I'm DEFINITELY NEVER EVER allowed to get on Omni with?), but I'll see if I can get them out when I've finished.

And the big one:
"Song" (AKA The One In Randomness): I'll actually start engine work on this, and if I can stay motivated you guys'll have a handful of demo maps when I come back, probably with placeholder graphics (both my artists are moving to DC in a month). THIS IS GONNA KICK ASS.
For those who have submitted chars and are wondering whether they're in, as a whole the answer is "Yes, if I can use them." And I can think of places for 90% of them within roughly 5 seconds. The other 10% are still probably in. I'll start sending out confirmations pretty soon.

Get ready for the psychological impact of an Omnimaga without me. Maybe take some Zoloft. :hyper:

ROM Hacking and Console Homebrew / Omni Emblem
« on: May 24, 2011, 04:52:29 pm »

MASSIVE EDIT: New information is in green.

SO! I recently learned Fire Emblem event hacking, including custom maps. characters, cutscenes. the whole shebang. (Fire Emblem, for those who don't know, is a strategy RPG that's spanned 12 installments and IMO is the best series of its kind.)

Unfortunately, I don't really have a project to take on! And that's when I thought of you guys. I thought, "Why not do a Fire Emblem hack with the users of Omnimaga? It's a quirky, compelling cast, practically premade, not to mention that I have a guaranteed audience after the hack is finished."

To everyone who saw my topic in Randomness: this is really, really different. I've been looking for a short project I can complete in a few weeks, so this won't be taking away from any of my other projects (Cubes, MFQT, and a handful of others I've hinted at but never really properly explained).

These are intended to be self-inserts. In most cases, humorous self-inserts. OCs (original characters) will be considered if they're really, REALLY good, but first and foremost this aims to put members of the forum into Fire Emblem. However, if you have project characters that you'd like to see included, feel free to submit them as well!

There will be a plot. Will it be the main focus of the game? Probably not. But it will be present, and likely TI-related. (Texas Instruments has a private army, right?)

I am willing to go against FE precedent to a certain degree. For instance, while pegasus knights typically have high SPD and low STR, you could build a physical powerhouse peg knight so long as it was balanced by weaknesses in other areas. Likewise, if you feel like using an unpromoted class animation, I will boost your stats so that you're on par with everyone else despite the fact that your animation indicates an up to 10-level difference. I will not, however, modify existing class attributes unless they're clearly broken (Assassins with KEdge, nomad troopers' garbage Hit, and everything about swordmasters already on the list).

I will respect your class decisions, but if no one takes support roles this hack will be VERY hard and no fun. Seriously, we NEED staff users.

(Also, keep in mind that while I can probably insert custom animations, MAYBE AND DON'T COUNT ON IT, I can't sprite them on my own. If you want a custom, you'll have to sprite it.

If you'd like to be included in this, I'll need the following from you:

Name -- Typically your username. If it's longer than 12 (I think?) characters I need a shortened form.
Chibi -- A mini-portrait, typically a face, used in unit popups. I believe these are 24x24 but I'm not sure, and if you'd like me to use your avatar just say so. Otherwise, attach a file.
Portrait -- This appears during dialogue and in unit details. Again, usually faces, but if you want to use your avatar that's okay too. Otherwise, attach a file.
Class -- This merits its own section.
Spoiler For Classes:
Okay, for a class list go here. You can have any class on this list (even classes marked "enemy only") except for Dark Druid, Arch/Uber Sage, Magic Seal, Bramimond, Fire Dragon, Civilian, Prince, and either Transporter. Those classes break and/or are broken. (That is to say, they either break the game or break the game balance.  ;D )

Clerics, Troubadours, Lords (Lyn) and Blade Lords are specifically female. Mercenaries, Heroes and every other Lord class are specifically male.

To see the battle animations for all classes, go here, nicely sorted for your convenience.

The first list determines what weapons you can use. If you voluntarily take a class with worse weapon selection or worse movement speed (Armor Knight as opposed to General, for instance) I'll buff you to compensate, but only to a degree. Unpromoted classes will recieve stat buffs to bring them up with promoted classes, so you don't need to worry about that.

If you need more detailed information about each class, Fire Emblem Wiki is your friend. Just remember, this hack is from a base of FE7/Rekka No Ken/Blazing Sword, so if you're looking for class pages try to find the right one.

How weapons compare to each other: Lances, Anima magic and Bows are middle-of-the-road. Axes and Dark magic have lower hit and higher damage. Swords and Light magic have higher hit and lower damage. Staves are your only reliable source of healing, and also have some hella nice status inflicts, but aren't offensive in the slightest.

Basically, your class will determine your usable weapons, animations and movement speed. Stats are up to you.
Personality -- General attitude towards the world, the rest of the party, fighting in general. Quirks, patterns of speech or misc. quotes go here. Again, self-inserts.
Death quote -- 100 characters or less.
Stats -- Hp is obvious, Str/Mag determines attack damage, Skl determines hit chance, Spd determines your avoid and chance to double-hit, Def is physical defense, Res is magical defense, and Lck messes around with a lot of things. Rank them in order of importance. If you actually know stuff about FE, I'll take growth rates and bases too. if I did a crap job explaining.
Con -- physical size. general terms. this is important for Rescue and Aid.
Physical Appearance This is for when I repalette your relevant class sprite. We're talking hair and eye color, wardrobe color, skin tone, et cetera.

(BTW, if we have one Pegasus Knight we need three. It's a Fire Emblem tradition. They're also all traditionally women, but given our userbase I think that can slide. :) )


More details (and vids!) will come as I receive submissions.

Cubes / Task List
« on: April 25, 2011, 03:42:16 pm »
All of my other projects, save composing for Tsukasa, are out of the way. I am now attempting to convert Cubes to an APP. Unfortunately, Axe 0.5.1 seems to break compilation even in normal mode: instead of fixing it, I'm downgrading to Axe 0.4.8 and resuming development. Hopefully I can get all the interface tweaks and error checks coded soon, and if I poke my level designer hard enough maybe he'll make some more levels. Basically, after four years of off-and-on development, spanning multiple languages and more than one name, the project is nearing completion. I'd like to thank everyone who's brought it this far: your kudos and suggestions helped keep me motivated to continue. So, without further ado, the features that will appear in the first full release:

TL:DR; It's almost finished, here's what's left:

New splash screen
Improved feedback during editing (current tile, flash matching teleporters) DONE!
Level and levelset descriptions

Bounds checking on level size
Level buffer creation (allows creators to surpass ~700-tile size limit)
Better handling when no levelsets are present/ DONE!


RLE compression for external levels (and the editor changes this entails)
APP conversion using an external buffer (which requires me to manually change roughly 150 offsets, ENGAGE RAGE MODE)
Better scrolling through levels in edit mode

Axe / Quick question about archived programs' VAT entries
« on: April 04, 2011, 12:04:25 pm »
OK, if anyone's been following Cubes, I'm making an editor. By necessity, that also includes a level browser, and I'm using the VAT routines in the Routines thread to make one: however, while that approach works fine with unarchived programs (I believe the start of the var is at {P-4}rr? I've got it written down somewhere.), with archived programs I don't see an easy way of accessing the data. The best I can come up with is on-the-fly assembling a name string to pass to GetCalc(), which seems like a huge kludge to me. Is there any easier way?


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