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Introduce Yourself! / Hey, I'm back (again)
« on: April 26, 2014, 09:45:00 pm »
I'm not new here, but it's been a while since I last was active, because of life and school and stuff, so I just figured I'd post here to say I'm back and I'm gonna try to be more active.

I'm afraid I haven't done any calc programming in a while, so none of my projects have been updated since last I posted... and I'm not sure when or if they will be.

I'm working on learning Objective-C right now, and once I get a handle on that, I might start revisiting some of my projects. I'd really like to make Nostalgia eventually, though the platform might change to something other than calculators down the line.

Anyways, sorry for kinda dropping off the map for a while. I hope to get back into the swing of things here, even if I'm doing less calc programming than I used to.

Introduce Yourself! / Hello again, old friends.
« on: October 31, 2012, 09:27:55 pm »
It certainly feels like I've been away for a long time, and it's good to be back. ;D
I did pop in every now and then to lurk, but without posting, I haven't felt terribly involved.

It's been a while since I did any Axe programming, so I might be a bit rusty, and I know I'm at least a few versions behind, so I still might not have any progress on my projects for a bit while I get back in the habit of calc dev.
I might also be trying some computer game dev in a while, to apply what I'm learning in class.

I don't know how much my various classes will distract me from time to time, but I can't wait to get involved again!

I was looking at how to make Chrome extensions, and I got the idea to turn Deep Thought's javascript bookmarklet to fix the codebox in a spoiler size issue into a Chrome extension. It loads the javascript after the page finishes loading, so you don't need to worry about clicking a button or finding the bookmarklet in your list/toolbar.

So, here it is. It works for me, so I'm hoping it'll help some other people. Credit for the javascript powering this thing goes to Deep Thought, of course.

Gaming Discussion / Guilty Gear
« on: December 26, 2011, 07:06:22 pm »
The Guilty Gear series is the predecessor of the BlazBlue fighting game series and my absolute favorite series of fighting games.
It has an awesome soundtrack and characters like Ky Kiske that you just have to love. Plus it features some of the most beautiful sprite based animation I've ever seen.

Spoiler For Small sampling of the soundtrack:
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

<- Love this song!

And here's a vid of Guilty Gear XX in action.

I have GGXX #Reloaded ready to play online VS on my computer if anyone's interested/has GGXX #Reloaded as well.

Anime and Manga / Ga-Rei: Zero
« on: September 30, 2011, 08:52:27 pm »
This show is one of my absolute favorite animes. It's a fantastic mix of being dark, and sad, while at the same time retaining enough silliness and action to balance out nicely.

The show takes place before the manga series Ga-Rei, and revolves around two young female exorcists, Yomi Isyama and Kagura Tsuchimiya.

The story is powerful and high-action a lot of the time, and it has an amazing opening theme and ending theme.

Spoiler For Opening - Paradise Lost:
Spoiler For Ending - Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru:

I highly recommend this show to anime fans.

Minecraft Discussion / My Minecraft Server
« on: September 23, 2011, 02:50:37 pm »
So, since my friend never really gets on because his internet is spotty at best, and I get bored playing alone, I thought I'd see if anyone wants to hop on my server. It's still a 1.7.3 server, because I'm waiting for some of my mods to update to 1.8.1 before I upgrade Bukkit. It can only hold about 4-5 people at a time, though since it's hosted from my laptop.


My server does require you to have a number of client-side mods installed. Sorry about that, but I thought it'd be fun. If the process is too annoying for ya, shoot me an email.
Mods my server requires (These are all the 1.7.3 versions, that's the way):
RedPower v1.7.1
Minecraft Forge v1.0.6
Balkon's Weapons v6.1.0 (You need to use the SMP Client version, otherwise it won't work.)
Flan's Vehicles v4
Flan's WW2 Guns v3
TurboModelThingy I know the Mediafire page says 1.7.2, but it should be the proper version)

As a heads up, the server might be going down sometime soon, but I'll try to have it back up this evening.
EDIT: Actually it looks like I have to go pick up my dog now, so it's going down now. Sorry about that. I hope to have it back up in a few hours at most.

EDIT2: It's back up now, and should hopefully be up through tonight.

WabbitStudio Software Suite / Wabbitemu doesn't work
« on: August 14, 2011, 06:43:23 pm »
I've been using Wabbitemu for a long time, and it worked great. Well, until a couple weeks ago that is. Now any version of Wabbitemu later than the copy I have from Christmas Eve last year doesn't work on my computer. I've tried downloading the latest version several times, but to no avail.

When I try to run one of the more recent versions of Wabbit, all I see is a small flicker about the size of the emulated calculator's screen once in the upper left corner of my monitor, then I see it open in the start bar down at the bottom of the screen. So there's some process running, but I can't get the emulator to show up. I even went through RegEdit and deleted everything associated with 'Wabbit', since that fixed my issue last time, but nothing happened. The latest version of Wabbit I can run on my computer is dated 12/24/10. Even the version dated 12/31/10 doesn't work for me.

Gaming Discussion / Ys Seven
« on: August 11, 2011, 05:14:06 pm »
If you're a fan of the Ys series, or just a fan of kick-ass action RPGs, you would love Ys Seven.

The game basically takes the intensity of the original Ys games, turns it into a hack and slash combat system, adds techs and a dash/dodge button, then kicks the intensity up a notch and sets the scene with an amazing soundtrack. And then there's the Flash Guard ability, which blocks damage for a split second and turns it into SP to fuel your techs. The battle system flows perfectly, I've never once felt like something about it was out of place or badly implemented.

First boss, gives a little sample of the combat system.
Boss fight showing off other party members and a few skills, not to mention Aisha's Extra Skill.

One of my favorite boss battles in the game (Minor Spoilers)
One of my other favorite boss battles (MAJOR Spoiler Alert)

Ys Seven is without a doubt, the greatest PSP RPG I've ever played, and my favorite Ys game. I just finished it last night, and I'm planning replaying it on Nightmare difficulty.

Miscellaneous / My Projects
« on: August 03, 2011, 09:11:50 pm »
Due to some issues I've been having with my TI-84+ SE, and zeldaking saying that they are similiar to the issues he had before his calc went crazy, I no longer feel assured of it's stability.

As such, I don't feel comfortable using my 84+ SE for developing Nostalgia or Pokemon, in case something prevents me from backing up my progress. I will set up my 83+ to use for developing Nostalgia, but I'm not sure at what pace I can use it to develop, as last I tried to compile an app with my 83+ using Axe, it wouldn't work. Keep in mind though, that was when app compiling was a brand new feature, and I have not tried it on a more recent version.

In order to assure my 83+'s stability, I will be using Axe 0.5.3, until a stable 1.0.x build is made. Pokemon will be kept on hold, as the 83+ has issues with 4lvl grey rendering sometimes, and that I cannot use Full on an 83+, so I cannot judge timing as it would be in 15 mHz.

As soon as I get my hands on a stable 15 mHz calc, or I can assure myself of my TI-84+ SE's stability once more, progress will continue with that.

Until that time, Nostalgia will be developed on my 83+, and I will work on the Axe GUI library on my 84+ SE, as it isn't world-ending if I cannot back up and update to the GUI library.

Miscellaneous / My activity
« on: June 24, 2011, 07:11:14 pm »
Starting this weekend, I'll be going on a week-long vacation, so my activity might drop for the next week. Fortunately, I will have access to my calculator and my laptop, so I'll do my best to get some progress on my projects. After all, long car drives can lead to wondrous coding sprees.  After I get back, my activity should be OK, though it may falter, as my Eagle Project should be happening during the end of July.

I'll probably be focusing on Nostalgia, as I'd really like to crank out a demo of that before focusing on something else entirely, because I believe some real progress on it is way past overdue.

As for the progress I hope to make with Nostalgia, I'll be looking at the ASCII mapping engine, and something I still want to be a surprise, as well as a dynamic border system. The dynamic border system would replace the scroll-like borders in most everything (the conversation text box will like remain as the scroll-like border), but it should save a boatload of memory in the long run, because all the borders won't be hard-coded in. For the old, very unoptimized, in-game menu, I was using several thousand bytes of space just for the borders and menu layouts. It was a nightmare. I may even have a completed dynamic border system somewhere in my Pokemon TCG source, so I'll see if I can't find that, as it would make this even easier. The borders will be a simpler design, but I think they'll still look pretty good. As for the surprise, if it goes well, I hope it will make Nostalgia a bit more immersive.

Axe / Need some help speed optimizing a routine
« on: June 13, 2011, 09:02:01 pm »
I've been working on a text routine for the ObjectStack for the Axe GUI Library, but it's incredibly slow.
I'm only so-so at optimizing, and that's mainly size optimizing, so I'm having some trouble speeding it up. Even at 15mHz speed, it's still slow for large chunks of text. If anyone could help me speed this up, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the routine in question:
Code: [Select]
:Lbl TEX
:If {r3+r5}=1
:{L5+2} xor 1→{L5+2}
:If {r3+r5}=3
:{L5} xor 1→{L5}
:If {r3+r5}=2
:{L5+1} xor 1→{L5+1}
:If {r3+r5}>3
:If {L5+2}
:If {L5}
:If {L5+1}
:If r1≥84

Pic2TX is a list of the width of every small font character, Pic1TX is a compilation of sprites creating the full small font set.

Attached in the zip is: GUILIB3, the library with the routine in question; GUICML, the source for my library testing; ZGUITEXT, the library containing Pic1TX; ZGUITWID, the library containing Pic2TX; ZDROPMEN, Nemo's dropdown menu routine, slightly modified for my own devious purposes.

Again, any help is greatly appreciated, and would benefit anyone who would use the GUI Library once it's finished. Thank you in advance.

Miscellaneous / YAOYT (Yet Another One Year Topic)
« on: June 03, 2011, 07:20:19 pm »
To follow the trend, here's to my 1 year at Omni!
It's been great fun, and I hope to stay for a long time.

Gaming Discussion / Megaman Starforce
« on: May 15, 2011, 09:24:42 am »
Has anyone else here played it?

Personally, Starforce 3 is my favorite. The music is fantastic, right up there with Megaman Battle Network 2 and 3. The story actually isn't that bad, and Ace is a pretty cool character. I've beaten Red Joker, but I really want to get my hands on a copy of Black Ace, which is what I originally wanted to get, but they were sold out when I bought it.

If you've never played the Starforce games, I suggest you check them out, unless you aren't a Megaman fan. My personal recommendation is Starforce 1 or 3. Starforce 2 was not a very good game in my opinion, for various reasons.

Nostalgia / Characters that never made the final cut
« on: March 23, 2011, 08:58:20 pm »
Here I'll be posting about characters I drafted for earlier versions of Nostalgia, but they never actually made the final cut.
I'll probably post more here when I don't have that much coding-related progress.

First cut character: Sera Alskry
I originally intended for Nostalgia to be based around time travel, rather than dimensional travel, so this was a drafted heroine from the future time period.
She was the daughter of the world's greatest scientist, and was gravely injured in a lab accident. To ensure her survival, her father grafted robotic technology into her body, replaced both of her legs and her right arm with robotic appendages, created to look like normal human appendages. He also ended up replacing most of her internal bone structure with robotic replacements. She was to wield a weapon I dubbed the 'Shift Blade', as it was able to shift back and forth between being a sword and a burst assault rifle (being normal military laser weaponry of the time period).

Second cut character: Edward Imperius
Edward comes from a slightly more modern dimension, sort of a stylized 19th century England, not unlike the DS game Nostalgia(hilarious coincidence, right?).
Edward dresses like a gentleman, wearing a suit and a dashing fedora, carrying a cane, though he doesn't need it to walk. His cane actually contains several mechanisms inside, that once activated, transform it into a lance. He fights fairly, and for justice, leading to his nickname, 'The Gentlemanly Reaper'. He wasn't always a gentleman, though. He used to be a frivolous playboy, living a life of partying and drinking. Until the fateful night he and his friend stumbled in to a back alley, both of them horribly drunk. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they stumbled upon a vicious group of vagabonds who had just murdered someone. As drunk as Edward was, he couldn't forget the memory of his best friend being brutally murdered in front of his eyes. The vagabonds then turned towards him, and he blacked out. Waking up the next morning, he found he some how disarmed one of the vagabonds and then used the stolen weapon to kill all of them. The incident caused him to open his eyes to all the wrongs he had committed, and how he had squandered his life, leading to his eventual transformation into 'The Gentlemanly Reaper'.

Third cut character: Cecil von Bromsten
Cecil comes from a dimension very similiar to the ones that made it into the game, though it drew more inspiration from Final Fantasy XII then anything else. Instead of a king ruling the land, there is a committee of 'Royal' judges. Cecil is one of the elder judges, being somewhere around 50-60 years old. He had grown tired of the corruption that the newer judges introduced into the system, but when he tried to say something, he was stripped of his title and jailed as a heretic. Although he is older, Cecil is still a formidable fighter. He excels with a sword, but his defensive power and unique trait are really what make him a force to contend with. His unique trait is the fact that he has a magically imbued right eye. His eye color is normally blue, but when he activates his ability, his right eye turns green and has the power to emit an ethereal shield to protect Cecil and his allies.
(This is where I got the idea for Illuzion, the character I submitted to JustCause's "Song".)

Anime and Manga / Pokemon Adventures
« on: March 13, 2011, 02:01:02 pm »
This is the best part of Pokemon: the manga. Especially Pokemon Adventures! (Also called Pokemon Special).

Some of my favorite characters are:

Red                                               Gold

Green                                             Yellow

Does anyone else read this manga? I just reached the Gold and Silver chapter myself.

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