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Other Calculators / Re: Tutorial: TI connect is not working
« on: February 28, 2013, 08:29:17 pm »

I have been coding programs for my TI-84+ SE Calculator... I then saw this program called TiLP2... I thought it would be nice to have so I downloaded it... Now, I am unable to connect my calculator to TI-Connect... I have performed the above steps a total of 3 times now... and still it doesn't work...

The problem is, it keeps trying to install the driver as a libusb-win32 device... I have deleted libusb0.sys and still no success... So I uninstalled, and reinstalled... No success... I then attempted to have ONLY TI-Connect installed... Yet for some odd reason, even thought I do NOT have TiLP2 or libusb-win32 installed, it STILL tries to install it as a libusb-win32 device

Why is this? and how can I fix this?!!! PLEASE HELP ME! THANK YOU!!!!

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