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General Calculator Help / Re: Accessing Nspire on Computer
« on: January 21, 2012, 05:31:44 pm »
I'm in a similar situation.
I didn't keep much of the stuff that came with my calc, so I can't actually activate the TI software, and my trial ran out.

I tried TiLP, but it was horrible.
Numerous dynamic library errors, and over all just a pain. I never did get it to work.

Wish someone would come up with something simpler :(

Though I'd update you guys on SOPA.

House kills SOPA

TI-Nspire / Re: [Lua] Speedcubing Timer
« on: December 21, 2011, 12:14:59 pm »
one thing you could add is a random scrambler to (well yeah, you could guess this) scramble the cube before you start (like RU (right up) LD (left down) etc etc) so you can totally use it as a rubik's game
oh and do you use the modulus to calculate, or another way?

is scramble te right word for this? xp

Yeah, I've though of adding a scramble generator, so I'll get started on that soon.

I use both plain division and modulus for formatting the time for simplicity, for averages it's division and math.floor()

TI-Nspire / Re: [Lua] Speedcubing Timer
« on: December 21, 2011, 11:46:30 am »
nice, but i had to put this in the code:
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
function a()
local min, avg10, avga = 2^32,2^32,2^32

and the averages are in milliseconds again?

but except for those things, it works perfect, and is fast (i mean it stops when you enter, and not a second later)

Oh yeah, I forgot that avg10 and avga need to be initialized to a number before they can be used, so I'll go change that.

And yes, all the times are stored and manipulated in milliseconds, then before it's printed to the screen it gets formatted into the 00:00.00 format.

TI-Nspire / [Lua] Speedcubing Timer
« on: December 20, 2011, 10:33:43 pm »
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've contributed anything here, but over the last week I had some free time.
Last week I took 8 different finals, and in the time after the tests I spent crafting a tool to help me with a new passion of mine.

Speed cubing, or the process of competitively solving a Rubik's cube.

At first I included a simple timer, that was originally measured in milliseconds, but after further work I formatted the time into a 00:00.00 format and added a list of previous times, automagic saving, and statistic keeping (best, total average, average of 10, soon to be median 3 of 5 and 10 of 12)

So, the controls:
Enter: Start/stop the timer
"Y"/"N": After stopping the timer you have the option whether or not to add it to the list of times, the options should be obvious
"D": Clears the current list of times
"S"/"R": Saves/Recalls one saved list of times

Since I wrote this on calc, and not with the assistance of an emulator, I have no screenshots for you, but here's the code (hopefully it works after transcribing it from my calc)

I'll probably add new features here as I make them.
Note: You can just compile this with luna or something and run it on calc.

So if any of you guys are cubers, maybe you'll use this to practice when you can't access a computer  :)

Code: (lua) [Select]
tn, msg = 0, "";
t, n, aa, a10, b = 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
save = false
times = {};

function a()
local min, avg10, avga = 2^32, 0, 0
for i = 1, tn do
local v = times[i]
if v < min then
min = v
if i <= 10 then
avg10 = avg10 + v
avga = avga + v
b = min
aa = math.floor(avga/tn)
a10 = math.floor(avg10 / math.min(tn, 10))

function f(t)
return ("%02d:%02d.%02d"):format(t/60000, t/1000%60, t/10%100)

function on.paint(g)
if c then
t = (timer.getMilliSecCounter() - n)
g:drawString("time: " .. f(t), 0, 0, "top");
g:drawString(msg, 0, 20, "top");
g:drawString("best:              " .. f(b), 150, 0, "top");
g:drawString("average (10): " .. f(a10), 150, 20, "top");
g:drawString("average (all): " .. f(aa), 150, 40, "top");
for i = 1, 8 do
local v = times[i];
if not v then break end
g:drawString(i .. ")      " .. f(v), 0, 20+i*20, "top")

function on.timer()

function on.charIn(c)
if save then
save = false
msg = ""
if c == "y" then
table.insert(times, 1, t)
tn = tn + 1
if c == "d" then
t = 0
times = {};
tn = 0;
msg = "";
elseif c == "s" then
local s = "" .. tn
msg = "saved"
for i = 1, tn do
s = s .. " " .. times[i]
end"cube_times", s .. " ");
elseif c == "r" then
local s, b , n = var.recall("cube_times") or "0 ", {}, 0;
msg = "loaded";
for w in s:gmatch("%d+%s") do
n = n + 1;
b[n] = tonumber(w);
tn = table.remove(b, 1);
times = b;

function on.enterKey()
 if save then
 save = false
msg = ""
if c then
save = true;
msg = "save? (y/n)";
c = nil;
c = true;
msg = "";
n = timer.getMilliSecCounter();


News / Re: nDoom for the CX at the horizon
« on: December 15, 2011, 12:42:41 am »
That's freaking crazy!
I want a CX so badly now!

Miscellaneous / Re: Any speedcubers here? ;D
« on: December 13, 2011, 09:41:54 pm »
Welp, just two days ago or so I bought a rubik's cube and I've already learned the beginner method.
My best time is 2:11, and my average is around 2:30. I've only just begun to do the whole inspection thing to think out forming the first layer's cross.

I want to learn the Fredrich/CFOP method, so what sites/references would you guys recommend ?
Also, are there any good household lubricants I can use that won't ruin my cube (like DW-40), or do I have to order them?

I wish my cube wouldn't get jammed when I try to turn a side when an adjacent side is slightly misaligned :(

News / Re: TI-Nspire CX emulator at the horizon & Ndless 3.1 reboot-proof
« on: December 13, 2011, 09:19:09 pm »
Holy crap, Ndless 3
This is awesome!

I wonder if there will be a color ndoom port now :)

Miscellaneous / Re: Cokesplosion
« on: October 21, 2011, 10:24:03 pm »
I've had that happen before.
Don't leave them in the freezer.

Also, words cannot begin to describe how long it took to download all of that, when you could have just scaled it down...

Miscellaneous / Re: How many English words do you know?
« on: October 19, 2011, 11:35:15 pm »
Using the new test, I got 45,588, which I am significantly more happy with.

Miscellaneous / Re: Any speedcubers here? ;D
« on: October 19, 2011, 10:58:36 pm »
Hmm, I've been meaning to learn this sort of thing, but I don't think I have a decent Rubik's cube lying around...
I should go search for one :)

Axe / Re: Axe Q&A
« on: October 19, 2011, 10:49:15 pm »
I'm curious as to what else you plan to implement, Quigibo. Just how much more can you possibly add to Axe :P ?

General Calculator Help / Re: Ndless 3.0 for Nspire
« on: October 19, 2011, 08:28:30 pm »
You should wait.
There is no Ndless 3.x yet.
There is no* way to downgrade a calc with an unpatched 3.x operating system.
There is only time.

Spoiler For *:
By this I mean simple way, I think I recall something about using the dock to downgrade it, but this requires extra equipment

News / Re: Lua contest extended and the revival of zContest
« on: October 18, 2011, 12:25:15 am »
nspire_emu is so much more accurate than the Student Software. Even as a simulator it sucks... I think TI meant for it simply as a math package, not necessarily to act like a real Nspire. Still very useful though :)

I do not intend to use the Student Software for emulation, but rather as a viable means of actually sending files to my calc.
I simply cannot get TiLP to stop giving DLL errors.

News / Re: Lua contest extended and the revival of zContest
« on: October 18, 2011, 12:20:56 am »
I wonder if a CX license would work with a non CX calc setup for TI's Student Software... I need a license badly :(
If it does, I might make a markup language that compiles to Lua code, and submit a game made with that.
If you made it with the license won for the contest, your entry would be too late for the contest O.O
* Deep Thought is confused

I'm currently developing NSpire stuff with nspire_emu.
So I would use that for testing, submit it, and then (hopefully) win.
But at the pace I'm not making progress with, this won't happen.

* NecroBumpist will be forever limited to nspire_emu

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