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HP Calculators / Re: Let's hack the HP Prime!
« on: December 08, 2013, 06:47:20 pm »
Oh right, I forgot about the app. And yeah having rewritten the old OS would have been a great idea (perhaps better, IMHO, providing that they also include HP PPL and make the calc more user-friendly for younger audiences). It's just a shame that this wasn't done with the 50g, since a lot of this platform hardware potential (regardless of it it runs at 75 or 200 MHz) is being wasted, as well as battery power, via slow emulation.

Welcome to the forums by the way! :)
Thanks, just decided to finally join since it seems that the Prime has generated interest in HP calcs.  I know that Casios were kinda popular, but the fx-cg10 just didn't really grab my attention, and the fx-cp400, well all I can say is: Are they SERIOUS?! (This is a POS @ $140, maybe $60 it MIGHT compete w/a 50g which you can get for $80 on Amazon nowadays.)

...was also thinking, a pretty much complete maxima install on Android is ~100MB, and I hate to say it, but it's probably generally a better CAS than xCAS(IIRC that's the real name of the 49/50/Prime CAS... I think that Cyril de Brebbison is still working with HP at least for the CAS and some other parts of the "apps"...)

News / Re: First PRIME Update
« on: December 08, 2013, 06:41:40 pm »
Nice to hear! The problem with this funky Omnimaga "http" host, tho, is that is always prefixes FTP URLs with "http://". :( ? (@Mods: Any help on this basic issue?)
So, if one clicks on the provided link it leads nowhere, unfortunately . Temporary remedy: Copy the link, remove the damned 'http://' prefix and you're set to go.
That's a SMF 1.1 limitation actually. Not sure if it was fixed in 2.0.

Also awesome to see an update. Hopefully, unlike the recent HP 39gII update, this HP Prime update will fix most math bugs and more importantly, not add any other bugs that are nearly as bad. I love the 3D graphing idea though. One day, i need to learn some trig and 3D to attempt some real 3D stuff on the Prime (that isn't just pseudo 3D)

EDIT: Ok, so it looks like that the firmware update would not be able to perform the update. It just said Update failed, then retrying (error 104 I think). After a Google search, it turned out that my solution was to push the reset button while holding down Symb to force recovery mode, then the firmware updater worked. If you have problems with that too, it might be worth the try, but I don't know if that can be risky.

My calc now runs version 1.02 and has not exploded (yet).

Also, unlike the 39gII connectivity kit update, the Prime one got detected and installed on first try. It still takes A LONG while to find every file on the calc, although it seemed to work on first try.
Did mine on Monday, since it was announced almost immediately on the few HP calc oriented forums.

Yes, it takes FOREVER and then some to do whatever it does when you first hook up the Prime, and that was with an essentially, blank/stock Prime(just changed it RPN and a few other minor things plus some q&d test calcs/CAS).

HP Calculators / Re: Let's hack the HP Prime!
« on: December 08, 2013, 06:36:48 pm »
That would be nice indeed, but still, the problem with the 50g is that the OS is basically a Saturn CPU emulator on which an improved HP 48 OS is running. Even with a 200+ MHz ARM processor, the fact the OS is running on a Saturn emulation layer makes it way slower than the HP 39gII and Prime OSes.

I wish that HP actually ported the 50g OS to ARM ASM rather than just sticking to Saturn ASM and using an emulator, the OS wouyld have ran much faster.

The HP Prime app idea is nice by the way.
Actually stock, it runs 75MHz.  You need to run another program to "uncap" it's speed.

That said, you know the ease of updating the prime, I can't help if it might not be possible to re-purpose the Prime in a similar fashion to the way in which the HP 30b was repurposed into WP 34s...

As even though the Prime isn't horrendously awful, I'd really have preferred the older 28/48/49/50 series "OS" re-written to ARM native... the CAS at least is LGPL, but I cannot recall if it's SRPL, Saturn ASM or what any longer as it's been so long since I've bothered to look(think back to 49g), which I think a good deal of the rest of the stuff is written in as well... have to chuck all the Saturn ASM and re-write those portions as make sense, in preferably something more amenable/portable like C excepting where necessary...

Probably won't be much of an impetus for this unless HP gives up on it and stops updating the firmware...

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