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Minecraft Discussion / Re: Minecraft Recruiting
« on: January 26, 2014, 04:25:16 pm »
++Eeems, totally agree.

And no worries Saintrunner. You have been completely fine and it's wonderful to see old members returning. :D I've never played minecraft before, but I've heard quite a lot about it. Maybe this will be my chance to finally give it a try. :)

Love to have you :)

Minecraft Discussion / Re: Minecraft Recruiting
« on: January 26, 2014, 03:01:44 pm »
I recall the days where there were just as many music posts as code posts. One of the reasons I loved Omnimaga was the community and its acceptance of people who all shared a common themes. Calculators, gaming, computers, music. Either way I would appreciate this topic to travel more in the direction of being relevant to its topic. If you have questions about the server, minecraft, or just want to say hello to me (I'd love to catch up with a few of you) then this is the spot to do so.

blue_bear_94: I apologize for any disturbance this topic causes for you as you code.

Minecraft Discussion / Re: Minecraft Recruiting
« on: January 26, 2014, 02:51:47 pm »
Hello all, I'm so glad I seem to be (for the most part) remembered. I never intended this to seem spam like, and it is more of a friendly invitation then advertisement and I assumed being in the general minecraft discussion it would be alright. I apologize for the conflict.

Info on the server:
It is currently being run similar to and mmorpg, utilizing MCMMO complete with factions, shops, and most fun war. I do ask if you do decide to grace the server with your presence, to find the rule board or ask in chat the rules for the server as we are diligently trying to minimize griefing and other inappropriate actions. As it is designed to be a fun entertaining community we would really enjoy seeing new faces :)

As far as staying around Omni, I haven't touched code in quite a while however I do feel it is due time to finish a few projects I once began. Zelda was always interesting

Glad to see you all

Minecraft Discussion / Minecraft Recruiting
« on: January 25, 2014, 03:18:13 pm »
Hello! It's been a long time so I understand if you don't remember me, but if you do I still send a general GREETINGS!

It's been probably almost 2 years since I last visited Omnimaga due to life complications and schedules, but I have been nevertheless busy. Currently, myself and two other former Omnimagians, BinderNews and ThunderMagnet have been running a minecraft server. Under recent events we find our selves searching for new members to increase population. After a quick meeting with Binder and Thunder, we have decided a general invitation to all our old friends from Omnimaga would be a nice gesture :) And so I send a WARM HELLO and an IP address to the Vortexel Minecraft server.

Thanks much and I hope to meet back up with a few old friends from the Omni Community :)


I do recall there being several rules as to posts and such on the forum so I apologize if I miss categorized or failed to properly do something. :)

Minecraft Discussion / Re: List of Minecraft servers
« on: July 29, 2013, 03:37:29 pm »
The above server is FANTASTIC, but there is a severe lack of players...

Yes actually, I am a little rusty, but I'm completely open to help with any axe or basic ti calc projects, although I may not release any of my own. And it's wonderful to see you again as well DJ :)

Why hello omnians! It is I, saintrunner! Returning from a long break from the calculator community. I return with a new found knowledge and passion for java and computer programming and development, and apologies for abruptly leaving with out carrying on updates on projects like Seeker, Zelda, and Tiny Craft (what ever happened to that anyways). Also, apologies to any of you who sent me sprite requests I was unable to complete O.o But alas I am back, hopefully for awhile :)

news: I am planning on working on various 3d Java engines and personally may forsee one of them to by chance 'mutate' into a full out computer game! I am also taking sprite requests again, this time please directly email at [email protected] !!!! And if you care to see my previous work there should still be a thread link in my signature (assuming the thread is still around)

Finally: greetings to all who arrived during my absence, and pleasant tidings from me to you!

~ saint has returned ~

TI Z80 / Re: Caedes (Carnage): An Axe RPG
« on: May 11, 2012, 07:45:13 pm »
I feel like starting this back up....maybe ;) in my free time

Personally I still feel like 'link to the future' is the best for the name. When I originally came up with it, I intended it to be in reference to the power of the calc it is written on, not neccesarily saying the game was to involve time changes and such. Although since I am no longer involved with this project, the name could be changed to what ever blakpilar feels is best :)

Very true, althought what I am working isn't so much as secretive as it is not near, or going to be near finished/presentable, for a while. Minecraft for example, I believe, is somewhere over several billion lines of code; the game I am working on along with the rest of my 'developement team' will most likely be similar in length. And know it isn't a minecraft clone. Something new.

Also I agree, and I plan on, commenting on threads with idea help and general code help while working on my own projects. Perhaps come up with a way to spark interests on topics :)

I <3 Omnimaga!


Lemme guess. Minecraft? :P

close but at the same time, not even near it. but it won't be complete for a LONG while. lol very long ;)

Let it be known, I have not left omnimaga :) and I do and will continue to check in here often, although I haven't had enough time to comment as much as usually :P I have been a tad busy with something a bit special ;)

Ummm....not sure what you are saying.....a chat box won't slow anything down....facebook does it fine. All it is PM's go straight there, so instead of having to check your inbox, while you are logged on, it just pops up in a bar on the bottom of the screen that says 'soandso sent you a message'. then you click on it and it pops up a bit so you can read an reply to it quickly. like Facebook.

But being able to open a message box on the bottom right corner like facebook, that stays open till closed, would allow conversations to flow as the member explores the site :)

Well here is an idea that I know would help me stay on here longer and perhaps contribute more (I myself have been less active lately). How about adding a chatting system? Like on facebook almost. I know sometimes the IRC gets hecktic with two dualing conversations and sometimes pms are too slow. I have noticed an increase in 'group' projects and I am sure direct quick connection to a single member would help them communicate easier and also keep members on the site for longer periods of time resulting in possibly more activity!

Let me know if I didnt word the above correctly, but would this work? Its just an idea.

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