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Pm sent

Maybe I didn't explain myself very well, the problem is that im currently running CAS OS that I loaded with nlaunch to my C series non CAS, so according to my logic that version is adequate for running ndless 3, so what I did was created an ndless root folder, dragged the ndless _resources.tns file and then dragged the installer to that dame folder, the install begins I get the OS warning, click yes then the progress bar gets stuck in the same place always and never completes.
Hope this explains my issue a little better,and thanks for the support!

Hello, guys this is my first post as well I have followed the tutorials on how to load CAS software to non CAS sucessfully and have ran 3.1 and 3.2 CAS OS positevely and trough my exams! but now I want more LOL I want to install ndless 3.1 as the previous post said, I can't get the ndless installer to complete the install it stays on 60% and no more, even after sending the correct .tco installer and ndlessresources file to my handheld.
What can I do?

THANKS IN ADVANCE! this is a great forum

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