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TI-Nspire / Re: Chalex's MC2D Mod
« on: May 31, 2021, 09:13:37 am »
New update!
I am releasing the v3 version Chalex's MC2D Mod!

Textures look bad due to being taken with an emulator!! They look crisp on hardware!
The photo doesn't do a good job at demonstrating this, I recommend trying it out!

A showcase of all the new features!

 - Crashes that I forgot about

 - Endermen! They teleport about 7 blocks away when attacked, and move very fast. They drop 0-1 ender pearls.
 - Ender pearls! They are quite buggy because of (my) bad code. They are not game breaking, and the most you can do with them is clip through a 1 block floor. For this reason the bedrock layer is now 2 blocks tall. Improving them is currently not my priority.
 - Scrolling in the creative menu! I was initially worried about the limit of blocks I would be able to add because of the limited space, so now that is not a worry any more!
 - Beds explode in the nether with FIRE! Yes, a very fiery explosion occurs when you try to sleep in the nether... not recommended in a survival world.

Bugs >:(:
 - Sometimes the roof of strongholds spit an error. I have no clue why.

 - Blazes and nether fortresses (or at least the spawner room)

 - The end!
 - Valuable blocks (block of iron, gold etc)
 - Nether Portals to teleport to the "Nether" layer!

Hey! I was wondering if you would like some help? I’ve attempted something like this in the past, but I couldn’t figure out how to open the code up, but considering someone else is doing it I wanted to help. I’ve been programming for about 3 years now so this shouldn’t be that hard to work with. If you would like some help, you can just reply to me here, but it would probably be easier to email me at [email protected] as I will be able to respond quicker there. Also, attacking endermen crash your game, check on line 2018 for a null value ;).

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