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TI-Nspire / Re: nSMM - Super Mario Maker for TI-nSpire
« on: July 11, 2022, 06:02:46 pm »
I didn't add screenshots, so I'm gonna make a reply and attach the newest version 0.4.0a as well.

You can crudely make levels now: use J and K to cycle through blocks and objects (watch 'select:' in the top left) and left click to place, right click to remove. Pressing C prints the code to the console.

0.4.0a (11/07/22):
- added scrollstop to end of stage
- support for exporting and importing levels as codes!
- fixed goomba squish animation issue
- added red and green koopas (red loops, green falls off ledges)
- added shells! features: bounce powerups, kill other enemies, hit blocks, kill mario etc
0.3.2a (07/07/22):
- streamlined code (adding blocks is simpler and finally the mess at the beginning is categorised)
- added semisolids support
- added bridges

TI-Nspire / nSMM - Super Mario Maker for TI-nSpire
« on: July 04, 2022, 04:08:48 pm »

While my modification to Minecraft 2D is all but dead in the water, I've decided to take up my own project from scratch. Yes, I've had the terrible idea of making a platformer in Lua. Due to it running like piss due to hardware (and in my opinion deliberate) limitations, several compromises have been made:

First, the framerate is awful. I haven't measured it but it's pretty bad. In it's current state it's surprisingly very playable (could just be me used to it though) but as more features are added it will inevitably worsen. You are free to suggest and/or implement optimisations to my shoddy code if you like, it would be very much appreciated!

Secondly, TI-nSpire Lua does not support holding down buttons, except for arrow keys. This means that in order to maintain an input the button has to be repeatedly pressed. It does not have to frame perfect as I coded a timer which makes every press last longer. The arrow keys would be theoretically fine for movement as that's all that requires constant pressing, but there is a significant delay between initial press and it turning into "held button" mode that is not good enough. Both arrow keys and keypad buttons are supported and it's up to the player to decide which is less bad.

Why not code it for ndless? Because I like making my life difficult.

With my manifesto dealt with, you can download the latest version from Github (which I don't know how to use) or the Discord server I created (which I know how to use):

(contact me here if you want to contribute or you have a query)

Basic level collision is finished. Enemies and death are working. Mushrooms work. There is no editor but blocks can be placed ingame (temporarily)

I intent to make the original SMB on the NES playable by remaking the objects from there as a priority. There are no plans for other styles. A main menu will be made at some point along with a saved levels menu (after a significant portion of the game is done and the editor is made). A standalone application to save exported levels will be made too with the idea of housing a set of levels made by someone to be downloaded and played.

The latest version as of writing is attached but will become quickly outdated, I may periodically post newer versions.

TI-Nspire / Re: Chalex's MC2D Mod
« on: July 26, 2021, 09:17:15 am »
Hi! I'm a dev. A few months ago I made a new version of this minecraft. Here's it is:
also, may I merge Jen's work, your work, and my work? Thanks.

Wow! Very nice work. I was modding the game but apparently I lost the script. Im working on the loading screen currently again. Also, I'm waiting for SkyBlock. :thumbsup:

Thanks! I will work on skyblock, and I will help both of you guys on your projects. What mod are you working on Nobi?

Hi! I saw your notice on the handheld lighting mechanic not working. To fix this, set your View<Zoom to 100%. I think this is a bug with the shade calculations. Thanks!

Edit (Eeems): Merged double post
damn, that does work! however it does become unbearably small so thats a shame.
you should've linked this here too  because this quite cool.
i was talking on discord with nobi a while back and tbh i think he's given up.

Lua / Re: Making an Image
« on: June 20, 2021, 08:19:37 am »
You'll want to use the ti nspire scripting tools to convert images to the ti.image format

TI-Nspire / Re: Chalex's MC2D Mod
« on: June 17, 2021, 05:17:11 pm »
Very well done. I was actually trying to make a mod pack that added villages and what not but i realized I dont know how to lua script. I've been waiting for the mod maker ever since. Keep it up  :thumbsup:
Thanks, it's really nice seeing the feedback I've been receiving! You should give it a shot; if I can do this, certainly anyone can with a bit of spare time (and Stack Overflow...)

TI-Nspire / Re: Chalex's MC2D Mod
« on: May 31, 2021, 05:03:36 pm »
Hey! I was wondering if you would like some help? I’ve attempted something like this in the past, but I couldn’t figure out how to open the code up, but considering someone else is doing it I wanted to help. I’ve been programming for about 3 years now so this shouldn’t be that hard to work with. If you would like some help, you can just reply to me here, but it would probably be easier to email me at [email protected] as I will be able to respond quicker there. Also, attacking endermen crash your game, check on line 2018 for a null value ;).

Editing the code is easy providing you have the student software, you just need to click Insert>Script Editor>Edit Script. I don't know anything about coding myself honestly, I coded for 5 years in Scratch and now that I'm older I'm translating my knowledge into written code (which meant stopping the use of hardcoding, endless if statements and endless loops - but I at least understand the fundamentals). This is really the first time I've touched real programming and for that reason, I feel I'd frustrate both of us if we both worked on it. You are however free to try and patch something better from my code, but I also don't want to feel guilty of throwing garbage to you to fix :P.

And the error on line 2018, that has something to do with teleportation.

Code: [Select]
function AbstractMob:teleport(x, y, distanceX, distanceY, rangeX, rangeY)
    local searchX=0
    local searchY=-100
    local searchNum=math.random(0,1)
    local attempts=0
    while (world[searchX][searchY].solid and world[searchX][searchY+1].solid) and attempts<=9999 do --LINE 2018
        if searchNumX==0 then searchX=math.random(x-distanceX-rangeX, x-distanceX)
        else searchX=math.random(x+distanceX, x+distanceX+rangeX)
        if searchNumY==0 then searchY=math.random(y-distanceY-rangeY, y-distanceY)
        else searchY=math.random(y+distanceY, y+distanceY+rangeY)
    if attempts<=9999 then
        return searchX, searchY+1
        return x,y,2
The code checks random areas for an area to teleport to within a certain range and if its in a hole for example the attempts var exceeds 9999 then it doesn't move.
I don't think I can reproduce that error as well, perhaps you remember the circumstances that it occured in? I never got an error like that in my testing.
I've split this into it's own topic.
Thank you

TI-Nspire / Re: Chalex's MC2D Mod
« on: May 29, 2021, 03:08:09 pm »
New update!
I am releasing the v3 version Chalex's MC2D Mod!

Textures look bad due to being taken with an emulator!! They look crisp on hardware!
The photo doesn't do a good job at demonstrating this, I recommend trying it out!

A showcase of all the new features!

 - Crashes that I forgot about

 - Endermen! They teleport about 7 blocks away when attacked, and move very fast. They drop 0-1 ender pearls.
 - Ender pearls! They are quite buggy because of (my) bad code. They are not game breaking, and the most you can do with them is clip through a 1 block floor. For this reason the bedrock layer is now 2 blocks tall. Improving them is currently not my priority.
 - Scrolling in the creative menu! I was initially worried about the limit of blocks I would be able to add because of the limited space, so now that is not a worry any more!
 - Beds explode in the nether with FIRE! Yes, a very fiery explosion occurs when you try to sleep in the nether... not recommended in a survival world.

Bugs >:(:
 - Sometimes the roof of strongholds spit an error. I have no clue why.

 - Blazes and nether fortresses (or at least the spawner room)

 - The end!
 - Valuable blocks (block of iron, gold etc)
 - Nether Portals to teleport to the "Nether" layer!

TI-Nspire / Re: Chalex's MC2D Mod
« on: May 23, 2021, 05:34:36 pm »
New update!
I am releasing the v2 version Chalex's MC2D Mod!

Textures look bad due to being taken with an emulator!! They look crisp on hardware!
A showcase of all the new blocks!

Strongholds now have a 1 in 10 chance of generating in place of dungeons!

 - Hamster changed to glowstone
 - A few crashes fixed

 - Strongholds generate in place of 1/10th of a dungeon! They contain an end portal and some stairs. Once I manage to make a new dimension I might even be able to implement the End :o
 - New stone brick block types!:
    - Stone Bricks (craftable from 4 stone)
    - Mossy Stone Bricks (craftable from 1 vine and 1 stone brick)
    - Cracked Stone Bricks (craftable by smelting stone bricks)
    - Stone Brick Stairs (craftable from 6 stone bricks)
 - Other new blocks!
    - Vines (obtainable as chest loot and act like ladders)
    - Iron bars (craftable from 6 iron)
    - End portal frames (not craftable)

Bugs >:(:
 - Sometimes the roof of strongholds spit an error. I have no clue why.

 - The end!
 - Valuable blocks (block of iron, gold etc)
 - Nether Portals to teleport to the "Nether" layer!
 - Endermen!

TI-Nspire / Chalex's MC2D Mod
« on: May 22, 2021, 11:06:16 am »
It's a real shame not many people are aware of these updates, they're great.

I was working on a quality of life mod and I didn't even know about the superior 1.0 pre 2 version until I was basically finished.
Anyway, I present to you..
Chalex's Minecraft 2D Enhanced Controls Mod!


 - The unused hamster block acts as a super light source, with a strength of 1000. This is a bad way to fix the lighting problems on emulator, but alas, I am bad at coding.

Quality of life improvements:
 - New control schemes!:
 1: Old controls with enter placing and destroying
 2: Old controls with (-) placing and enter destroying
 3: Control scheme 1 but numpad moves Steve and touchpad cursor
 4: Controls scheme 2 but numpad moves Steve and touchpad moves cursor (this is the one I recommend!)
 - Control schemes 3&4 also have wasd and space mappings to make pc play intuitive
 - Unused hamster block can be crafted...
 - Updated a few other things too that I presumably forgot about

Other improvements:
 - New splash text? idk

 - I intend on making new craftable blocks as soon as I can understand how to make a graphic
 - New tree types maybe too
 - Relatively simple stuff honestly I'm only 15 perhaps something more drastic when I have experience

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