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Other Calculators / [2007] Force N00bs To RTFM When Installing BASIC Games
« on: November 05, 2014, 11:44:01 pm »
I wonder if anybody remembers this, since it was posted several years ago on the old Omnimaga board. For some reasons, this old topic seems missing from Omnimaga database, probably because the downloads section replaced individual program topics, but with the discussions about people not reading Ndless/downgrade instructions and tutorials from new users missing important safety steps, I thought I should necrocross-post this thread from

Original 2007 post (with fixed link) quoted below:

Quote from:
Tired of getting questions about your games that are alerady awnsered in the readme? Tired of getting asked why the game doesn't work fine because the person didn't read the readme to know how to install the game properly? This program is for you. Altough it is pretty simple and can be hacked quite easily, it should force most people to read the readme to be even able to start the game at all by asking him for a password (which you will write in your readme too). Just insert the code of this program at the beginning of your launching program for your BASIC game. When a person run your game on his calculator for the first time after installing it it will prompt him for a password (of your choice), which you will write in your installation instruction of the game readme. Thus, if the person didn't read the readme he'll not even be able to run the game at all. Spread this program among all BASIC programmers to annoy those who don't read instructions when installing a game enough so next time they'll follow instructions before installing the files anywhere. DON'T WORRY! THIS PROGRAM ONLY ASK THE PASSWORD ONCE! It is made so once the game user typed the password it will never ask for it again unless he delete the game or the list variable called N00B.

Feel free to edit the text inside the program as well as the password.

Download here

I made this program way back in 2007 because I kept getting e-mails asking help on how to install my games, yet often the problems people had were because they didn't read the readme properly, if at all. Both the TI-Connect version of Zelda: Dark Link Quest and Metroid II: Expansion Set uses this utility. Despite being so easy to circumvent, it proved effective, as I stopped getting e-mails asking for support about installing those two games entirely afterward, plus people who don't follow instructions generally don't know how to turn a calculator ON, let alone edit a program.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I think something similar should be implemented in TI-Nspire downgrade and Ndlessing utilities and perhaps ASM ones should be done for other calcs. If, for example, there is an important step to follow in the readme to avoid bricking your calc, then that step would conclude by asking you to enter a specific password once the calc prompts for it, to confirm that you have read it. :P

SOmething similar was done on United-TI, as discussed in the original thread, but I don't think it's available anywhere anymore.

EDIT: Another version by Nitacku that used hacked vars (XtraVar)

Other Calculators / Nomination November 2014
« on: November 05, 2014, 03:43:59 pm »
Ok so is running their Nomination November event again, like last year.

Basically, if you want something featured for the 2014 Program of the Year (POTY), then you have until November 30th to do so!

Basically, how to do it:
-Finish your calculator project in time
-Submit it to archives (they do not feature programs that are not hosted in their archives)
-Contact via their e-mail address to submit your program for front page news consideration
-If accepted (the program has to be good quality, so no guessing game or redundant games), it will both make front page news at and automatically become eligible for 2014 POTY. You can have multiple programs at once in one POTY survey, but each program can only participate once.
-You can also suggest other programs (that you made or that other people made) as news, including older programs. Sometimes, programs slips under their radar. Omnimaga news might have some ideas for you, but first, check if they were not already featured before and keep in mind they have to be TI programs and be available on's-final-community-news-coverage/

Music Showcase / Ancient Kingdom of Happy Hardcore (new DJ Omni song)
« on: October 23, 2014, 12:23:12 am »

Here is a new song from me, this time more old school :D. It's an happy hardcore cover of Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga, with a few seconds of melodic speedcore in the middle. :P

Note that you can already buy the already released songs for this album individually even though the album isn't out yet, but the issue is that when the album will be released it will be much cheaper to buy the album as a whole.

OmnomIRC Development / Enable notification on per-channel basis
« on: October 21, 2014, 12:04:47 am »
It would be nice if the OmnomIRC browser notifications option let us enable them only for specific channels or at the very least let us enable new posts notifications separately from highlights. Otherwise, it's kinda annoying to get a notification everytime Omnimaga Radio plays one of my songs (which is about every 4-5 minutes).

Doing the same with highlighting and ding would be quite nice as well, because if I ever decided to enable ding on highlight, then I would get highlighted every 5 minute from the #radio bot. O.O

The other solution could be to intentionally spell the beginning of my nickname wrong in #radio, such as D.J. O instead of DJ O.

Humour and Jokes / Most akward/unlikely Google search results
« on: October 20, 2014, 02:52:41 pm »
Sometimes, when searching stuff on Google, has it ever happened to you that the first results, especially images, are just plain WTF?

Aside from the instances where even with safe search ON you land on adult sites (usually by searching for console ROMs), here is one example of what I found:

-If you google for the word cheek (in my case, it was to figure out what it refers to in French), at least 4 of the first few pics are gore-intensive, one of which is almost like shock site material O.O

-Searching for Mouton Insignifiant will return results about Jean Charest former Quebec Prime Minister.

Humour and Jokes / What if your dog could send SMS?
« on: October 17, 2014, 01:00:53 am »
If your dog could text you via mobile devices, here is what apparently it might look like :P



Gaming Discussion / Mechanical arcade cabinets from the 1960-70's
« on: October 16, 2014, 12:25:55 am »
Did you know that before the Intellivision and Atari video game consoles, there were arcade machines for much longer? Of course, you are probably aware of Tennis For Two and Spacewar video games, which are even older, but here is how an arcade racing game looked like in 1969:

And in 1976 (in this one they show how it works inside the machine):

Now what about a Sega shooter from 1970?

So yeah, before pixel-based electronic video games became a thing, this is how arcade games looked like :D. I particularly like the explosion effect they came up with in the second one. I wish I could try one of the racing game live.

Other Calculators / Librecalc third-party calculator prototype
« on: October 15, 2014, 02:19:34 am »
I just saw this now and it's a third-party calculator prototype:

Some of you probably remember Ubercalc and OTCalc and how they never got past planning stages (although Ubercalc had a prototype, the author then started rebooting the project from scratch non-stop until he finally vanished). Unlike past projects, Librecalc seems to have gotten past planning stages it seems because there's a physical prototype out. It's kinda an emulator, though, inside a custom calc case.

I am curious if it will get further into development? It would be interesting to see how such community calculator get manufactured, seeing how much of a PITA it seems to be to mass-produce stuff for small companies or groups of individuals (just see how long it takes for Pier Solar (Sega Genesis) pre-orders to be shipped). I also hope that it doesn't just remain an emulator so that it can take advantage of its full processing power and doesn't run into copyright problems (but again, if people from China are involved then with China standards this would be pretty standard). The HP 50g is basically a Saturn CPU emulator running a modded HP 48g ROM and it's a shame to see this much processing power go to waste. D:

Humour and Jokes / Why are tr1p1ea's still so expensive?
« on: October 14, 2014, 04:14:41 am »
Can somebody explain to me... why do tr1p1ea's still cost this much in 2014, over half a decade after most electronic devices, including newer calcs and game handhelds, switched to that (often built-in) rechargeable stuff that exists now? I mean, is the demand still really that high? Even in dollar stores where you could get decent packs of 2 tr1p1ea's 5 years ago for $1 now charge $2 for the same package.


General Discussion / Twilight Force metal band
« on: October 14, 2014, 01:48:11 am »
Anyone ever heard about this band before?

I just did after going through a video showing various obscure power and symphonic metal bands and saw that song. I thought it sounded pretty awesome in general and it kinda reminds me early Rhapsody of Fire or Luca Turrili's stuff.

Music Showcase / Firestorm 2015 (yep, a new remix!)
« on: October 10, 2014, 09:11:21 pm »

When listening to my old DJ mix called hardcore armageddon a few days ago, I got inspiration to do a new remix of my old song Firestorm. This is the 4th remix of it and the 2nd UK hardcore version. It tries to remain true to the original, while incorporating my new UK hardcore styles.

I hope you like :)

(Original 2003 version:

2007 eurodance remix:

2007 UK hardcore remix:

TI Z80 / BASIC "Falldown" on graph screen
« on: October 09, 2014, 03:03:34 pm »
I was bored and made this:

It's nothing special and could maybe use some optimizing, but it's pure-BASIC and is incomplete anyway (missing highscore and it's not exactly like Falldown since you can't roll on platforms and stuff). It should show that contrary to popular belief, this calculator can achieve decent scrolling speed (in this case, not even a single ASM lib was used).

Should I make the platforms always appear below you instead of randomly?

This is not really a project but rather an idea (since that sub-forum is also for ideas) and that idea was attempted way back in 2007 and in case someone or myself ever needed inspiration for an RPG, I thought I would share that story with newer TI community members who are not very familiar with older calculator projects. Similar ideas such as Omnimaga: The RPG, were suggested or started a few years after this happened, but never came to fruition either.

So basically, in June and July 2007, the last of three failed attempts at creating a 4th RPG in The Reign of Legends series happened with ROL4 and this time, the game was to feature a job system like in Final Fantasy III for the NES and V for the SNES. The game featured 6 kingdoms protected by an elemental crystal, each kingdom being located near one of them, and they were in danger if you didn't stop the Void from engulfing the world. Only 1 hero had the power to hold the holy sword that can defeat it, but that hero had vanished a long while ago.

However, what was particularly special about this game is that the storyline was almost entirely based on TI community events of the time, just re-incarnated into a fantasy adventure tale inspired from various Final Fantasy games. The 6 kingdoms were named after the big TI community forums and websites of the era: Unitia (the first to be visited), Omnitia (nearly deserted on first visit), Cemetia, Maxitia, Revitia and Titia, and the element that each kingdom represented was chosen after the respective site color scheme of the time (for example, since United-TI forum theme had blue, then Unitia represented water). The vanished hero name was my original nickname spelled backwards, missing 1 letter, while two of the playable characters had names heavily based on a temporary set of IRC nicks and usernames I used in July to hide my real identity for a while. The world, or at least the 6 kingdoms, were pretty much the community.

The middle part of the story was not exactly based on TI community events, but it involved saving the world, while in the TI community, we tried to prevent its death. During the intro, two warriors would find a mysterious warrior lying on the ground with a sword that would eventually be revealed as the holy sword and as they wander back to the kingdom of Unitia, they would discover that the crystals are weakening and you must get their power and find the hero of light to fight the void before it's too late. You would find Omnitia, the kingdom ruled by the hero of light who vanished, almost deserted, as the people left for Cemitia, Maxitia and Unitia until the hero returns, although they would return as the three warriors clear the cave separating the kingdom from Unitia from monsters. As you progress, you would get help from NPCs, face your usual RPG dangers and get new jobs from crystals, as you learn that the hero of light might be somewhere close to the Kingdom of Titia, where the final encounter shall occur. The question is whether the hero of light would appear or not.

But unfortunately, after 2005, I didn't manage to finish a full new RPG due to less motivation to code so that game in particular never got further than planning stages, although the entire in-game menu was done (see Omnimaga downloads section). But this was the idea behind the game and just in case somebody (most likely not me, as I have other RPG ideas, unless I decided to revive ROL4 as a KuroRPG project when that software gets translated to English) who was interested into making a new Omnimaga-themed RPG or something like that, maybe that could be an idea for a story? :P

Gaming Discussion / Flappy Bird MMO
« on: October 07, 2014, 11:21:21 am »
Ok, so now there is a Flappy Bird MMO game it seems, where you see multiple players playing the game simultaneously and it's even possible to join parties it seems XD

You can use your nickname and stuff so if another Omni user is playing then they'll know you are there :P

News / DJ's final community news coverage
« on: October 05, 2014, 12:52:23 am »
As you probably noticed in the last two years, the rate at which I have been posting news articles about TI, Casio and HP community releases has slowed down dramatically and the features pending queue often piling up to ridiculous proportions, resulting into news articles featuring dozens of games at a time, often released several months before. This is mostly because of how tedious the task of monitoring community releases accross multiple websites and writing long articles about them is. The news article I posted last month featured 19 calculator utilities. This next one, which covers games, is my final coverage of calculator releases in the community, so future news requests have to be posted there. It doesn't mean that I will no longer let staff know if I see notable stuff when visiting another calculator website, but as I have been debating to do since last Summer, I won't be writing the articles anymore.

So without further ado, here are 32 calculator games you might have missed over the last year and/or that deserves mention before it's too late:


-Super Smash Bros Open (by Hayleia):

It was inevitable that this game would make it on this list, even in early demo stages. Being developed at the same time as a 3DS version came out and with a Wii U version on the horizon, this particular TI-84 Plus game, assuming progress doesn't stall halfway through, will definitively be a major TI calculator hit! The TI community is invited to create their custom playable characters, for which tutorials have been posted in the SSBO sub-forum above. The game supports link play and via Badja's scaled sprite routines, the game camera zooms in in the same fashion as classic Smash games.

-GLIB (by TheMachine02):

This one isn't really a game and the download is not a playable demo either, but it's a promising 3D engine that has recently been revived. Even at 6 MHz, certain features still runs fast enough. It is still early for a game news feature since it lacks a downloadable game demo, but given how amazing this engine is and the fact it's my last feature news, I'm putting it in the list anyway so you can check it out!

-IkarugaX (by Matrefeytontias)

This mention was a long overdue. This is a bullet hell space shooter like those Danmaku games and it runs extremely fast considering the extreme amount of bullets and ships on the screen. A must try if you haven't already! A TI-Nspire version, called nKaruga, is also underway.

-Particles (by Xeda112358)

Another of those particles program where you drop particles that acts like real water, but most of them only displayed 255 particles at once. This one by Xeda112358 displays thousands!

-Axe 3D Tunnel (by Matrefeytontias)

Another Matrefeytontias game. This one is a Tunnel game but in 3D and it looks pretty impressive and smooth. It might remind you a bit of some Star Fox stages.

-Axe Worms Demo (by Matrefeytontias)

Yet another one, this time a Worms platformer where you must aim and shoot at your enemies, which destroys the land in the process.

-Pokémon Battle Factory (by LAT10S)

There are many Pokémon games for the calculator, but this is one of the few that stand out. This one isn't a full exploration RPG, but rather a battle arena game. But it's probably the most polished arena-based calculator RPG out there!

-Source Seeker 84+/CSE (by 123outerme)

Play as an unarmed civilian, living in the nation of Uvutu, who wishes to return peace to the world after it has been tipped by the Terrors, a group with a mysterious weapon. Collect the Ancient Uvutian artifacts, and search for The Source to once again live in balance! Solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and solving puzzles with enemies, you must get to the Terrors's castle and stop their reign. With a real-time fighting system, complex weapon mechanics, compatibility between both non-color and color calculators using the same files, a suspenseful story and more, Source Seekers is sure to be fun!

-Maximum Security Demo (by Deep Thought):

Deep Thought comes back with another platformer, this time in Axe, with heavy inspiration from big physics-intensive Axe platformers. A must try!

-TI-2048 (by JWinslow23)

There have been many 2048 clones for TI a few months ago, but this one started by JWinslow23 is probably one of, if not the, best looking one.

-Bouldash (by Zemmargorp)

Back in 1997, the TI community was rocked by Jimmy Mårdell's many calculator games, including a Boulder Dash clone. 17 years later, Zemmargorp comes up with another clone, featured animated graphics and faster speed. A level editor is also available.


-Decimal Defender (by Kerm Martian)

There was a space invasion of Kerm color 84+ games using xLIBC a while ago and this one was one of them. Educational and entertaining at the same time.

-Black Jack (by Zeldaking)

xLIB 84C rendition of Black Jack that looks impressive. A little slow at times but still fun to play. By Zeldaking.

-Minesweeper CSE (by Zeldaking)

And now its Minesweeper counterpart, by the same author!

-Cookie Clicker (by Kerm Martian)

Cookie Clicker might be pointless to play, but for some reasons it's still fun and get us hooked and coming back to achieve the highest amount of money possible. If only that money was real... great looking TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition hybrid BASIC rendition of the game, by the way!


-Sonic Misadventures v0.41 (by PpHd)

Here's an oldie from the early 2000's by Time to Team. Older community members are probably aware that this game exists, but since it's not available on it's very unknown nowadays. If you have a 68K calculator, this Sonic demo is definitively a must try!


-Ice Breaker: JezzBall Clone (by AJOrians) TI-Nspire

Amazing looking JezzBall clone by AJorians, released a while ago. Requires Ndless

-FIFA CX (by Creative Basic)

It isn't really a real FIFA soccer game, since it has less players on the field but it still looks pretty fun and great, and it also features some Nintendo characters. Requires OS 3.6 (or 3.9?)

-nGravnix (by AJOrians)

Another cool looking puzzle game by AJorians, also for Ndless.

-Call of CX (by Creative Basic)

No it's not a full 3D port of CoD, sorry, but it's still very fun to play and looks good. It requires OS 3.9, so this means you have to (permanently?) part ways with Ndless to play it or use an emulator. But the good side is that it includes a scene close to TI HQ so feel free to shoot everything on your path there as revenge against OS 3.9. :P

-Swing Copter Nspire (by Sarasinna &

Flappy Copterness for the TI-Nspire.

-Dragon Ball Z (by Creative Basic)

There are 958 Dragon Ball games for the TI-84 Plus and only 1 for the TI-Nspire, yet the only TI-Nspire version available is polished and look very fun to play. It's from France, but don't worry, it doesn't include this. :P

Casio FX-9860G

-IPod Graviton (by Kirafi)

You move up and down non-stop and must avoid projectiles that come from each side of the screen. Very hard!

-IPod Dextris (by Kirafi)
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
Amazing puzzle game for Casio calculators

-IPod SpikeBird (by Kirafi)

You bounce from the top to bottom of the screen and must avoid spikes while eating candies and you can buy new characters and stuff.

-Timberman 9860G (by Xavier59)

Chop down trees without getting hit by branches!


-Cookie Clicker (by Spenceboy98)

Another awesome-looking Cookie Clicker game to play when bored, this time by SpenceBoy98 and for the fx-cg10/20 calculators.

HP Prime

-Columns (by Han)

HP Prime port of the Game Gear puzzle game. A bit similar to Puzzle Frenzy and Tetris.

-CHIP 8 emu for the HP Prime (by eried)

Not really a game by itself, but rather a CHIP-8 emulator. It's very slow, but some games that were converted are very playable, which shows once again how powerful HP PPL can be, and it's still in the early stages.

-HP Tetris clone (by iconmaster)!/

A more recent HP Prime Tetris clone with highscores, less bugs and better graphics.

-LightOut for the Prime (by ArielP):

Simple but fun and cool-looking LightsOut clone that makes use of the HP Prime touchscreen.

-Breakout (by Egan Ford)

Awesome, but hard touchscreen-based Brick-breaking paddle game

-Sokoban (by ArielP)

Awesome looking port of Sokoban with many levels already. 

-Cute Invaders (by Handmixer)

A quite elaborate Space Invaders clone with many stages and challenging foes. Very original, smooth and fun.

-2048 (by Francois Lanciault)

HP Prime port of the popular web game. Simple in look, but it does the job.

So I hope you enjoyed those articles in the last few years and hopefully another staff or group of staff will take over. I'll still post my own releases in news (assuming I keep news editing privileges in one way or another) but other than that I'll only post, code calculator stuff, chat on IRC or sorunomize members now.

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